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AA’s Kimchi and Aoora holding hands?

AA members Kimchi and Aoora caused fans to melt over a new photo they shared through AA’s official me2day page.

On November 17th, the boys wrote, Each step together! Hand in hand. We just completed an interview and are off to our next location. What is everyone else up to right now?”

Fans gushed over the photo, especially since Aoora is the group’s oldest member and Kimchi is the youngest. Their color-coordinated outfits only added to the cuteness factor.

Netizens commented, Hyung takes good care of his dongseng“, “This is so cute, I can’t take it!”, and You guys are working hard ^^ Fighting!


AA apologizes for trolling on Music Bank

Aoora and Kimchi of new boy group AA received some flak yesterday for their behavior on KBS Music Bank.

The boys could be seen trolling –that is, making various gestures and faces– in the background while SNSD was being announced as the winner and also while MC Hyun Woo was giving his farewell speech on the show.

Earlier today, Aoora came out and formally apologized for their behavior on twitter. Aoora tweeted in English,

AA apologize for what we did in KBS music bank yesterday. We were immature and senseless being such a big stage with all senior artists… we’ve respected for all times… Especially, we AA bow our head in apology to 현우 선배님 (Hyun Woo sunbae) who have been greatest MC in Music Bank for a long time… AA regret and reflect for what we did and promise that we will show you decent behavior… AA will do our best not to disappoint somebody who have cared for us.”



AA’s Kimchi : “At first I wasn’t too thrilled about my stage name…”

Without a doubt, member Kimchi is the one that most stands out from the five member rookie group AA.

With ‘Kimchi’ being the name of a traditional Korean side dish, it just doesn’t seem to pair well with the trendy ‘idol group’ image. What’s more interesting is that Kimchi’s birth name ‘Yoo Yae Hyanggi‘ is actually really unique and would probably be more advantageous for the image of an idol singer. When Kimchi’s name and photos were revealed on the internet, netizens wondered what the group was thinking when they decided on his stage name.

Kimchi revealed, There were actually two names that were being considered.” He continued, “Kimchi and Kkakdugi (another variation of the side dish). Both are hot and refreshing, and just like kimchi it’s a staple dish that represents Korea, the agency wanted me to become a singer that could represent the nation. After some debate, we decided to go with Kimchi.

The eldest member Aoora explained, They had the ‘kimchi’ idea even before we decided on all five members. They wanted a member to come in and take the stage name, and wanted to meet someone who would be the perfect fit. There were many that were taken in consideration, but he made the final cut.”


“Kimchi Bus” heading out on a global tour

The “Kimchi Bus” project is designed to improve the awareness of kimchi throughout the world. During the 400-day period, three young Korean cooks are planning to take global bus tour traversing almost all the northern hemisphere as long as 52,000 km, and introducing Korean kimchi foods to local people, one day in a small town and the other day by holding a huge festival.

Ryu Si-hyeong, the leader of the project, says, “I know that Kimchi has already well known among foreigners, but it’s also true that there are scanty opportunities for them to taste the Korean food. I’ve felt genuinely sorry about the situation. That’s why I designed this project in an attempt to spread the unique flavor and health benefits across the world by adopting Kimchi as an ingredient, not a side dish, not main dish, into local foods of each western region.”

Staring from the World Kimchi Culture Festival to hold in Gwangju in October 15 to 19, the three cooks will set on a 400-day global tour largely covering from Russia to Europe, to the US.

In addition, the young cooks have created 30 to 40 pieces of new kimchi recipes to captivate the taste buds of people from across the world by using kimchi directly airlifted from Korea.