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JYJ’s Park Yoochun receives ‘Popularity Award’ at the 48th annual Paeksang Arts Awards + Full List of Winners

The Paeksang Arts Awards were held at the Olympic Park in Seoul on April 26th, and JYJ‘s Park Yoochun received a noteworthy award.

Park Yoochun attended the 48th annual Paeksang Arts Awards hosted by Lee Hwi Jae and Kim Ah Joong, and was awarded the ‘Popularity Award‘ for his performance in ‘Miss Ripley‘.

His brother Park Yoohwan was also nominated for this award, and Yoochun remarked that he would like his brother to win.

However when asked to say a few words to Yoohwan, Park Yoochun remarked, Yoohwan, I think it’s a bit too soon for you to win this award. Let’s work hard,” causing the other guests to explode into laughs.


Big Bang, JYJ, 2PM, and more take over the advertisement market with ‘CM songs’

Simply landing CF deals doesn’t seem to be enough for idols on their quest for world domination, as even singing ‘CM songs’ is now a required must for the hottest idol stars.

With the K-Pop boom being felt all over the world, the influence of idols has definitely reached new heights. Their names are regularly seen on everything from internet portals, variety shows, dramas, and endorsement deals, so it’s no wonder the advertisement industry is eagerly making full use of their potential.

CM songs, or theme songs for CFs and endorsements, has become an easy and effective way to increase marketing power for brands, as songs sung by idols will easily land at the top of music charts and earn an explosive response from consumers. Previously, bands like Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, JYJ, KARA, 2PM, and T-ara all have experience with hit CM songs under their belts.

Perhaps the strongest in the area is Big Bang thanks to their hits like “Stylish” for ‘Fila’, “So Fresh, So Cool” for ‘Hite Beer‘, and “Lollipop” for ‘LG Cyon’. Just these three tracks alone recorded over $883,978 USD in profits.


JYJ’s Jaejoong wins Shorty Award for most popular celebrity 2 years in a row

JYJ‘s Jaejoong was voted the most popular celebrity for the 2nd year in a row at the 4th Annual Shorty Awards, an awards event that honors top Twitter users in various categories.

Jaejoong was revealed to be the winner in the celebrity category when the voting results were announced on February 23rd. He surpassed the likes of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez, to name a few, in order to grab the #1 spot. He also won the honor of being the #1 celebrity on Twitter last year as well.

Jaejoong, along with the respective winners from other categories, will be invited to the Shorty Awards Ceremony which will be held in New York in March. In keeping with the spirit of Twitter, the winners are expected to give an acceptance speech that is 140 characters or less. The Shorty Awards selects the top people and/or organizations on Twitter in 26 different categories, such as government, health, politics, music, celebrities, etc. The winners in each categories are nominees who received the most votes from the Shorty Awards homepage, Twitter users, and the members of The Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences.

The New York Times has stated that Hollywood has the Oscars, and Broadway has the Tonys. Now Twitter has the Shorty Awards.”


Big Bang and JYJ, most wanted on TV for Lunar New Year holiday

An online lecture website conducted a survey on “Which boy bands are most wanted on TV during the Lunar New Year’s holiday?”. The survey had 1173 participants.

The survey results placed Big Bang at first place with 556 votes which was 48% of all the votes. JYJ came in second with 173 votes (15% of all the votes).

It was commented that, “It has been a long time since Big Bang appeared on TV. Even at the music awards ceremonies held at the end of the year, Big Bang did not make an appearance, because of some problems. Therefore, the fans are hoping to see the group at least during the Lunar New Year’s day.”

Also, for JYJ, it was said that, “Because it is only possible to see JYJ on commercials here and there and at their concerts, the fans’ hope to see them on TV is growing.”


JYJ opens their official YouTube channel

JYJ has finally opened their official YouTube page!

On January 8th, the boys welcomed fans to their long-awaited channel, which now holds their music videos, past performances, and making-of films from the MV sets.

In the video, Jaejoong encourages a lot of fans to come check out their videos on the channel and help them gain high view counts. He talks about how the number of clicks reflect the number of their fans, which cause Junsu and Yoochun to crack up controllably over his mistake. Junsu then replies, “Even if we have only 1,000 fans, I’d still be happy!“, a sentiment Jaejoong echoes with the more dramatic figure of 100.

