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All of Hallyu Wave at One Place: The Hallyu Museum

From K-Pop to drama, everything that supported the ever-growing boom of the Hallyu wave is set to be gathered in one place.

During the second half of this year, Young Jong Do, Incheon, the place that holds Incheon International Airport, will also be the home to the new “Hallyu Museum” that is currently under construction. “Mountain Star” will take part in the construction and production of the Hallyu Museum which will serve to spread and create a positive image of the growing Hallyu Wave.

In order to house as many parts to the phenomenon, the building is planned to be an estimated 7,953.93 square meters so that visitors can fully experience and enjoy the Hallyu culture.

Hallyu Museum’s director, Heo Nam, states, “Hallyu Wave, like the Olympics, has become an important cultural brand that enlightens the people all around the world about South Korea. Therefore, it is only fitting that we create a place where people can come and experience the Hallyu culture, which will now be at the Hallyu Museum.”


Experts pick the current “Hottest Stars” in South Korea

Fifty celebrity ‘experts’ recently picked out celebrities who they believed were the current ‘Hottest Stars’. The group of experts include various professional critics such as music, movie, drama, and television officials.

Out of the 50 participants, thirty three experts picked out Kim Soo Hyun. Kim Soo Hyun’s popularity has skyrocketed after his role in MBC‘s ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘.

Big Bang followed behind by a big margin with five votes, while Girls’ Generation and actor Ha Jung Woo were tied for the third spot with just three votes each.

Hottest Stars Full List


Which idols own the most expensive homes?

Hallyu’s most affluent idol stars have raked in an impressive profit, not only with their album promotions, but also with various CFs, events, dramas, and more. Even more so now, with further promotions throughout the Asian continent.

It’s no secret that the Korean celebrity with the most lavish home is legendary singer Cho Young Nam, whose villa is worth over $5.2 million. But what about amongst the idols? Where do they live?

The idol star with the most expensive home is none other than Asian prince Jang Geun Suk.

The singer and actor who is the current “it” star in Japan currently resides in a $3.5 million dollar home in Seoul. He moved into the villa last October, which has it’s own family-sized movie theater as well as a cafe. He is neighbors with actresses Lee Hae Young and Suh Ji Young.


The Hallyu wave’s ever-growing influence in Japan

The term ‘Hallyu’ is now a part of everyday Korean vernacular, but its international influence is exceeding what anyone had ever expected. Glimpses of the Hallyu wave can now be seen regularly on the streets of Tokyo, Japan.


Yoo Seung Ho, Song Joong Ki Top “Best Graduation Photo” Poll

Music site Monkey3 recently held an online poll in search of the “Male Stars With The Best Graduation Photo,” from Oct 20 to Oct 26. The six nominees of the poll included: (clockwise from top left) Kang Dong Won, So Ji Sub, Song Joong Ki, Jang Geun Suk, Yoo Seung Ho, Won Bin.


Fans want to study abroad with B2ST

The Embassy of Canada in Korea recently conducted a fun survey. For the survey, they asked 500 participants over the course of two weeks (October 10th to the 24th) on which Korean celebrity they would most like to study abroad with. The boys of B2ST came in at #1, seizing 39% of the votes. Voted #1 amongst the female celebrities was Park Ha Sun with 35% of all votes.


Report Cards for idol groups revealed, which groups have been dominating this year?

Much like last year, thus far in 2011, the Korean music industry has been dominated by idols. With top idol groups promoting overseas as part of the Hallyu wave, their influence has spread beyond Asia into Europe and South America as well.

With that said, the “report cards” (aka the album and digital sales) of boy groups and girl groups for this year were compared.

–> Idol groups’ impact on the music industry

According to the results of Gaon Chart this year (from January 2nd to October 1st), idols have placed 51 songs out of the top 100 songs on the digital chart.


Hallyu stars Supernova, The Boss, and more receive more attention abroad than at home

New groups and artists pop up every single day in Korea, and try to find their way to stardom. But with so many groups debuting every day, many Korean groups have been receiving more love outside of their country. While they’re Hallyu stars in Japan, they’re being unnoticed in their home country.

Popularity of Hallyu wave increases sales and exports of Korea’s creative content

Thanks to the popularity of the Hallyu wave, the contents production industry has seen a sharp increase in sales and exports this year.

On September 22nd, the Ministry of Culture and the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) released an overview for the second half of 2011 and found that the total sales made by the entire contents industry amounted to around $27.5 billion USD, a 15.6% (or around $4 billion USD) increase compared to last year’s record.

Exports have also seen a 27.2% increase compared to last year, recording a total of around $2 billion USD. Such results were seen across the board, as business profits increased by 18.2%, broadcasting by 95.9%, and advertising by 104.3%.


Hallyu rookie idol stars on the rise 110918

Rookie idol groups have been doing their part in advancing the Hallyu wave.  Aside from B1A4 and Block B, who both showed off their charms through MTV’s Match Up, there are also groups like Boyfriend and HITT that have been actively promoting since their debut.

Block B received the attention of many industry officials for being the idol stars trained by Cho PD.  Their mini-album release in June ranked in at second in album sales and is still doing strong on the charts several months into its release, topping Hanteo sales.  They’ve also kicked off their Japanese advancement to a successful start, performing in four cities through a showcase tour in Japan.

The feat itself had some industry officials doubting their success, but Block B stunned all by selling out all of their pre-order tickets in just three minutes of them going on sale.

With other idols like B1A4 and F.CUZ promoting in other locations in South East Asia and the like, the influence of rookie idol groups on the Hallyu wave is receiving much spotlight.

Popularitas Hallyu Mencapai Korea Utara?

Radio Free Asia (RFA) melaporkan bahwa anak muda Korea Utara kecanduan dance SNSD. Menurut media, selain SNSD, nama-nama dari group dance Korea Selatan seperti Big Bang sekarang akrab bagi banyak orang di Korea Utara.

RFA juga mengatakan bahwa, menurut pedagang Cina, “Disco menggila di semua kalangan pemuda Pyongyang pada 10s dan 20s. Wealthy Korea Utara mencoba untuk mengajari anak-anak mereka dance-dance dan lagu-lagu Korea Selatan bukan alat musik. Instruktur terkenal telah muncul untuk mengajarkan koreografi ini.”

Juga menurut pedagang, personal dance training dari biaya instruktur sekitar $20 USD per-bulan.

Terakhir, terungkap bahwa, “Orang-orang di usia 20-30an menyalin gaya rambut yang mereka lihat dalam drama Korea Selatan.”



Source: MyDaily via Nate
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