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Billboard talks about Kpop taking over New York City

The ‘SM Town Live Concert‘ which was held on October 23rd, turned New York City upside down as city dwellers witnessed first hand, the power of Kpop.  As if fans storming the ‘W’ hotel wasn’t enough, thousands of Kpop lovers were seen camping outside of Madison Square Garden at 4AM!  This massive movement had commoners turning their heads while drivers had a hard time passing through some streets, overcrowded with Kpop fans.


Hallyu stars Supernova, The Boss, and more receive more attention abroad than at home

New groups and artists pop up every single day in Korea, and try to find their way to stardom. But with so many groups debuting every day, many Korean groups have been receiving more love outside of their country. While they’re Hallyu stars in Japan, they’re being unnoticed in their home country.

Mnet and Soribada illegally distribute music abroad

Not exactly a Big Bang update. FYI:

KPOP has earned great popularity overseas, and with that popularity overseas music sales has increased as well. But it has recently been revealed that music distributing companies such as Mnet and Soribada have been illegally distributing music.

Korean music distributors such as Soribada and CJ Mnet have been making a profit by distributing Korean music overseas. The only problem is that the writers or artists that have written these songs do not know about this. They have signed contracts that only allows the songs to be sold within Korean, but the distributors have been selling these songs overseas without the permission of the copyright owners.

A 2NE1 music distribution employee stated, “Since we never mentioned signing an international distribution contract it’s illegal…”

Australia Gears Up For “Dream Concert”

2011 K-Pop Music Fest.” will be held on Saturday, 12th of November, 2011. This phenomenal music festival is to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Australia, also known as the “Year of Korea in Australia”. The fundamental focus of this event is to promote a range of cultural artistic activities by bringing some popular K-Pop musicians and culture to Australia, superintended by JK Entertainment is a Sydney based Event & Production Company. Some highlights of JK Entertainment works include Jay Chao Sydney Live Concert, 2010 JYP Australia Audition, 2010 Korea Festival, Super Kpop Concert and many more.


Mnet MCountdown to Livestream On Facebook to Worldwide Fans!

No.1 K-POP Chart show – Mnet <M Countdown> – August 25 (Thursday) 6PM KST ”LIVE”

The world’s best Kpop chart show, MCountdown is now reorganized and set to come back with new change on this August 25!

The feature of this reorganization is that fans from all over the world can now directly participate to rank Kpop stars in the show!

With the growing global popularity of Kpop music, Mnet decides to let overseas fans to participate in the ranking of Kpop artistes. The show is also planning to invite some of the foreign fans to watch the real show in Korea once in a while!