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Fire World Army 2 (BNS Lightning Song – Zico, Kyung) [DOWNLOAD]

[AUDIO] Fire World Army 2 (BNS Lightning Song – Zico, Kyung) [DOWNLOAD]


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Kyung and Jaehyo chatting in fancafe

[FAN] Question for Park Kyung.  Speaking honestly, I bet you only look at cafe posts related to you, right? And Jaehyo oppa, I honestly think you’re the hottest in Block B (Park Kyung, close your eyes), but if you had to choose another idol hotter than you, who would you pick? ㅋㅋㅋ

[JAEHYO] Nichkhun!

[JAEHYO] Senior.

[CUCUMBER KYUNG] And Kyung wasn’t able to close his eyes so he gets his feelings hurt again.

[CUCUMBER KYUNG] And of course I look at posts related to me ㅋㅋ Isn’t that definite?

[CUCUMBER KYUNG] When will I have time to look at the posts about other members?

[CUCUMBER KYUNG] And what am I going to do by reading them anyway.. ㅎㅎ

[FAN] Would you rather be a cucumber or have an average/middle sized face?


[CUCUMBER KYUNG] I like cucumber better because

[CUCUMBER KYUNG] I’d rather be totally long than just something in the middle, you know?



[FAN] Question for Park Kyung/Jaehyo oppa.  If you two didn’t become singers, what do you think you would have pursued as a career?  I think Kyung oppa would’ve sold cucumbers.  I would’ve gone to his store every day to buy cucumbers.  Just joking.  I love Kyung oppa.  Don’t ignore me, ok?  Anyway, what would you have pursued?

[JAEHYO] I think either an elementary school teacher or open a restaurant.  

[JAEHYO] Probably.

[CUCUMBER KYUNG] A mathematician.

[CUCUMBER KYUNG] Hey, I’m good at studying, okay?


[CUCUMBER KYUNG] I used to go to a school for the gifteddd



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Kyung ( Many.R a.k.a miNimum, Mute) – Style [DOWNLOAD] + Lyric

[AUDIO] Kyung ( Many.R a.k.a miNimum, Mute) – Style [DOWNLOAD]

[LYRICS] Kyung – Style

I run around back and forth because I can’t find a style
I’m lost again today because I can’t come up with a rhyme
I want to ride on my flow, use it as wings to make me fly
But I don’t make any improvements, it’s the same song all over again
And I’m filled with regrets

Stopping, going, doing, stopping, going
Everyone’s leaving with my boring rap
Even my vocalization isn’t stable, why can’t I admit that?
I admit it, that’s why I’m going to go practice more

Every day, I get criticized for my pronunciation
I want to fix it, too
I want to blame it on my tongue for the words that slip out the wrong way
I turn my head back to my roots
I’m going to make sure I find a deeper depth of understanding

I’ll overcome my slump, I’ll fly higher than everyone else
I’m going to keep walking one path to find my own style
I make this promise to myself
Because the answer lies in no one else but me



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Kyung – I Am the New Member of Soulflow [DOWNLOAD] + Lyrics

[AUDIO] Kyung – I Am the New Member of Soulflow [DOWNLOAD]

[LYRICS] Kyung – I Am the New Member of Soulflow

What I earned after failing twice
Isn’t breakdown but the refusal to give in, perseverance, poison, and determination
Every day, I go through hard-training
Time is tickin’
I listen every day, rehearse and rehearse
“Entered Soulflow! I’ll set it all on fire!”
My first goal, my first roar
So that all of my efforts won’t be wasted, won’t be bent
Even if obstacles come my way, I’ll keep looking forward
I’ll keep running, speeding up, accelerating every time
My family Soulflow, microphone, and rhyme notes
I’m stubborn with my route, my heart’s already beating
I’ve advanced, I am advancing, I’m going to do it, I’ll fight and improve
You have to change everything in order to fly
If you try to trick me, I’ll tell you to “shut your mouth”
I’m not going to let go of this opportunity
I’m going to try my best every day and keep pushing forward



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P.O. & Kyung – Strong [DOWNLOAD] + Lyric

[AUDIO] P.O. & Kyung – Strong [DOWNLOAD]

[CAFE UPDATE] 110819 Kyung

I made “Strong” for the last mini-concert of Match Up!
A lot of people wanted to hear it so I’m uploading it for you as a present.
The download option was available but not anymore because it was limited to 100.
I want to upload the file for you but I don’t know how..
The people that were able to download it, please share!
(BBCs, I love you guys, even if you call me cucumber..)



110817 Match Up Ep. 8 Kyung & P.O. – Strong


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My name is Park Kyung.  I’m the rapper and visual of Block B.  I was born on July 8th, 1992, and I have a nuna three years older than me and a brother four years younger than me. I’m the second-born, the one that has the best personality out of all three.  I have a good relationship with my nuna but I think she’s a bit upset lately because I haven’t been able to pay attention to her much since our debut.  My younger brother is a flute major; his skills have been recognized nationwide, and he’s a bit more handsome than I am.

I think I myself am a charm.  I think of myself as competitive and I’m full of confidence wherever I go.  (U-Kwon: Yes, it’s good.. to have confidence..  Jaehyo: I think every team needs a character like Kyung.)

I studied in the States during my first year of high school, and in New Zealand during my second and third year.  It wasn’t a lot of fun because of communication barriers.  The reason why I asked Jiho to let me audition for the company was because I wanted to go back to Korea.