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CNBLUE to release a limited edition of their mini album ‘EAR FUN’

Rock band CNBLUE will be releasing a special limited edition of their 3rd mini album ‘EAR FUN‘.


CN Blue Releases “Hey You” MV!

CN Blue has finally released the music video for its newest title song, “Hey You” for the group’s third mini album “Ear Fun.”

The Burning, Lovely, Untouchable, and Emotional members can be seen behind the scenes, seamlessly weaving around everybody from the pizza delivery to the janitor, as they head to the main stage to truly show their skills.

“Ear Fun” will be officially released on March 27, and CN Blue will have its comeback performances on the weekend.

Take a look at the music video below!


CNBLUE releases MV for “Still In Love”

CNBLUE have released Yonghwa‘s self-composed track off of their upcoming mini-album along with a video of the song-recording process!


CNBLUE to release Yonghwa’s self-composed track ahead of mini-album comeback

CNBLUE will be releasing Yonghwa‘s self-composed track off of their upcoming mini-album along with a video of the song-recording process!

The song will be released on various digital sites on March 16th, along with a special video on YouTube that shows the process of the members’ recording session. Fans are already highly anticipating their comeback album ever since the release of their teaser website back on the 8th.

As reported earlier, the website is currently running an event that allows fans to match up different spellings of a cube to guess the album’s new title track.

FNC Music stated, CNBLUE has been busy with their international activities, but they’ve been preparing a lot for their comeback as well. There’s a different color in this album that is still CNBLUE’s own.”


Can You Guess the Title of CNBLUE’s Comeback Album?

On March 8, CNBLUE announced its comeback with a teaser on its official website! CNBLUE teased its fans with a more interactive approach in announcing its new album title. On it’s website, visitors were asked, “Guess what is CNBLUE’s new album title;” beneath it, a six-sided spinning cube with a letter on each side is placed. Fans have to personally figure out the album title by rearranging the letters on the cube to come up with the correct title. Once they do, they can submit their answers to FNC. The first 5 participants with the correct title name will have the opportunity to take photos with the boys of CNBLUE and receive their autographs.


[UPDATED] C.N. Blue and F.T. Island to Hold Joint Concert in Los Angeles

[Feb 13] You can buy tickets now at Powerhouse (323-692-0303) and Ticketmaster. Tickets start from $50.


C.N. Blue and F.T. Island will hold a joint concert in Los Angeles!

Through CJ E&M‘s K-Pop concert brand, “M-Live,” C.N. Blue and F.T. Island will hold their joint concert at the Nokia Theater on March 9 at 8pm.

This is the first time that C.N. Blue and F.T. Island will hold a joint concert together, therefore, the expectations are very high.


FT Island and CN Blue Issue a Notice Regarding Their LA Concert

With news of FT Island and CN Blue’s “Stand Up by M Live” joint concert in Los Angeles, their first in the United States, both groups’ fans have anticipated and prepared to buy prime seats when tickets went on sale through Ticketmaster on January 28.


Mysterious girl in F.T. Island’s “Severely” teaser is…

F.T. Island released their music video teaser for “Severely“ recently, and its drawn high levels of interest thanks to the mysterious girl in the video.


F.T. Island and CNBLUE to hold joint concert in Los Angeles

It’s just been confirmed that F.T. Island and CNBLUE will be holding a joint concert in Los Angeles!


FNC Music building a new $9 million office building

FNC Music, the label that’s home to FT Island and CN Blue, is building a $9 million USD office building in the Chungdam-dong region in Seoul.

The construction began not too long ago, and their building is being built in the main area of Chungdam-dong.

The building will boast around 6,421 square feet, and the official value of the land alone is worth $7.1 million. The building will also stand three stories high, four if you include the basement level.

Including the value of the actual building itself, the total price of the real estate is estimated to be in the $9 million range.


FT Island unveils the album jacket cover for ‘GROWN-UP’

Band FT Island announced their comeback by unveiling the jacket cover for their new album, ‘GROWN-UP‘.

On January 26th, the boys released a press release revealing the new jacket photo for ‘GROWN-UP’. On the album cover, the boys are holding instruments in their hands and are looking off into the distance, giving off a quiet, mysterious feel.

Going along with that concept, all the songs on their new album are slow-tempoed rock-ballad tracks. The boys who have received much praise for their talents with song like “Hello Hello” and “Like The Birds” in 2011 will give further evidence to their audience that they have grown and matured as musicians.

Their agency FNC Music confidently remarked, This may be their best album yet, as by hearing the rock ballad tracks, fans will be able to experience how much they boys have matured musically.”


FNC Music cancels CN BLUE’s “BLUE STORM in Indonesia” concert

FNC Music stunned thousands of expectant fans by announcing the cancellation of CN BLUE‘s solo concert, “BLUE STORM in Indonesia“.

“The [BLUE STORM] in Indonesia concert, scheduled for November 26th, has been cancelled,” the company revealed through CN BLUE’s official website.

“This is a problem stemming from our lack of trust with the local Indonesian organizers of the event, thanks to shoddy event planning and failing to live up to their contract.”

“Although we tried to make several requests about the promotions and the concert, they never replied to our requests which aided our decision to cancel the event,” FNC Music said.


CN Blue and FT Island might not attend domestic end of the year music award ceremonies

It was recently reported that there is a high possibility that CN Blue and FT Island will be absent from domestic end of the year music award ceremonies due to other obligations outside of the country.

On November 19th, FNC Music (the label company responsible for both groups) revealed, Due to the Asia Tour and packed foreign schedules, the possibility of CN Blue and FT Island attending domestic end of the year ceremonies has weakened.”

They continued, It’s become impossible for them to attend the ‘2011 Melon Awards‘ and ‘2011 MAMA’.  We can’t guarantee the other ceremonies as well.”

