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Deli Spice acknowledges 2NE1 as best female idol group

Rock band Deli Spice was featured on the November 13th episode of Mnet‘s ‘Mic‘ to talk about their music and various subjects.

When member Yoon Junho was asked which female idols were currently his favorite, he responded with, There are so many these days. They’re all so talented now. They have strong vocals and all of them can dance extremely well, too. The first female idol group to make me feel that way was 2NE1. Maybe that’s why… but I think they definitely stand out as the best female idol group out there.

He continued, I feel like they were grouped not only for their looks, but for their individuality and they work well together as a unit.”

Deli Spice is one of the few that represent Korean rock bands. They debuted in 1997 with their first album ‘Deli Spice‘. Their hit songs included “Chow Chow“, and “Confession“.


Source & Image: MyDaily via Nate

by leesa86 @ allkpop