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CNBLUE’s Minhyuk cast for a new drama?

It was revealed that CNBLUE‘s Minhyuk is currently in talks to join the cast of the new KBS weekend drama, ‘You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly‘.


KBS deems Block B’s new songs unfit for broadcast

With the release of their new album just around the corner, hip hop idol group Block B is already facing numerous obstacles for their comeback.

KBS has deemed the tracks “Did You or Did You Not” and “LOL” as unfit for broadcast, stating “vulgar expressions” as the reason.

The broadcast station stated that “Did You or Did You Not” brings to mind the question people ask when referring to sex: “Did you do it, or not?” In their Korean title, “haet suh ahn haet suh”, ”haet suh” is derived from the Korean verb “to do”, on it’s own. (If it is used in conjunction with other words, the meaning is changed)

Meanwhile, “LOL” contains the word “ggondae” in the lyrics (which is usually used as a slang referring to elders with a negative connotation).


MBC, KBS, and SBS Lunar New Years Specials for 2012

Many exciting TV Programs are scheduled for the Lunar New Year holiday and each major broadcasting station will be airing specials featuring idol stars. If you can’t spend the holidays with family and loved ones, then the TV can substitute and bring you laughs.

The Idol Trend

MBC will be hosting ‘The 4th Idol Star Athletics-Swimming Championship’. Hosting the program will be Kim Jae Dong, Boom, Lee Teuk, and anchorman Oh Sang Jin and many idols stars will be participating in the championships such as B2ST, T-ara, 4Minute, MBLAQ, Boyfriend, and Dal Shabet. Be sure to catch these idol stars competing against each other in games of athletics on January 24th.

Idol stars will also be appearing on MBC’s ‘Idol Alkkagi Championships’. The MCs for this program will be occupied by Kim Gura, Boom, and anchorman Kim Jung Geun. Idols like Super Junior, SHINee, SISTAR, and miss A will be participating in the program along with first generation old school idols like HOT’s Moon Hee Jun and Tony An and Roo’ra’s Go Young Wook.


‘Dream High 2′ reveals its final poster

After teasing fans with two different posters, one with the main characters and the other with the full cast, KBS‘s ‘Dream High 2‘ has returned with its third and final cut.

Once again, the image features the six main characters: Kang Sora, 2AM‘s Jinwoon, SISTAR‘s Hyorin, T-ara‘s Jiyeon, and new actors JB and Park Seo Joo.

As with the first poster, four of the students were dressed in luxurious outfits, which belie a sense of privilege not found with Kang Sora and Jinwoon’s characters. In fact, Kang Sora and Jinwoon are seen in casual outfits, as if to emphasize their ‘underdog’ appeal.

The contrast between these two groups was further emphasized by the poster’s tagline, which read: The most problematic Kirin Arts High School students VS. The best idols“.


MBLAQ reveals an event poster for ‘Hello Baby’ Season 5

A few days ago it was revealed that MBLAQ would become new dads for KBS joy’s ‘Hello Baby‘ Season 5.


New Year Special Idol Sageuk Comedy “Crown Princess Project” to Feature 12 Female Idols

A Lunar New Year special variety program featuring an idol sageuk (historic) comedy is currently in the works.

KBS has revealed that the program will be called, “The Crown Princess Project – Restoring The Royal Family” and will air as a Lunar New Year special. “The Crown Princess Project” is being called the idol version of “The Moon Embracing The Sun” and will be in a sageuk format with a comedic twist.

Many female idol stars have been cast for this special program since it will be based on a story of how a crown princess is chosen through a series of tests given by the royal family in the Choseon era.

Some of the female idols that will star in this program include IU, T-ara’s Boram and Soyeon, miss A’s Min, 4minute’s Sohyun and more. It is said that a total of 12 female idols will appear in this program. The production staff revealed that the program will be filmed outdoors. They are hoping that the female idols will be lively and energetic since they won’t be in a stuffy studio all day. The production staff are also expecting a lot of interest because the female idols will be wearing beautiful hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) dresses.


‘Dream High 2′ releases new still cut featuring six students

A new still cut featuring the six leading members of KBS’s upcoming drama, ‘Dream High 2‘, has finally been unveiled!

