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2NE1′s Minzy shows off a dance mix on Minzy’s TV #3

2NE1‘s youngest member Minzy isn’t shy when it comes to revealing her dancing talents to all of her fans. Now, she’s back with a new dance mix.

Earlier today Minzy uploaded a video via twitter with the caption, “DANCE DANCE DANCE !! MINZY’s TV #3“. The dances are broken down into 4 parts:

1- OMG (Usher)
2- Imma Be (Black Eyed Peas) along with YG Entertainment dancer Park Jung Heon
3- Sexy Ladies (SHIT KINGZ) along with with YG Entertainment dancer Yong Deuk
4- Get me Bodied (Beyonce) by Minzy

Check out the video below!


2NE1′s Minzy looks all grown up in latest selca

2NE1‘s maknae Minzy surprised fans with a sophisticated set of selcas.

She shared the photos via Twitter recently with the description, The filming today was so much fun.

The charismatic maknae neatly tied back her blue hair to reveal a slim V-line. Her white blouse and serious look made the young star look all grown up.

Minzy’s followers commented, She’s so pretty“, “She is growing up well“, “Is this really the charismatic Minzy“, and She looks different!


Source + Image: Nate

by jae.lea.jung @ allkpop

Latest tweets from 2NE1′s Minzy worry fans

2NE1’s Minzy left a mysterious message on her Twitter earlier today.

She tweeted, “If you don’t have much interest, then it’s right that you don’t need to hide it. It’s right not to lie, but you always give ambiguous answers. It’s not that I really don’t know.. I’m just pretending I don’t… Disappointment and expectations all fall.. There is a limit to how much I can pretend to be deceived and how nice I can be.”

She then tweeted the lyrics to Beyonce’s “Me, Myself, and I” shortly after. “I’ve Been So Blind It Feels Right When It’s Wrong. It Took Me Some Time But Now I Moved On. Cuz I Realized I Got.”

Seeing the tweet, worried fans commented, “I don’t know what’s wrong, but please cheer up,” “It seems like she has a lot going on in her heart. Fighting!”


2NE1′s Minzy covers Chrisette Michele’s ‘What You Do’

2NE1‘s youngest member Minzy isn’t shy when it comes to revealing her dancing talents to all of her fans. Now, she’s taking things a step further as she’s now doing covers.


2NE1′s Minzy reveals practice dance video to Black Eyed Peas “Imma Be”

Yesterday we reported a video of 2NE1′s CL showing off her sexy swag while rehearsing a dance routine.

Today, 2NE1‘s youngest member Minzy revealed her own dancing skills in a video she uploaded while dancing to Black Eyed Peas‘ “Imma Be“.

Along with the video she wrote, “J.H’s Lesson ^^ Black Eyed Peas – Imma Be So Flyyyyyyy LoL !!”

After seeing her dance netizens commented, “Can’t touch this! haha”, “Minji never fails -_____- ❤ So fly!”, “Very good ! ^^ ❤ You are the best”, “Minzy best girl dancer ! I love you ! ❤ :)”.


Minzy 2NE1 Terlihat Cute di Kamera

Minzy 2NE1 telah mengungkapkan foto dirinya yang penuh dengan kelucuan.

Pada tanggal 9 Agustus, Minzy tweeted,

“Dengan  gangster Kentucky Fried Chicken grandpa dan ‘2NE1′ pose jari. Tampilan special : Pudoong Unni (CL) jari”

Dalam foto, Minzy mengenakan baju dengan gambar Kolonel Sanders dengan membuat berbagai ekspresi. Di balik Minzy, CL telah menginvasi foto dengan jarinya.

Fans berkata, “Kau menjadi lebih dan lebih feminin”, dan “Kau tampak seperti kehilangan banyak berat badan.”


Source: Star News via Naver

by chloejn @ allkpop

2NE1 mengungkapkan teaser Minzy untuk “Hate You” Versi Japan

Kemarin, YG Entertainment merilis teaser Sandara untuk 2NE1 versi Jepang dari “Hate You“. Hari ini, mereka telah melanjutkan dengan maknae Minzy!

Fans mendapat sampel rich vocal Minzy, dan tampaknya terdengar cukup halus di bahasa Jepang.

Menantikan teaser dari Park Bom dan CL berikutnya!


by @ allkpop

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