According to the agency, FT Island will be busy holding concerts in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand in addition to their domestic and Japanese Arena concerts.  If this isn’t enough, the boys will also be releasing their new Japanese single, ‘Distance‘ on the 30th and will back it up with a long series of promotional activities.


CNBlue 2011 Asia Tour Concert ‘BLUESTORM IN JAKARTA’

CN BLUE, one of the popular band from South Korea is ready to visit Jakarta as a part of their Asian tour which began last September in Seoul, Korea. CN BLUE’s first visit in Indonesia is greeted with joy by music lovers from across the country and even from abroad, especially fans of Kpop music. ticket sales at Early Bid sessions and presale (2500 tickets sold out) prove the high interest from music lovers to watch this great concert.

To improve the quality of the performance considering the convenience of the audience, and also as requested by FnC Music as CNBLUE’s management,   Starlight Management Indonesia decided to expand the size of the stage and make the audience more comfortable by moving the venue from Skenoo Gandaria City Hall to JITEC Mangga Dua Square. changes only occur in terms of location, but the date and time of the concert remains the same, November 26th, 2011 at 6 pm.

‘Bluestorm in Jakarta’ not only marks the first CN Blue concert in Indonesia but also the beginning of official CN Blue’s promotion period in Indonesia through live performance on television as well as promoting their official album with Warner Music Indonesia.

CN BLUE 2011 Asia Tour Concert ‘Bluestorm in Jakarta‘ is expected to satisfy music lovers, especially fansof Kpop music. “We expect this concert to be a celebration for those who has great taste of music and hopefully can bring great memories for all visitors in attendance ,” said Poppy Deviana, Project Director Starlight Management Indonesia.


Korea’s top labels to create global K-pop concert brand ‘M-Live’

Entertainment company, CJ E&M has teamed up with some of the top Korean music labels in order to help improve the organization of their concerts and further spread the K-pop Hallyu wave throughout the world.

A conference titled ‘CJ E&M Global Concert brand M-Live K-POP Joint Advancement‘ took place on November 2nd in Seoul, and in attendance were CJ E&M representative Ahn Suk Jun, Star Empire‘s Shin Joo Hak, Amoeba Culture‘s Ko Kyung Min, FNC Music‘s Han Sung Ho, Jungle Entertainment‘s Cho Sun Oh, J Tune‘s Jo Dong Won, Cube Entertainment‘s Hong Seung Sung, as well as 6 other representatives from Korea’s top music agencies. The topic of discussion being the launch of a new global concert brand ‘M-Live‘.

Ahn Suk Jun of CJ E&M remarked, This is the first global concert brand that we’re currently working on with the top names in the industry.”

K-POP has well established in Korea as well as Asia, but now we want to effectively enlarge our territories in South America as well as the Middle East. We will continue to work on spreading the Hallyu wave world-wide. Our goals are that in the future, not only K-POP but Korean entertainment overall will be established globally.”


CNBLUE and FTISLAND to expand to Europe with concerts early 2012

It’s been recently revealed that FNC Music‘s rock band will be coming to Europe early next year. With concerts to be expected in the UK and France, FNC Music’s CEO Han Sungho showed his confidence that his company’s bands will do well. “Although there is pressure to extend our career overseas, right into the home of band music, on the other hand, I actually did expect this could happen. When I look at members who already had previous experience, I am confident that Korean band music is not at all behind the world-class standard.”

These opportunities were created through M-Live, a concert produced by CJ E&M and which will bring not only solo concerts but also joint concerts to Europe. Since the biggest chunk of today’s Hallyu consists out of pop groups, CJ E&M’s Ahn Seokjun stated that they plan to introduce various genres and groups.

The press conference which was held surrounding the plans and concert series also included six different music companies such as Cube Entertainment, Star Empire (ZE:A, Jewelry), Amoeba Culture (Dynamic Duo, Supreme Team), Jungle Entertainment (Drunken Tiger, Leessang, Tasha/Yoon Mirae), FNC Music and J.Tune (MBLAQ).


Source: daum and cnbluestorm

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F.T. Island answer fans’ request for an encore concert with ‘Memory in F.T. Island’

F.T. Island has announced that they will be holding encore concerts thanks to the explosive requests made by their fans.

On November 26th and 27th, the boys will be holding ‘Memory in F.T. Island‘ at the Blue Square in Hannam-dong. The concert will be an encore of their ‘Play! F.T. Island‘ concert held back in August. Fans that couldn’t attend the concerts the first time around showed strong interest for an encore, and their wishes were fortunately answered.

Representatives of FNC Music stated, “Riding on the love of their fans, F.T. Island has decided to come out with another encore concert. Unlike the bright atmosphere of the ‘Play! F.T. Island’ concert, ‘Memory in F.T. Island’ will be a lot more emotional but just as bright. It will be special, so please look forward to it.”

F.T. Island also released their remake album on October 10th and will be performing their comeback on the October 13th episode of Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘ with “Like the Birds“.



Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver

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F.T. Island


Tiket untuk “BLUE STORM IN SEOULCN Blue, salah satu pemberhentian untuk 2011 Asia Tour Concert band, terjual habis tak lama setelah mereka menyediakan untuk umum!

Menurut Interpark Tickets, penjualan dibuka pada 8PM KST, dan tiket terjual habis dengan segera untuk kedua hari konser-17 dan 18 September. Karena permintaan tiket tinggi dari penggemar yang mencari,  Interpark Tickets lambat dan bahkan crash.

Perwakilan FNC Music menginformasikan, “Setelah mendengar berita tentang penjualan tiket, CN Blue memutuskan untuk bekerja lebih keras untuk konser,” katanya.

Source: STARNews, GOKpop
Photo credit: STARNews

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