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Jaebum chose Taeyang as the best idol dancer

On the episode of ‘Beatles Code 2‘ that aired on the 29th, Jaebum, who featured, was asked “how do you rank yourself among dancing idols,” to which he answered, “I think I would be in the Top 5,” showing his confidence.

To answer “Jaebum’s choice for the best dance skills among idols,” he said, “I think Taeyang is the best at dancing,” and chose Big Bang’s Taeyang as number 1.

“Super Junior’s Shindomg is also good at dancing. He is good at rocking and popping,” making MC Shindong happy. He continued to say “Shinee’s Taemin and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk are also good dancers.”

Then Jaebum and Shindong had a dance battle, which gathered a lot of attention. Jaebum showed his skills first by doing an amazing break dance, and Shindong did a powerful dance with a comical side, causing laugher.


Jay Park talks about his new album in recent interview

Singer Jay Park who has made a successful comeback as a solo artist has returned to the K-pop scene as a ‘musician’. The singer who returned with his first full-length album after a year-long hiatus has produced all but two songs on his new record. He is a musician who definitely dances to the beat of his own drum, and knows what works for him.

His new album ‘NEW BREED‘ dropped on February 7th, and it is full of R&B and Pop, two genres of music that resonates with him, but is more unfamiliar to his fans.

I think that eventually, I will be able to properly convey the kind of music that I enjoy with my fans,” he said.

Instead of following the current trends, Jay Park is stubborn about releasing music that he enjoys and is passionate about, and therefore he is able to work with more joy and freedom. It seems to be his secret to remaining at the top of the game, when trends tend to change so quickly in this industry.


Jay Park talks about the influence his mom had on his career

Jay Park revealed that he’s the star he is today because of his supportive family.
On November 10th’s episode of tvN‘s ‘Talk Show Taxi’, Jay Park revealed his honest thoughts on a variety of topics ranging from his journey to Korea to become a trainee, his time as the leader of 2PM, and his current solo career.
Jay revealed that although he had liked to dance and rap, he previously had no intention of becoming a singer. Seeing his talent, his mom had been the one who encouraged him to audition. He stated, “It’s all thanks to my mom that I’m currently active as a singer.”

He continued, “My family was the driving force behind my ability to withstand those harsh trainee days. I thought that if I just gave up and went back to the U.S., I’d be embarrassed in front of my mom and myself.”

Although he possesses the looks and the body that many are jealous of, Jay revealed that his height was one of his complexes. “I’m jealous of those who are tall,” he said.

Source + Photo: Star News
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Jay Park to help produce a new idol group

Jay Park can now add ‘idol group producer’ to his long list of achievements, as it’s just been announced that he’ll be helping with developing a group through jTBC‘s ‘Made In U’.

Jay Park will be teaming up with the famous producer, Rob Knox (who’s worked with world-famous artists like Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and Britney Spears) to form a new idol group. He’ll be taking an active role by participating in all aspects of the process from production to choreography. He’s been making several trips back and forth between Korea and L.A. to meet with Rob Knox, who’ll be producing the song that will be sung during the final round of the show.

‘Made in U’ is a large-scale audition program that will be offering an unprecedented prize of $1 million, and aims to form a new idol group with a global appeal.

The show will be aired starting in December, and is currently recruiting potential contestants through their homepage.


Source + Photo: Newsen via Nate

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Jay Park will reproduce hit songs in 1990s.

Singer Jay Park will reproduce a variety of  hit songs in 1990s.

On November 3, Jay will attend the awards ceremony for ”2011 Style Icon Awards” at Sang Am Dong and perform the hit songs.

He will perform lots of hit songs of the Korean pops in 1990s such as Kim sung Jae’s So to speak, Steve Yoo’s Compassion, Clon‘s Come Back, and more. Jay will perfectly reproduce the dance moves of the songs and show the participants his special performance.

Also,at the event, he will perform with a surprise guest and his new song “Girl Friend” will be unveiled on air for the first time.


Jay Park to make a mini-album comeback next month

After surprising fans with “Demon” last month, Jay Park revealed the hidden card up his (tattooed) sleeve by announcing a full-fledged comeback in November!

On October 6th, Jay Park tweeted, “I’ll be releasing a seven-track mini-album next month, only have one more song to record~ Please look forward to it~ Album is FIRE~ Looks like it’s going to be summer all year long.”

Earlier today, he added, I’ve finished mixing the title track for my second album~ WOW……”

It’s been a busy year for him so far, as he locked down his solo debut and two movie projects.  Fans cheered, “So excited! Definitely looking forward to it”, “Thanks for letting us know!”, and “I want next month to come now!”



Source: Jay Park’s Official Twitter

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Taeyang & Jay Park Twitter Updates (110929)

JAYBUMOAM: Am I an idol right now?~ Ke I want to be just Park JaeBum though~ 
(retweeted by Taeyang)
JAYBUMOAM: @Realtaeyang appreciate the retweet!!~ You’re great~ ke RESPECT~
Realtaeyang: @JAYBUMOAM yo hyung! I respect you a lot!!:) kk I didn’t retweet you by mistake~! Being in jaypark!! Awsome!
JAYBUMAOM: @realtaeyang that’s wassup that means a lot~ I hear you’re doing some good work right now, I’ll look forward to it!! Ke keep doin ur thang ~

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Who is Jay Park’s favorite girl group?


Singer Jay Park recently confessed that his favorite girl group was none other than 2NE1!

Jay Park’s upcoming movie, ‘Mr. Idol‘, held a press conference on September 28th to promote their movie to the media. During the Q&A session, the cast members were asked to name their favorite idol group. Jay Park chose 2NE1, and his co-star Im Won Hee concurred. Actress Park Ye Jin also chose 2NE1, but named Big Bang as well. Meanwhile, Ji Hyun Woo chose Chocolat and Jang Seo Won picked SNSD.

Jay Park’s movie ‘Mr. Idol’ will be released in October.



Source + Image: Star Today

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Jay Park says, “I had to hold my laugh while shooting Mr. Idol”

Singer Jay Park reveals that the most challenging thing while shooting the movie Mr. Idol was “laugh.”

On the 28th, Park appeared at the movie production conference which was held in Seoul and said, “I passed the audition at once.”

He continued, “I shot a film last year, but I experienced greater things while shooting this one. I don’t appear much in the film, but I think movie director did a great job on this.”

“I learned how to read the lines lively and act them out. The most challenging thing was to hold a laugh while shooting comic scenes. Actor Lim Won Hee was the funniest.”


Yang Hyun Suk wanted a G-Dragon, Taeyang and Jay Park unit?

Yang Hyun Suk revealed that there were once plans for a Big Bang + Jay Park unit.

On SBS‘s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ that aired on the 7th, two of the judges from SBS’s ‘KPOP STAR’, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk and JYP Entertainment’s J.Y. Park, came together as guests on the show.

Yang Hyun Suk astounded the viewers by saying, “This is the first time I’ve revealed this secret, but during the beginning stages of Big Bang, we were thinking about having a separate G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Jay Park unit“. He further explained, “But in the end, separate teams were formed due to their busy schedules, and they weren’t combined“.

J.Y. Park also talked about what it was like to engage with Yang Hyun Suk on a program stating, “In addition to liking him as a person, I think that he is a producer who has a good sense for things and is better than me in certain areas, so collaborating with hyung is quite enjoyable for me“.