Aside from Jung Jinwoon and Kang Sora, who are seen facing the viewer, the rest have their backs turned towards the audience to raise anticipation for what’s to come.

The ‘Kirin Arts High School’ uniforms have undergone a few changes, like the use of red and checker patterns. Fans already know that Jiyeon and Hyorin are the remaining two girls, but word on who the two boys at the side are has not been revealed.

Producers are purposely keeping their identity a secret to exclusively reveal at the drama’s production conference.


Winners from the ’2011 KBS Drama Awards’

Broadcasting network KBS concluded the year with an awards ceremony honoring the best in their productions.

2011 was marked by the wild success of family drama ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘ and the historical romance series, ‘The Princess’ Man‘. Both works took home a solid amount of trophies, but it was Park Shi Hoo and Moon Chae Won who landed the ‘Top Excellence Actor & Actress’ awards.

With his trophy in his hand, Park Shi Hoo said, The fact that I encountered ‘The Princess’ Man’ was all good fortune. Also, it is an honor for me to receive such a big award. I really thank my company family, who were my crutch as I worked to reach this spot, and my family that I love. I think this year, I took a step closer to my goals. I will continue to become an actor with perseverance. I will share this happiness with my fans.

His co-star, Moon Chae Won, followed up by saying, ‘The Princess’ Man’ was a project that had lots of controversy and troubles, but I am happy that we were able to finish it successfully and that we are able to stand here today. I was able to reflect on how much I lack. Everyday during filming, I felt like I was leaving to fight. However, this project is very meaningful to me because it showed me that I love this fight.”


‘Music Bank’ to hold concerts in Paris, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Buenos Aires in 2012

KBS’s ‘Music Bank‘ is setting out to be the leader of the growing Hallyu wave, as they’ve just confirmed that they will be bringing the show to four overseas cities next year!

Starting with Paris in February, the show will be stopping by Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and finally Buenos Aires, with other cities currently being negotiated. Producers of the show are busy trying to line up artists for the overseas performances.

Back in July, ‘Music Bank’ managed to gather 45,000 people for their ‘Music Bank in Tokyo K-Pop Festival‘, and is the only music program out of the weekly line-up attempting to take their show overseas. After seeing the success of their Tokyo Dome concert, producers of the show promised, “We’ll continue to support and aid in the spreading of Korean culture all over the world.”

This decision doesn’t come without some controversy, however, as some industry officials are of the opinion that TV programs are trying to use the Hallyu wave to their benefit.


Source + Photos: Joy News 24 via Naver

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KARA & 2NE1 unable to attend the 2011 KBS Music Festival


Girl groups KARA and 2NE1 will be absent from the 2011 KBS Music Festival that is scheduled to take place at the KBS Hall in Yeoido.

An insider from the industry informed StarNews on the 27th, KARA will be attending the the 53rd Japan Record Awards and therefore will be unable to attend the KBS Music Festival.”

The same insider also stated, There is an award ceremony taking place in Japan the same day as the KBS Music Festival, and unfortunately, it looks like [2NE1] will be unable to attend as well.”

The 2011 KBS Music Festival will air on KBS 2TV on December 30th.


Source & Image : StarNews

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’2011 KBS Music Festival’ line-up revealed + YG, C-JeS artists not attending

Although the ‘2011 KBS Music Festival‘ is just around the corner, the event is facing several problems that may prevent it from fulfilling its maximum potential.

A spokesperson for the ‘KBS Music Festival’ stated through an interview, “There’s a possibility that the music festival may not open as well [as we hoped].” The event is currently scheduled to be held on December 30th at Seoul’s KBS Hall.

The news was followed by an announcement that artists from YG Entertainment and C-JeS Entertainment will not be attending the event. Still, fans can look forward to artists from SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, AQ Entertainment, Core Contents Media, Starship Entertainment, and TS Entertainment, who have all RSVP’d for the event.

Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, f(x), miss A, 2PM, Wonder Girls, T-ara, Davichi, SISTAR, and SECRET will perform and be present, however, KARA will be absent since they’ll be performing at Japan’s ’53rd Japan Record Awards‘ which takes place concurrently. TVXQ‘s attendance is currently pending due to their busy Japan schedule.


U-KISS and Rainbow win the ‘Most Photogenic of the Year’ award

Rainbow and U-KISS (among many others) have been dubbed as the ‘Most Photogenic of the Year‘!

