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Cube’s new boy group shows off performance talent on ‘I Live in Cheongdam-Dong’

The officials at Cube Entertainment have been keeping their lips sealed on the agency’s upcoming seven-member boy band, but fans are getting a sneak peek at the young men’s talent through a televised sitcom performance.

It was reported back in December that five members of the group would be part of the jTBC sitcom, ‘I Live in Cheongdam-Dong‘. The young men take on the roles of an aspiring boy group mentored by Jo Kwan Woo, also working toward a debut in the show. The young men put together a performance in the 35th episode that showed off the idols’ skills.

An official had previously explained that Cube’s new group would be skilled in vocals, rapping and dance. Though the young men haven’t actually debuted in the real world yet, their sitcom characters’ performance gives us a first-ever look at these talents.

Watch the performance at 26:16 here!


MBLAQ members know the identity of Lee Joon’s former girlfriend?

MBLAQ member Lee Joon confessed that his fellow members know the identity of his ex-girlfriend.

When MC Kim Gura asked about his dating history on JTBC‘s ‘Idols Premiere‘, Lee Joon answered his questions honestly.

Lee Joon looked as though he had nothing to hide, and confessed that he had dated a girl in the past and that his members know everything about her. He seemed to be telling the truth, as none of the other MBLAQ members looked surprised upon hearing the news.

But different from Lee Joon, ‘farmer idol’ Mir and fellow member Thunder who are known for their innocent appeals admitted that they had never been in a relationship.


Heo Young Saeng releases “The Words On My Lips” OST for Fermentation Family

On December 27th, Heo Young Saeng teamed up with a famous music director, Park Sun Joo, to create “The Words On My Lips” OST for JTBC‘s drama Fermentation Family.

The Words On My Lips” is about a man who wants to confess his love but is filled with fear and regret.

Heo Young Seang’s sweet voice matches well with the song’s sad melody.

Check out “The Words On My Lips” below:


B2ST’s Doojoon & Lee Hyun Woo confirmed as MC’s for ‘Music On Top’

B2ST‘s Doojoon and actor Lee Hyun Woo have been selected as MCs for JTBC‘s new music program, ‘Music On Top‘.

Fans are curious to see the chemistry between the two, as Doojoon has previously showcased his witty personality on various entertainment programs, and Hyun Woo who starred in ‘God of Study‘ is now being called the ’2nd Yoo Seung Ho‘.

Hyun Woo who will be serving as an MC for the very first time and remarked, I’m a little concerned, as this is my first time being an MC on an entertainment program, but I’m also excited as this is a new challenge for me. I will work hard to lead the show as efficiently as I can.”

JTBC’s ‘Music On Top’ airs its first show on December 8th at 6:25PM.


Source & Image : JoyNews24

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SNSD selects Hyoyeon as the most ‘dangerous’ member

On December 1st, the members of SNSD attended ’Show Show Show‘, an event celebrating the establishment of SNSD’s new show on JTBC and was held at the JoongAng Newspaper office building in Seoul. It was here that they introduced ‘SNSD and Troubled Teens‘, the program they will be leading.

When asked who they felt was the most ‘dangerous’ member among their own group, leader Taeyeon remarked, This is just how I feel personally, but I pick Hyoyeon, evoking much laughter.

Not neccessarily ‘dangerous’, but she is the most individualistic, and has a lot of personality. You never know what she’s going to do next, she continued. Member Yuri added, When we were filming, Hyoyeon created a lot of fun and entertaining scenes with the teenagers, further praising her fellow member.

Hyoyeon was then asked how the filming for the first episode was like. At first, we looked at video clips of these teens and got to know what their day-to-day lives were like in more detail. After watching the videos, I didn’t have the slightest clue as to how to begin helping them resolve their issues. But when I met them in person, they weren’t bad kids, and we shared some good conversations. They listened really well, she answered.


The upcoming ‘Joint Organization Channel’ to launch two new K-pop music programs

Early next month, cable TV will be launching a brand new channel called the “Joint Organization Channel“, which will premiere two brand new music channels for K-pop lovers to enjoy.


SNSD to mentor troubled teens on new TV program

The ladies of SNSD will be serving as mentors for troubled teenagers on a new entertainment program to air on JTBC next month.

Titled ‘SNSD and Troubled Teenagers‘, the girls will be helping five young teens find their way out of mischief and help them fulfill their dreams. The teens who have come from all different walks of life are determined to change their lives around. They will be training with the SNSD ladies and their growth process and development will be documented on camera.

Although the girls have been busy promoting their new album ‘The Boys‘, they have made the time and are eager to become mentors for the first time in their lives. They are genuinely happy to help these lost teenagers start a new life, and reportedly cannot wait to get this project underway.

The selected five teenagers have no idea that SNSD will be serving as their mentors, and viewers highly anticipate watching their reaction when they find out for the very first time.