Check out their video below!


Which Boy Band Is the Most Good-Looking?

Photos titled “Male Idol’s Overall Appearance” have surfaced various online communities, and they have created quite a buzz among Korean netizens.  An enthusiastic fan cleverly overlapped the images of the members in each boy band to create one representative photo for each group. A total of ten photos – representing Super Junior, JYJ, Big Bang, 2PM, SHINee, BEAST, MBLAQ, Infinite, UKISS, and FT Island – have been humoring netizens and fans alike.

While no one specific member comes to mind in most photos, Seungri’s face jumps out in Big Bang’s representation, while Wooyoung and Lee Hong Ki’s features are dominant in 2PM and FT Island’s photos respectively.

Those who’ve seen the photos commented, “JYJ is really handsome,” “This is why they are idols…Even their  appearances blended-in look amazing,” “It must have been labor-intensive photoshopping all thirteen faces for the Super Junior photo.”

What do you think? Which boy band has the most good-looking overall face out of the photos below?


Source : Soompi

Netizens select JYJ as ‘Best Idol Star’ of 2011 over Lee Seung Gi

Idol group JYJ triumphed over singer / actor Lee Seung Gi as well as girl group SNSD to be crowned the nation’s top idol star.

From December 8th to the 28th, KBS held a ‘2011 Best Icon Award‘ poll on their website and JYJ secured the #1 spot for ‘Best Idol Star’.

JYJ with 58,357 votes beat out Lee Seung Gi who had 53,560 votes to come out on top. JYJ who released their first special full-length Korean album ‘In Heaven‘ this year have proven that they are capable and talented musicians.

Behind JYJ were not only Lee Seung Gi, but also Park Si Hoo, Kim Hyun Joong, Girls’ Generation, and more.


KARA, SHINee, and more get honored at Japan’s ‘K-Pop Lovers! Awards 2011′

The grand prize winners from Japan’s ‘K-Pop Lovers! Awards 2011‘ have just been revealed!


Enterpost publishes new book on the JYJ story, ‘Pleasure JYJ’

Publishing company Enterpost has recently released a book addressing the ‘TVXQ Situation‘. The book speaks on behalf of the three members from JYJ, who broke away from SM Entertainment and are currently selling the highest number of albums despite being banned and unable to perform live. The book accuses the entertainment organizations and broadcasting companies among others for creating unreasonable obstacles for the members, denying them of their right to stand on stage.

The book also breaks down the reasons behind JYJ applying for an injunction to halt their exclusive contract with SM Entertainment, and more detailed background information on the lawsuit.

JYJ’s growth as entertainers are discussed in the book as well, highlighting their accomplishments as musicians, actors, and musical stars.

The book organizes the details that have not been revealed by the media, making it easier for the public to better understand the ‘TVXQ Situation’. Foreign fans are already demanding translated copies of the book, and ‘Pleasure JYJ‘ immediately became a best seller on Interpark after being released on November 30th.


JYJ’s Jaejoong voted as #1 star to go on a snow date with

JYJ‘s Jaejoong was named as the #1 male star girls wanted to go on a date with during the first snow fall.

Music website ‘Monkey 3‘ kicked off the poll on November 17th, and drew 6,100 votes. It was close battle between Jaejoong and Lee Seung Gi, but the idol took first place with 64% (or 3,882 votes).

Fans who cast a ballot in his favor explained, I would want Jaejoong to hold my hands in his coat pocket” and “He’s a romantic-looking guy, perfect for a romantic date”.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi — who’s been gaining a lot of popularity from shows likes ‘Strong Heart‘ and ‘1N2D‘ — took 33% (2,016 votes). Next on the list were Song Joong Ki, Jung Il Woo, Kim Soo Hyun, and Lee Min Ho.


Source + Image: Naver

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JYJ’s Jaejoong defers his military enlistment to August 2012

It’s just been reported that JYJ‘s Jaejoong has delayed his military enlistment, citing ‘overseas stay’ as his reason. At this time, his enlistment date has been pushed back to August 31st, 2012. However, if he wishes to postpone his enlistment date then, he will be able to request for a deferment, provided that he has a reasonable excuse.

Jaejoong received his military draft notice back in September. Although he’s currently a student enrolled in Kyung Hee Cyber University as a communications major, he’s reached the age of 24. Consequently, he’s of age where he could be included in the draft despite still being a student.

