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Could Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young get back together?

City Hunter‘ fans might possibly see the Lee Min HoPark Min Young couple together again as rumors are circulating that the two stars still meet frequently.

According to insiders, the two still talk on the phone together and send text messages often, in addition to meeting each other near their homes. The possibility of the two allegedly getting back together after their break up over two months ago is gaining much interest.

The two stars caught each others’ eye after filming for SBS‘ hit drama, ‘City Hunter’, in July, and broke off their relationship this past December. They released the news to the public belatedly in January, stating they are now just “encouraging colleagues” to one another.

However, rumors of an alleged reunion are now quietly arising. On April 3rd, one insider who is close to the two stated, “It was burdensome for the two to meet at places where there were a lot of fans or they would receive a lot of attention…Rather than a break-up [atmosphere], it’s a casual atmosphere where there’s no burden.


Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young Announce Their Breakup

After a few months of going public with their relationship, actor Lee Min Ho and actress Park Min Young have put an end to their relationship. The two met last year while filming SBS’sCity Hunter;” but because of their busy schedules, they barely had time to see each other. Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho actually ended their relationship a while ago, but decided not to publicly announce it until now because they didn’t want to put their agencies on the spot.

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young seemed like strangers before the year-end drama awards. Both attended two different ceremonies. While Lee Min Ho attended the “SBS Drama Awards,” Park Min Young attended the “KBS Dramas Awards.”

A representative of Park Min Young’s agency stated, “It’s been a while since they saw each other. It was really embarrasing for her to just go and reveal their break-up, and she didn’t want to put her agency in a sticky stituation. So, she held the news a little longer”.

The rep continued, “Also, because of her busy schedule, it was almost impossible for her to even rest. She had to film KBS’s “Glorious Jane” while Lee Min Ho was busy with his activities overseas and CFs. We knew that both were really busy to even catch up with each other.”


T.O.P, Lee Min Ho, Yoon Eun Hye and more for Cartier “Love” Exhibition (111116) [PHOTO]

Cartier to hold “Love” exhibit featuring T.O.P, Lee Min Ho, Yoon Eun Hye and more


Credits: DCTOP

Source : bigbangupdates

Cartier to hold “Love” exhibit featuring T.O.P, Lee Min Ho, Yoon Eun Hye and more

Cartier’s message of Love.

For the 5th straight year, Cartier will hold an exhibition with the International Vaccine Institute for the “Saving the Lives of the Children of the World” campaign. Donations and proceeds from the event will be donated to the International Vaccine Institute for the cause.

This exhibit will showcase pictures of 10 stars wearing the Cartier bracelet from the Cartier Love Collection.

Top stars Song Seung Hun, Lee Yong Ae, Jun Ji Hyun, Cha Seung Won, Kim Ha Neul, Lee Min Ho, Yoon Eun Hye, T.O.P (Big Bang), Lee Min Jung, and Go Soo will participate in this event.

The exhibition will be held from 12/2~12/31 from 11AM to 7:30 PM at the Cartier boutique store in Chungdam-dong, Seoul.


Lee Min ho’s agency honor him via Twitter

Lee Min Ho took home the Best Male Actor award at the 2011 Korea Drama Awards in Seoul on October 2nd. Min Ho found excitement, his real life love, and another award winning  honor in this year’s “City Hunter”. The drama was not only number one in the viewership ratings,  he topped the acting chart at the special awards show.

His company tweeted images of their award winning actor at the ceremony and accepting his honor. They acknowledged his new “title” and referred to his win as the “Men’s Grand Prize”.

Congratualtions to Lee Min Ho!

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Source:  @StarhausM

By : singer / Associate Writer @ korea.com

Agency Lee Min Ho Menyangkal Klaim tentang Insiden Kencan dan Putus

Telah dikabarkan bahwa Lee Min Ho baru saja putus dengan seorang mahasiswa yang setahun lebih muda dari padanya. Namun, Min Ho telah membantah klaim-klaim tersebut.

Satu media outlet telah mengadakan wawancara dengan Lee Min Ho dan melaporkan, “Setelah MBC drama populer ‘Personal Taste’-nya Lee Min Ho, dia baru saja putus dengan seorang gadis, yang setahun lebih muda dari dia, setelah berpacaran selama sekitar 6 bulan“.

Namun, agency Lee Min Ho, Starhaus Entertainment, menjelaskan, “Itu Bagian dimana hanya bercanda yang dianggap sebagai kebenaran ketika wawancara diterbitkan”, dan menambahkan, “tentang putus itu tidak benar sama sekali”.

Lee Min Ho Mengungkapkan Dia Berkencan dengan Mahasiswa Selama 6 Bulan

Aktor Lee Min Ho, yang baru-baru menyelesaikan drama populer ‘City Hunter‘, bersama sebuah pengakuan mengejutkan tentang bagaimana dia putus dengan seorang mahasiswa perguruan tinggi tahun lalu.

Dalam sebuah wawancara dengan Daily Sports, ia mengungkapkan, “Setelah saya menyelesaikan syuting untuk ‘MBC’s ‘Personal Taste‘, aku berkencan dengan wanita yang setahun lebih muda dari saya dan seorang mahasiswa di perguruan tinggi selama enam bulan.

Dia menjelaskan, “Setelah aku selesai syuting untuk ‘Personal Taste’, aku punya banyak waktu. Satu hari ketika aku makan aku melihat seorang mahasiswa perempuan. Sudah lama sejak aku bertemu seorang wanita yang tidak berhubungan dengan industri hiburan, yang cantik. Kami tidak memberi tahu agency saya dan mulai berkencan. Kami diam-diam berkencan selama enam bulan, tapi kami putus karena perbedaan kepribadian.

Karena ia sekarang menyelesaikan ‘City Hunter‘, wartawan bertanya pada Lee Min Ho tentang apa yang ia rencanakan untuk dilakukan pada free time-nya.