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F.CUZ talks about their first ‘No.1′ comeback stage

F.CUZ recently met with reporters after completing their first comeback stage and talked about how they’re feeling having finally returned after a year and five month long hiatus.


F.CUZ’s Kan confesses that he once contemplated suicide believing himself to be the cause of Lee U’s departure

Last year, F.CUZ‘s former member Lee U announced his departure from the group to launch a solo career.

Fellow member Kan finally spoke up on his feelings about the departure in a recent interview with Star News and shared his thoughts on the changes.

The group debuted back in 2010 as a four member group and headlined often because Lee U was the son of legendary singer Sul Woon Do. Lee U left about a year later, however, due to the differences in musical styles, and the group spent a year as a trio before adding Raehyun and Daegun to the group.

Unfortunately in January of last year, Kan suffered a major car accident during his way home from the filming of SBS‘s ‘Athena‘ where he injured his shoulder, nose, and forehead. F.CUZ had to hastily conclude their follow-up promotions.


F.CUZ reveals second of 2 new members – Dae Geon

Back in December, CAN Entertainment announced that they would be adding two new members to F.CUZ.


F.CUZ reveals first of 2 new members – Rae Hyun

Back in December, CAN Entertainment announced that they would be adding two new members to F.CUZ.


F.CUZ unveils new fourth member, announces Korean comeback for 2012

Last month, F.CUZ announced that they would be adding a new member to replace the departure of Lee. U. On December 20th, a teaser video featuring singing by their new member was posted online, formally introducing him to F.CUZ fans.

Officials also wrote a message on the fancafe, stating, “Hello, this is Can Entertainment. We’re glad to be able to greet you with good news today. F.CUZ has remained silent since the departure of a member, but we are now ready to start a new beginning. Kan, Jinon, and Yejun have worked hard to fill the empty void while promoting as a trio in Japan, but now they are preparing for a 2012 Korean comeback with a new member to complete the puzzle of their group.”

They continued, “We know that you must be curious about the new member so we released a video of him covering a song by our labelmate senior Jang Hye Jin. He has a thin but powerful voice, which we’re sure you’ll be able to hear for yourself. He sang it with a nervous heart, as it is his first time greeting our fans. Finally, we hope that you provide much support to F.CUZ’s comeback in 2012. Thank you.”

Check it out below!


F.CUZ to add a new member to current trio

Ever wondered what happened to F.CUZ after member LeeU pulled out in August?

With LeeU gone, the other members (Jinon, Kan, and Yejun) are currently promoting in Japan as a trio.

Their agency stated, “The members have been in Japan for the past 3 months and are currently in the midst of promotions… After LeeU left, F.CUZ continued their promotions in the format of a three-member unit on radio, TV, and live performances.”

F.CUZ released their first Japanese single ‘Never Let You Go’ in August, and held two fan meetings called ‘Last Forever’. With their debut song, F.CUZ was able to reach 3rd on the Oricon daily chart, and they hope to do just as well with their new Japanese single, scheduled to be released in December.


Hallyu rookie idol stars on the rise 110918

Rookie idol groups have been doing their part in advancing the Hallyu wave.  Aside from B1A4 and Block B, who both showed off their charms through MTV’s Match Up, there are also groups like Boyfriend and HITT that have been actively promoting since their debut.

Block B received the attention of many industry officials for being the idol stars trained by Cho PD.  Their mini-album release in June ranked in at second in album sales and is still doing strong on the charts several months into its release, topping Hanteo sales.  They’ve also kicked off their Japanese advancement to a successful start, performing in four cities through a showcase tour in Japan.

The feat itself had some industry officials doubting their success, but Block B stunned all by selling out all of their pre-order tickets in just three minutes of them going on sale.

With other idols like B1A4 and F.CUZ promoting in other locations in South East Asia and the like, the influence of rookie idol groups on the Hallyu wave is receiving much spotlight.