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Big Bang’s G-Dragon addresses his dating rumors

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon opened up regarding his dating rumors.

On the February 20th episode of SBSHealing Camp‘, G-Dragon was targeted as the Big Bang member who evoked the most dating rumors.

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t meet anyone,” he said. But when I do, I try to do it in secret because it can really cause harm to the other person.”

MC Kim Jae Dong then asked, By saying it would cause harm to the other person, are you saying that this person is also someone in the industry?”, to which G-Dragon responded, That’s something only I know,” evoking curiosity amongst viewers.


G-Dragon Opens Up about Marijuana Scandal, Daesung Had Suicidal Thoughts

On February 20, Big Bang appeared on SBS “Healing Camp” and addressed questions that many fans have been waiting to ask. G-Dragon and Daesung, in particular, opened up about their respective incidents that were some of the most talked-about issues in all of K-Pop last year.

G-Dragon started off with his marijuana scandal, explaining, “I think it all started when I took a puff off of a cigarette from someone I didn’t know at the after-party in Japan in May, 2011.”

“I believe it would be very hard for many people, including myself, to understand the situation. First of all, it was a party we hosted, and I was really drunk at the time. It was a cigarette given by someone invited to the party, so I didn’t think it was right to reject the offer. Since we were the host, I just took the cigarette and took a puff. I should have been more careful as a celebrity, but it was all my fault,” he added.

He was questioned, “Don’t marijuana and regular tobacco smell different?” But G-Dragon answered, “I was really drunk, and I think I believed it to be a really dark cigarette or cigar. I’ve never been exposed to marijuana so I don’t even know what it smells like.” He was also asked if he couldn’t just tell the difference by the looks of it, but he said, “It wasn’t just impossible to tell the difference, and I’m a smoker, but it looked exactly like the cigarettes I smoke.”


Big Bang “We Might Have Disbanded If Not for Daesung and G-Dragon’s Incidents”

As we reported earlier, G-Dragon and Daesung will appear on the February 20 episode of “Healing Camp” and talk about their respective “incidents” for the first time on a talk show.

More details were released about the episode. The Big Bang members gathered together at a “pig skin” restaurant. Big Bang stated, “When we were trainees we didn’t have money to buy meat so we would eat pig skin instead.”

Big Bang stated, “It had been 5 years since we debuted and we were beginning to lose our focus. We were under the 5th year jinx that all idol groups go through. After 2011 we had a lot of things to look back on and learn. The ties between the members have become stronger. If it wasn’t for the ‘incidents’ we might have broken up.”

In the official preview that was released G-Dragon briefly said “Axis of Evil.” He is probably describing what people thought about him. Daesung was shown saying, “I shouldn’t have thought that way but I had bad thoughts. I thought that this was the end.”


Preview of G-Dragon and Daesung’s Appearance on “Healing Camp”

At the end of the episode of SBSHealing Camp” that featured Yoon Jong Shin on February 13, a brief preview was shown about the highly anticipated Big Bang Episode that will broadcast next week.


G-Dragon & Daesung, “We want to apologize before asking for forgiveness”

Previously, we reported that Big Bang members G-Dragon and Daesung would be appearing on SBSHealing Camp‘. We have received further information about the recording.

According to reports, the show will take place at YG headquarters in Seoul. G-Dragon and Daesung will once again be apologizing to viewers and fans through the show for their previous controversies, which includes a fatal car accident and marijuana usage. Their first formal apology occurred back in December of last year during the ‘15th Anniversary YG Family Concert‘.

An insider from the show revealed that the two members had a long talk with hosts Lee Kyung Kyu, Kim Jae Dong, and Han Hye Jin as they reflected back on the hardships they suffered in 2011. The two idols firmly stated, We want to apologize before asking for forgiveness.

Fortunately, the mood of the set wasn’t all dark and sad. Fellow members Taeyang, T.O.P, and Seungri also made appearances during the middle of the show and really brightened the atmosphere with fun talks.


All Big Bang members to appear on Healing Camp

All Big Bang Members to Appear on Latter Half of ‘Healing Camp’…Planned to be Aired on the 20th

Although the main guests are Daesung and G-Dragon, all the rest of the Bigbang members came to the ‘Healing Camp’ set to support the two. Significantly, all five members of Bigbang do not commonly appear together on shows. Last May all five members did appear in ‘Muhandojun‘ (Infinite Challenge), but it has been a while since they have made an appearance on a talk show.

Producer Baek stated, “All the members came to support each other and went to a pork rind BBQ restaurant they went often in their early debut days to have a sincere and deep conversation. The members said that they learned more about each other”.

The shooting for ‘Healing Camp’ was at YG Entertainment. ‘Healing Camp’ aims to find the best set for the guests. Hence, ‘Healing Camp’ chose the YG building in order to protect Daesung and also because Daesung confessed something.


G-Dragon and Daesung will open up about their scandals through ‘Healing Camp’

Big Bang members, G-Dragon and Daesung, have decided to open up about their respective controversies through SBS TV‘s ’Healing Camp‘.

On February 10th, an SBS representative revealed that the two idols wrapped up recording for the show, where they discussed their personal struggles after getting embroiled in scandals involving marijuana and a fatal car accident.

The two carefully talked about how they felt when the controversies emerged, and the pain they went through during their hiatus, said a staff member.

G-Dragon and Daesung apologized to their fans back in December of 2011 when they performed for the ‘15th Anniversary YG Family Concert‘.  Additionally, Daesung made his small-screen comeback after a long hiatus through MBN‘s drama, ‘What’s Up‘. Their upcoming appearance on ‘Healing Camp’, however, will mark both G-Dragon and Daesung’s first move to talk publicly about their scandals.