On December 29th, the Korea Broadcasting Camera Directors Association will be holding the ‘12th Korean Video Daejun‘. One of the categories will honor the most photogenic stars of the year in various areas of the entertainment industry.

The awards ceremony brings together camera directors that work at KBS, MBC, SBS, EBS, and OBS, asking them to choose who they think had the best features (as caught on camera).

This year, the list of the ‘most photogenic’ winners are:


Supernova’s Geonil’s casting in new KBS drama brings in Hallyu fan support

Supernova‘s maknae Park Geonil has been cast for the upcoming KBS drama special, ‘Amore Mio‘.

Scheduled to air on New Year’s Day, Geonil will be playing the role of ‘Lee Jin Guk’, a shy and timid young man preparing to find work. He’ll also be the fiance to the lead roles’ daughter, ‘Mirae’ (played by CSJH‘s Dana).

Once Supernova’s Japanese fans heard the news, they flooded his fancafe and SNS accounts to show him their support. The KBS media team also revealed that they were receiving several requests to export the drama to Japan.

A representative stated, We were surprised to hear so many offers for the four-episode drama after we had revealed that Geonil was cast for a role. It was definitely an opportunity to be able to feel how popular Supernova is overseas.”


Source + Photos: BNT News via Naver

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’2011 KBS Drama Awards announces its three MCs

Anchorman Jun Hyun Moo, actress Han Hye Jin, and actor Joo Won have been confirmed to co-host the ‘2011 KBS Drama Awards‘.

On December 16th, KBS announced, “The ’2011 Drama Awards’ will be a ceremony that honors the dramas of the year. For the event, Jun Hyun Moo, Joo Won, and Han Hye Jin have been cast as MCs.”

Jun Hyun Moo is a representative mufti-entertainer that has been featured in various variety shows. This will be Han Hye Jin’s first time hosting a year-end ceremony, while this will be Joo Won’s first time hosting since debut.

The ’2011 KBS Drama Awards’ will air on December 31st.


Source + Photos: Dispatch

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’2011 KBS Drama Awards’ reveals list of nominees

It’s that time of the year where award shows roll out one-by-one to honor the best and brightest of the year. KBS has just revealed the list of nominees for their ’2011 KBS Drama Awards’, which will air on December 31st to cap off a good year for the station.


T-ara’s Jiyeon cast for ‘Dream High 2′!

The star-studded cast for the upcoming KBS production ‘Dream High 2‘ has been generating widespread excitement as of late, and the latest idol to step into the highly-anticipated drama will be none other than T-ara‘s Jiyeon!

With several acting gigs already under her belt, Jiyeon will bring her acting talents over to her new role, which has yet to be specified. The casting was decided at a meeting with the producers last weekend.

“Although I’m already busy with domestic and foreign promotions, after reading the synopsis for ‘Dream High 2′ I decided to take it because it was a role that I wanted to play. I wanted to relive memories of my trainee days and as a hardworking student before it was too late,” she said. “I’ll be putting a lot of effort into it, so please be expecting it.”


Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

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Wheesung’s trainee, Ailee, to be a part of ‘Dream High 2′

Wheesung‘s trainee and former YouTube star Ailee has been confirmed for ‘Dream High 2′.

A source revealed on November 23rd that Ailee will be appearing in the KBS drama, scheduled to air early next year.

The rookie singer made headlines in September when she appeared on the Chuseok special, ‘Singers and Trainees’. She impressed the judges as well as the viewers with her powerful vocals and stage manners, which made it hard to believe she hadn’t even debuted yet.

Ailee has been receiving love calls from various projects, but decided on ‘Dream High 2′. She will play the role of one of the members in a popular girl group trio along with SISTAR’s Hyorin.


AA thanks fans for supporting them at ‘Music Bank’

On November 19th, rookie groupAA thanked fans by sharing a new photo through their me2day.

They wrote, Thank you so much for today as well.  Despite the extremely cold weather, our loving fans came to support us.  We love you guys so much.  Please be careful of getting a cold.”

Members Woosang and Aoora were referring to the their latest stage on ’Music Bank‘, where they performed their debut song, “So Crazy“.

Netizens commented, Woosang looks like a statue“, “Those eyes….“, and It’s nice to see the friendship between you guys.”