C-Jes Entertainment told Dispatch over the phone, “Jaejoong has requested for a deferment of military enlistment. He has received permission from the Military Manpower Administration. The enlistment was postponed since there are a lot of overseas promotions this year. There is no problem with him promoting until August of next year.”

The agency’s decision to cite “overseas stay” as the reason for deferment rather than school immediately caught the public’s attention. Some netizens even began to whisper that Jaejoong couldn’t use school as his excuse because he was expelled.


JYJ still dominating in Japan

According to JYJ‘s label C-JeS Entertainment, over 80,000 fans were in attendance at the JYJ World Tour show that took place in Ibaraki, Japan on the 15th, further proving that JYJ is still dominating Japan’s music scene.

Their special edition ‘In Heaven‘ album to be released at the end of the month has received more advanced sales than any other album at record stores, and their Jamsil Concert DVD sold out on Amazon Japan immediately after being released.

A representative from Tower Records stated, We received an explosive amount of pre-orders for JYJ-related CDs and DVDs, as soon as they come in… what’s more amazing is that they have not been able to perform on stage or promote themselves properly for the past two years, yet still accomplish these results.”

Japanese fans are also supporting the members’ individual activities.


Concert footage of JaeJoong catches netizens’ attention

Fan-taken footage from JYJ‘s concert in Berlin were recently posted online, and have been generating a lot of buzz. In particular, a series of shots taken of member Jaejoong during their performance of “Get Out” have caught the eyes of netizens.

Although dressed down in jeans and a white concert tee, Jaejoong manages to look effortlessly chic as he passionately belts out his parts.

Netizens commented, He even looks good making faces like this,” “Crazy good looks,” and On endless repeat.”

This was JYJ’s final stop on their 2011 world tour in 13 countries.


Source & Photo: enews24 via Nate

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T.O.P and Park Yoochun – Idol Photo Shoot Showdown

JYJ’s Park Yoochun – Big Bang’s TOP, Who Is The Victor In This Idol Photoshoot Showdown?

The appearance battle between JYJ member Park Yoochun and Big Bang member T.O.P has become a hot topic.

Recently, both men did photoshoots for magazines. Park Yoochun in “HIGH CUT” and T.O.P in “1st Look,” with both men showing infinite charm.

This photo battle of the boyband members, involves not only the fans of each group, but have also become a popular debate among the netizens.


JYJ’s Jaejoong gets voted as the #1 “undeniable celebrity”

Some celebrities develop their star quality, while others are born with it. Knowing this, community portal site DC Inside polled its users from October 25th to November 1st on the question, If they weren’t celebrities, what would they be doing now? Who is most undeniably a celebrity?

Out of 13,175 votes, 36.5% (or 4,811 votes) named JYJ‘s Jaejoong as the #1 celebrity who was born to become a star. Netizens explained that they believed Jaejoong’s statuesque features and strong musical talents gave him a natural star quality.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong came in second place with 19.9%. His ‘prince-like’ looks and 4D-personality made many users feel that he possessed a deadly combination of looks and charm.

Finally, Rain placed third with 8.4%. His star quality was defined by hard work, as he dedicated endless hours to perfect his skills and his stage presence, which now receives praise everywhere he goes.


JYJ share their thoughts on ‘Get Out’ being named Melon’s ‘Song of the Month’

JYJ‘s “Get Out” was recently named by Melon as the ‘Song of the Month‘ for the month of September!

Melon recently gathered JYJ for an interview and the boys shared their thoughts on their most recent achievement, and they expressed their heartfelt thanks to their many beloved fans.

Check our their interview subbed in English below!

Source: melon

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JYJ’s Touching Massage at Japanese Concert

JYJ recently conducted a two day concert in Japan which attracted a lot of fans from all over the country.

The concert attracted a previously unheard gathering of 300 vehicles and more then 80,000 fans, all of which gave the venue an appearance much like a beehive! During their performance on the second day, JYJ expressed their happiness, as they progressed from performing in front of less than a hundred people to the huge crowd that they attracted in Japan. They also thanked the Japanese fans for their undying support and credited them as being hugely responsible for JYJ’s success in Japan.


Over eighty thousand fans come to JYJ’s Japanese concert

JYJ recently held their exclusive concert in Japan.


