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Yang Hyun Suk would welcome Jung Hyung Don into YG Entertainment

On a recent recording of MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, comedian Jung Hyung Don had jokingly asked if YG Entertainment recruited gagmen in hopes of joining the label.

The episode featured a segment where Jung Hyung Don called up YG Entertainment officials to tell them news of G-Dragon winning yet another poll held amongst idols. During the call, he asked, “Does YG not recruit gagmen?”

Although it was said as a joke, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk readily welcomed the gagman. On January 27th, in an interview with E-Daily, he revealed, “If Jung Hyung Don really meant what he said, I would like to discuss a management contract with him.”

He continued, “Not only myself, but the majority of our company staff are fans of Jung Hyung Don. If he would come, I think I’d actually be really thankful.”


KARA’s Gyuri plants a kiss on Bang Yong Guk

KARA’s princess leader Park Gyuri recently kissed rapper Bang Yong Guk on the cheek during the latest episode of “LuLu LaLa”, sparking jealousy from comedian Jung Hyung Don.


Jung Hyung Don copies G-Dragon’s airport fashion

Source: shinhdeplol1

In the September 3rd episode of Infinite Challenge, the cast members told Jung Hyung Don to wear his most fashionable clothes. What he wore was an outfit similar to what G-Dragon was seen wearing at the airport when Big Bang went to New Zealand for The North Face.

Credits: En.korea.com

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