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The Hallyu wave’s ever-growing influence in Japan

The term ‘Hallyu’ is now a part of everyday Korean vernacular, but its international influence is exceeding what anyone had ever expected. Glimpses of the Hallyu wave can now be seen regularly on the streets of Tokyo, Japan.


Popularity of Hallyu wave increases sales and exports of Korea’s creative content

Thanks to the popularity of the Hallyu wave, the contents production industry has seen a sharp increase in sales and exports this year.

On September 22nd, the Ministry of Culture and the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) released an overview for the second half of 2011 and found that the total sales made by the entire contents industry amounted to around $27.5 billion USD, a 15.6% (or around $4 billion USD) increase compared to last year’s record.

Exports have also seen a 27.2% increase compared to last year, recording a total of around $2 billion USD. Such results were seen across the board, as business profits increased by 18.2%, broadcasting by 95.9%, and advertising by 104.3%.