All 5 DBSK members unite to record ‘MAXIMUM’?

allkpop : We have been receiving countless ‘tips’ by our fellow allkpop readers about a recent Youtube video, which just went viral on video-sharing websites.

On October 15th, numerous uploads of a practice version of TVXQ‘s “MAXIMUM“ were posted and circulated throughout Youtube.  Upon watching and listening to the video, Cassies all over the world couldn’t believe their ears when they heard the voices of JYJ on the track.  Using an audio track featuring all five voices, TVXQ members Yunho and Changmin practiced the choreography with several background dancers.

Many Youtube and Twitter users have been speculating that the original version of ‘MAXIMUM’ was meant to be a 5-member track for the entire group.  It seems like the dance video was shot a while back, prior to the song’s release.

Cassies expressed their joy leaving numerous comments such as, OMG, I’m crying!“, “I can hear Junsu and Jae Joong’s voices so clearly!“, “This is so amazing!, and “This is an epic day for Cassiopeia!.


JYJ and T-ara, the most beautiful idols

The combined photos of idol groups is fast becoming a big hit on the internet. (From top to bottom: Female- f(x), SNSD, T-ara. Male- SHINee, MBLAQ, JYJ)

The photos above were posted on an online community board under the title, “Idols average looks.”

On the board, there were photos of JYJ, SHINee, 2pm, and MBLAQ and among female idol groups there were T-ara, f(x), and SNSD.

The poster stated, “Most them are good looking people, so naturally most photos came out nicely, but there are some groups that look quite unique.”


JYJ’s Jaejoong may delete his Twitter account due to hacking

One of the most active Twitter users amongst Korean celebrities, JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong revealed that his account was recently hacked and announces that he might delete Twitter account if it continues.

High demand for JYJ tickets in Berlin causes server to crash

JYJ is already making headlines for their success in Europe.

According to C-Jes, the trio’s upcoming concert in Barcelona, Spain sold out 80% of its tickets within three days — surprising the parties involved in the concert organization. In addition, for their Berlin concert, there was a case where the ticket site’s server crashed due to an overwhelming amount of people trying to purchase tickets at the same time.

A source involved stated, “This situation is even more surprising because this is just an individual concert rather than a concert held by a major entertainment company… We were once again able to experience firsthand the popularity of K-Pop in Europe, and the high level of anticipation for JYJ.”

JYJ stated, “This is our first Europe tour, so initially, there were a few points that we were a little afraid about. We thank you for your high level of interest and we will prepare a spectacular performance.” They continued, “Not too long ago, the Spanish ambassador for Korea thanked us for the concert in Spain and encouraged us; now we’re hearing that our ticket sales are going well too. We’re so excited for the concerts with our European fans.”


JYJ’s “In Heaven” is still blocked from music programs

Fans had high hopes for “In Heaven“, but it seems the restrictions imposed on JYJ are still going strong, as the trio recently revealed that their album still can’t be performed on air (despite charting at the top for four weeks in a row now).

Representatives of JYJ revealed, We have never received an offer to perform on music programs. Even if we bring the album with us to meet them, they never call back.  The album is creating waves on the Hanteo chart right now but it’s not being reflected onto the music program charts, which we find difficult to understand.”

They continued, Music programs weren’t able to give a logical and fair reason as to why they were rejecting JYJ, but it seems they just simply don’t care anymore and are acting like they don’t notice what’s going on.”

Despite the cold treatment, the boys are going strong, selling out their European tour and being invited to foreign festivals left and right.


Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver

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JYJ’s Park Yoochun tops “Celebrity most likely to understand a woman’s heart” poll

According to a survey conducted by Monkey3,  JYJ‘s Yoochun was voted #1 as the, Celebrity most likely to understand a woman’s heart‘.

Yoochun won 46% of the total 3730 votes, seizing the #1 spot. The reasons? Fans remarked that it was due to his “Extremely Sensuous, Ardent, & Sentimental” personality.

Following Yoochun, singer / actor Rain earned 37% of the votes coming in at second place, followed by John Park of ‘SuperstarK2“, who earned 13% of the votes.

Also chosen were 2PM‘s Nichkhun, actor Hyun Bin, and Park Si Hoo.



Source & Image : MoneyToday StarNews via Nate

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