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20 Top idol stars to perform at ’2012 Dream Concert’ in May

The top idol stars of today will gather together for the 18th annual ‘Dream Concert‘ in May.

The 2012 Dream Concert is usually the biggest and baddest contest in Korea and this year will be no different. The concert will take place on May 12th at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul, and 20 of today’s hottest K-Pop stars will be performing at this mega event, including TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, 2PM, miss A, 2AM, MBLAQ, SISTAR, SECRET, IU, B2ST, 4minute, INFINITE, TEEN TOP, T-ara, KARA, Davichi, K. Will, and more.

The annual ‘Dream Concert’ has been an iconic Hallyu concert, drawing in fans from not only Korea but Japan, South America, the Middle East, and more, contributing to further spread K-Pop awareness across the globe.

The concert is organized by the Korean Entertainment Producers’ Association (KEPA) who has donated the profits from the concert to various charities since 2009. This year, KEPA will be creating a ‘Dream Concert Scholarship Fund’ with the profits, helping young students in financially difficult situations to study and fulfill their dreams.


Australia Gears Up For “Dream Concert”

2011 K-Pop Music Fest.” will be held on Saturday, 12th of November, 2011. This phenomenal music festival is to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Australia, also known as the “Year of Korea in Australia”. The fundamental focus of this event is to promote a range of cultural artistic activities by bringing some popular K-Pop musicians and culture to Australia, superintended by JK Entertainment is a Sydney based Event & Production Company. Some highlights of JK Entertainment works include Jay Chao Sydney Live Concert, 2010 JYP Australia Audition, 2010 Korea Festival, Super Kpop Concert and many more.