Tablo on YG Entertainment: “They’re like my family”

On November 15th, rapper Tablo expressed his thoughts on the welcoming atmosphere of his new agency, YG Entertainment.

Tablo guested on a special episode of KBS Joy’s “Lee Sora’s Second Project” this week, where he revealed, My wife Kang Hye Jung is signed under YG. In a sense, they’re like my real family. There is a huge difference between the surface image of YG and what it’s really like on the inside.”

He continued, From the outside, there was a sense of coldness because all the artists have so much charisma. I thought it’d be hard to approach them, but they’re all actually very warm and fun. I’m the maknae right now, but YG has been so good to me that I’m adjusting well.”

During the show, Tablo also performed numerous tracks including “Tomorrow” alongside Big Bang‘s Taeyang.


AA apologizes for trolling on Music Bank

Aoora and Kimchi of new boy group AA received some flak yesterday for their behavior on KBS Music Bank.

The boys could be seen trolling –that is, making various gestures and faces– in the background while SNSD was being announced as the winner and also while MC Hyun Woo was giving his farewell speech on the show.

Earlier today, Aoora came out and formally apologized for their behavior on twitter. Aoora tweeted in English,

AA apologize for what we did in KBS music bank yesterday. We were immature and senseless being such a big stage with all senior artists… we’ve respected for all times… Especially, we AA bow our head in apology to 현우 선배님 (Hyun Woo sunbae) who have been greatest MC in Music Bank for a long time… AA regret and reflect for what we did and promise that we will show you decent behavior… AA will do our best not to disappoint somebody who have cared for us.”



INFINITE & A Pink to star on new animal variety show ‘Birth of a Family’

Earlier, it was reported that KBS’s ‘SECRET’ would be coming to an end and replaced by an animal variety show.

Although it was announced earlier that the show would be titled, ‘My Pet’, the name has since been changed to ‘Birth of a Family’.

The new show will document various idol groups taking care of abandoned animals for 8 weeks or so – until the animal is adopted by a new family. In addition, the show will also feature rare animals that are not commonly seen in the company of people. The show hopes to raise awareness about issues involving animal neglect. It hopes that by bringing in celebrities on the show to care after these animals, they may help increase awareness and capture the hearts of citizens. As the celebrities laugh and cry raising these animals, the show hopes to inspire citizens to take a deeper interest in abandoned and homeless animals.

MBLAQ and A Pink were announced as the first idol groups up to take part in the upcoming show. However, due to scheduling issues, MBLAQ has now been replaced by INFINITE.


MBLAQ and A Pink will bring awareness to endangered animals through variety show

MBLAQ and A-Pink have been chosen for an upcoming KBS variety show. This show will highlight various endangered species by having the idols take care of endangered animals for about a month.

The program will help raise public consciousness towards the often dire situations of these endangered animals, which in turn will raise awareness for environmental causes. Lesser-known animals will be given a chance to shine; baby alligators are candidates for the featured species.

Although the show is to be situated in the competitive time slot of Saturday evenings, KBS hopes to attract viewers through the show’s unique concept.

This new environmentally focused show has a tentative debut date of November 12th.


Source: Star In and AbsoluteMBLAQ

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Infinite’s Sunggyu, Sungyeol and Sungjong chosen as special DJ’s for Sukira

It’s been recently revealed through KBS’s official website that Infinite’s “Sung brothers”; Sungyeol, Sunggyu and Sungjong, have been chosen to temporarily host the radio show Sukira.

Sukira is normally hosted by Super Junior members Leeteuk and Eunhyuk, but with SMTOWN in New York, and multiple other schedules later next week, temporary replacements have been chosen.

The three of them will be in charge of the show starting October 24th till October 30th.


Source: KBS

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KBS, MBC, SBS: G-Dragon won’t be blacklisted

KBS rep: “It would be difficult to ban G-Dragon from appearing on TV since he received a suspension of indictment, which means he doesn’t need to come to court.”

MBC rep: “We can discuss about it but we don’t know if we’re even going to have a meeting for this. We have meetings for civil or criminal cases but we don’t usually have one for those who have suspended indictments.

SBS said the same thing as KBS and MBC.

Source: JoongAng, Koreangossipgirl

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