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Music industry insiders speculate that YG’s new girl group will debut in September

YG Entertainment‘s new girl group has been garnering a lot of interest among K-pop fans even before their debut. Every time YG released a new photo of a potential girl group member, the reveals immediately ranked #1 on various portal sites. This has left fans to naturally question when their actual debut will be.

YG has currently revealed 4 potential members so far, with 2 members confirmed for the girl group. Similar to 2NE1‘s debut in 2009, YG has been very careful in the way they release information about the debut of their new artists. The agency has kept their mouth shut on any information concerning the members of the new girl group and their debut, always offering the vague answer of “nothing has been confirmed yet”.

Despite the vague answers and lack of details, there are rumors within the music industry that YG’s new girl group is set to debut in the coming fall around September.

On May 8th insiders in the music industry revealed to Star News, YG always meticulously prepares and shows their unique marketing strategy before a group’s debut. Just because they revealed some information about the new members does not mean they will publicly reveal this group right away. Producing the perfect song that matches with the new girl group’s style and image will take at least a couple of months. When you look at this from multiple perspectives, there is a great possibility that this new girl group will debut around September. This prediction also takes into account that YG has previously mentioned that the debut of the group will take place within this year.”


Netizen reports the average height of K-pop girl groups

A summary reporting the average height of today’s girl groups was posted online, drawing major attention from fans.

The girl groups were ranked in five different categories: Giant group, Tall group, Average Height group, Short group, and Shortest group.

The tallest girl group was Nine Muses whose average height was reported to be 171.9cm or over 5’7″, while Brown Eyed Girls was the shortest girl group, averaging at 5’2″.

The complete list is as follows:


Trend explained behind girl groups choosing shorter, simpler names

There’s been a flood of girl group debuts this year, and with them, they brought an increase in strange or funky names, the most recent being ‘Clinah‘. In hopes of standing out in the crowd, labels are going for short, easy to remember names that are simple enough to never forget.

In the past, when girl groups first began to surface in the market, names focused on being ambiguous or complex, with Fin.K.L. being the most representative example (Fine Killing Liberty). The first generation, however, gave way to names that played up to the cute factor, like ‘Sugar‘ and ‘Milk‘.

Now that the market is shifting towards trendy hook songs, so are the names, with a particular focus on foods. Dal Shabet, Chocolat, Orange Caramel, and even C-Real allude to food but are easy and simple enough to remember for fans of all ages, just like their catchy songs.

One naming company stated, “We receive a lot of calls from music companies hoping to name their idol group debuts. They don’t want any big meaning behind it, but something that is easy to say and works fast in creating an image for them.”