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J.Y. Park frustrated over Yang Hyun Suk’s qualification of ‘French Amber’?

On December 18th, the third episode of SBSK-POP Star‘ aired and viewers were able to watch French contestant, Julie Chabrol perform “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green.

After finishing her live performance, the three judges of the show gave varying opinions from praises to disapproval.  For those who have seen the previous episodes, you should have noticed the striking difference between J. Y. Park and Yang Hyun Suk‘s criteria for qualifying contestants.  This episode was another example of that dissimilarity between the two producers.

First, judge BoA commented, You have f(x) Amber‘s vibe.  You seem like a tomboy.  You have a good voice as a foreigner, but skill wise..I don’t know.  I’ll be honest, you would be good as a visual.  I want to see you sing in Korean in the next round and I’ll make a final decision then.  So for now, I’ll pass you to the next round.”

However, producer J.Y. Park disqualified the foreign contestant revealing, I like it when an artist is comfortable on stage, but I don’t like it when they are comfortable without any skills.  You have the attitude of a star, but don’t have the skills like one.  That is very frustrating to me.”  Regarding this statement, the contestant showed her determination as she stated, I want to go further in the contest.  I haven’t shown my fullest potential yet.”


YG’s Yang Hyun Suk on judging for SBS’s ‘K-Pop Star’

With the first episode of SBS‘s ‘K-Pop Star‘ drawing near, anticipation has been rising for the new survival audition show, which holds the grand opportunity for a contestant to become an idol.

As one of the judges for the program, YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk was pleasantly surprised by the new experience. “Seeing the singer-hopefuls onstage, I was reminded of my juniors and praised and nurtured them,” he said. Chuckling, Yang continued, “I’ve heard from those around me that I would definitely curse at the entrants if I were ever to become a judge. In reality, I do go tough on my trainees but I never curse at them.”

When asked why he took up the role of a judge, the CEO replied that it was originally his idea to start an audition program. “I had this idea from a long time ago, about starting up a singer audition program. Coincidentally, SBS was producing a program that closely matched the format that I was thinking of, so I accepted their offer,” he said.

‘K-Pop Star’ has also influenced his schedule, Yang Hyun Suk said. “Although I usually don’t have any meetings or outside appointments, I’ve spent the last few days shuttling between the studio, YG headquarters, and my house,” he laughed. “Since it’s my first broadcast appearance in a while, I’m both nervous and anxious.”


[VIDEO] YG Family on SBS K-Pop Star


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“K-pop Star,” BoA, Yang Hyun Seok, and Park Jin Young clarify their screening criteria

The Big 3 judges – BoAYang Hyun Seok, and Park Jin Young of SBS TV’s Survival Audition K-pop Star, clarified their screening criteria that are clearly distinguished from other audition programs.

The three judges of K-pop Star, which will start airing from December 4, drew attention by clarifying their screening criteria that reflect their strong individuality. The interview with them will be shown in the first episode of K-pop Star.

Yang Hyun Seok, as the oldest out of the Big 3, said he would screen applicants based on their talent. He said, “I feel sorry to say this but I think over 50% of the talent most stars have is something innate. People can achieve some from their efforts but cannot expect more than that. Making effort is also important but over 50% (of the conditions to become a star) is gifted talent.”

Park Jin Young said he would pay close attention to the participant’s originality and self-confidence when screening. He said, “Participants who have their own merit, who well express themselves, who have their own things either voice or dance, and who present their originality will be able to go towards becoming the K-pop star at the end. The most important virtue to become a star is self-confidence. He or she really has to love his or her own look and voice.”


BoA, Yang Hyun Suk and J.Y. Park hold a press conference for SBS’s “Survival Audition K-Pop Star”

On the afternoon of November 24th, SM’BoA, YG’s Yang Hyun Suk and JYP‘s J.Y. Park attended the official press conference for SBS‘s“Survival Audition K-Pop Star”, which took place at the SBS headquarters in Seoul.

When asked if there were any contestants that stood out in her memory, BoA answered, “To be honest, there were a lot. There were two contestants that I can recall clearly. One of them was physically disabled and it would’ve been difficult for him to dance, but his efforts moved me to tears.”

“When we mentored the contestants, I gave one contestant some advice and the next day, his singing improved to an extent that was impossible to put in words. Seeing things like that gave great joy to the producers, as it was these moments that gave them hope of digging up truly hidden talents. Although I’m a singer, for a moment I was able to feel the bliss that the show’s producer felt,” she added.

With regards to being part of the judging panel of the contest, CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed, “Contestants who could’ve gotten first place in other singing programs were cut. Also, contestants who we weren’t fully convinced with proceeded to the top rounds. I think our vision is a lot different to that of the mass public. (The final contestants) aren’t like former ‘Superstar K’ contestants Kang Seung Yoon and Kim Eun Bi, who we signed into our agency last year.”


Boom to emcee for SBS’s ‘KPOP STAR’

Entertainer Boom will be joining SBS‘s audition program, ‘K-POP STAR‘, as an MC alongside the already appointed, Yoon Do Hyun.

After making a strong comeback after the end of his military service, Boom has been bringing much laughter on many variety programs. However, this will be his first time emceeing for an audition program.

Boom revealed his personal affection for audition programs, stating, “Wanting to become a singer at the age of 17, I participated in 12 auditions. So, I know, more than anyone, the passion and desire of the people who participate in auditions. I want to support and protect the ambitious minds of those who wish to become stars… I will help the contestants to compete in the best conditions.

With Yoon Do Hyun bringing some gravity to the show, Boom will provide the laughs and liven up the atmosphere.


J.Y. Park judges 2,000 hopefuls at ‘K-POP Star’ audition in NYC

Producer J.Y. Park was in the Big Apple from September 17th to the 18th to discover the next big K-Pop star for his new show, SBS‘s “Survival Audition K-POP Star“!

He was recently in Argentina for the first round of auditions, and New York City was his second destination. J.Y. Park was the first of the “Big 3″ judges from JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and YG Entertainment to personally oversee the auditions.

2,000 hopefuls tried out at the New York auditions, and all were from various cultures and backgrounds. Talented people from all walks of life joined the auditions, including a Harvard alumnus, an MIT researcher, models, child actors, and even some ‘American Idol’ tryouts! They came with the sole ambition of becoming the next big K-Pop star, and everyone brought their ‘A-game’ knowing that they’d be standing before one of the biggest names in the Korean music industry.