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LEDApple to hold a live concert featuring ‘TOP Band’ winner, Toxic

On May 11th, LEDApple will meet their fans through a live concert, ‘#Now Playing – LEDApple in Seoul Vol.1’, at Sound Holic City in Seoul.


LEDApple’s rise in popularity is due to the help of composer Cho Young Soo?

LEDApple‘s new song, “Sadness“, is steadily leading the group into stardom.


LEDapple stars in their own reality show, ‘LEDapple Entertainment’

Talented idol group LEDapple is starring in their own reality series. While there’s a lot of idol group reality series hitting the airwaves these days, LEDApple has set out to distinguish themselves from the rest by adding a unique twist to their concept.


LEDApple appoints new leader, Young Jun

Six-member boy group LEDApple have announced that they’ve appointed a new leader!

The leader of the group until now has been Hanbyul, who is currently a dental student at the University of Queensland in Australia. Hanbyul will now be passing the baton to Young Jun, who is of the same age.

Young Jun is the guitarist of the band, and he’s taken lessons from Kim Do Kyun as well as Zack Kim, a famous YouTube celebrity amongst guitarists who’s known to play two guitars with both hands simultaneously.

Although there have been member swaps in the past due to issues like mandatory military service, Young Jun has been with the band since the very beginning. He knows how to encourage his groupmates and has consistently shown leadership qualities.


Who produced LEDApple’s new head banging single “Time is up”?

Earlier LEDAppler evealed MV teaser for their new single “Time is up“. With a head banging teaser track, fans have been wondering who produced the song and now the question has been answered.

Turns out hit maker ShinSaDong Tiger teamed up with G-Fla‘s guitarist/producer Jee In to create the song.

With an innovative MV that was directed by the movie director for ‘Test’, plus a fresh catchy sound, expectations are high for the release of their song.

A representative from their agency replied, “LEDApple is a hybrid, a mixed team that represents their genre. An electronic band style with a DJ and rappers, that will allow you to hear a different kind of music”.


LEDApple hopes to become “the smartphone of the music industry”

The members of LEDApple recently sat down for an interview with StarIn and revealed that they wanted to become “the smartphone of the music industry.”

Inspired by the revolutionary development of a smartphone, LEDApple expressed that they wanted to showcase continual growth with their music. With smartphones, each new update creates an irresistible desire amongst users to upgrade to the next level. Likewise, LEDApple wants every new release to further entice the public to listen to their music.

The band debuted back in October of 2010, but they’ve gone through several member changes since then so they consider themselves a ‘middle-aged rookie group’. The frequent member changes don’t seem to worry them, as they considered it as a rite of passage.

Youngjun and Kwangyeon expressed, “The member switchups  gave the overall group a different feel. We feel that compared to the past, we’ve become a lot more sturdy and complete.”


LEDApple reveals pictures from upcoming album with new members

Band LEDApple has revealed photos from their new album after the recent lineup change of the members.

Since their last comeback with “How Dare You” back in June, the group has gone through many changes.

The previously 5-member band has become a 6-member group made up of four of the original members, Youngjun, Hyoseok, Kyumin, Kwangyeon. Two new members will be added to the group, Gunwoo and one more, Hanbyul, who has not yet been revealed to the public.

The members are seen dressed in military-style inspired ensembles in the photoshoot, showcasing off their individual charms through their poses and expressions.


LEDapple to return with three new members

Rock band LEDapple will be returning to the stage as a seven member band, including three new members, later this year.

The new members were revealed through an MBC video in which the group did their greetings for the Chuseok holiday in September (see below). At the same time it was also revealed that former singer and member Jaehoon has left the band and was replaced by new vocal Hanbyul. Next to him, the band got an additional rapper called Seungjun and a DJ, Gunwoo.

Earlier today, DJ Gunwoo was revealed to be the son of famous composer Park Kwanghyun, and has had experience with music by working as an assistant music director for various movies such as “I Saw the Devil”, and “Two Women”. Profiles and information about the other new members haven’t been revealed yet.

With the new members, LEDapple’s new line-up stands at a total of seven members. Earlier today, however, a teaser picture of the group was posted through their official Facebook page, showing only six members, which raises questions whether LEDapple will return with either six or seven members.