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Mnet to Stream “Best of 2011 MAMA” on Facebook

This Sunday, December 18, at 8pm EST/ 5pm PST, Mnet US will be streaming a three hour long presentation of “Best of 2011 MAMA” on their Facebook page.

This show will feature exclusive behind the scenes footage and interviews. Mnet’s “Hello Pop!” VJ Chrissa Villanueva, who attended the event in Singapore, will host this program.

The 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards originally took place on November 29 in Singapore.

K-Pop stars that appeared at the awards were SNSD, Kim Hyun Joong, Super Junior, HyunA, miss A, 2NE1, BEAST, A Pink, Huh Gak, Seo In Young, Bae Ji Young, Dynamic Duo and YB. Also performing were US artists Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and the Black Eyed Peas’ Wil.i.am and apl.de.ap.



Source : Soompi

Which SNSD member was jealous of Seohyun’s coupling with Jung Yong Hwa for ‘We Got Married’?

On December 8th, the ladies of SNSD were the guest on Mnet‘s “Beatles Code” and was asked if any member was ever jealous of another member.

To that question SNSD’s Taeyeon answered, “I was also a guest on MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ but the man I was married to was a totally different person. It’s hard to be on a variety show with friends that have similar ages so I was quite jealous of Seohyun”.

Seohyun and CN BLUE‘s Jong Yong Hwa got together as a fictional couple and were one of the most popular couples on ‘We Got Married’. They were labeled the “Sweet Potato Couple”, however, back in 2009, Taeyeon was paired up with old comedian Jung Hyung Don and they were known as the “Pudding and Jelly Couple”.

It seems Taeyeon wanted to have a husband that was young and handsome like Jong Yong Hwa. If you were on the show who would you want to be paired up with?


Source + Image: Naver

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Deli Spice acknowledges 2NE1 as best female idol group

Rock band Deli Spice was featured on the November 13th episode of Mnet‘s ‘Mic‘ to talk about their music and various subjects.

When member Yoon Junho was asked which female idols were currently his favorite, he responded with, There are so many these days. They’re all so talented now. They have strong vocals and all of them can dance extremely well, too. The first female idol group to make me feel that way was 2NE1. Maybe that’s why… but I think they definitely stand out as the best female idol group out there.

He continued, I feel like they were grouped not only for their looks, but for their individuality and they work well together as a unit.”

Deli Spice is one of the few that represent Korean rock bands. They debuted in 1997 with their first album ‘Deli Spice‘. Their hit songs included “Chow Chow“, and “Confession“.


Source & Image: MyDaily via Nate

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Mnet to broadcast Hallyu Dream Concert

“2011.10.06 2011: Hallyu Dream Concert Gilhaki, Kim Geon Mo, Kim Bo Kyung, TVXQ, miss A, Beast, SHINee, Seo In Guk, Se7en, SNSD, Secret, SISTAR, IU, A pink, MBLAQ, GD&TOP (Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P), 2PM, T-ara, 4minute, MC Park Shin Hye, MC Taec Yeon, MC Min Ho October 6 at 6PM [KST]. Mnet”

Source: Mnet, Soompi

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Seungri has the potential to be the next Kang Ho Dong? (110928)

On an episode of Mnet‘s ‘Wide Entertainment News‘ that aired on the 27th, the topic of who could be the next greatest MC to fill the shoes of legendary Kang Ho Dong was discussed.

The characteristics they were looking for were ‘cute’, ‘an insatiable appetite for meat’, ‘highly energetic’, ‘loved by all generations’, ‘speaks extremely well’, etc.

The celebrity at the top of the ‘high energy’ list? None other than Big Bang‘s maknae, Seungri. He was chosen for his intense vivacity, others on the list were Leessang‘s Gary, Seo In Young & comedian Park Myung Soo.

Seungri’s speaking abilities rivals Kang Ho Dong and he’s remarkably popular and even has his own sights on running a business. When he was a guest star on ‘Strong Heart‘, he made everyone on set explode in laughter as he spoke, and he and the rest of Big Bang are becoming increasingly popular not only in Korea but overseas as well, enough to be called the faces of this Hallyu wave. Seungri has plans to open an academy in Junrado, Gwangju, Daejun and even one in China.

Members of B2ST are compared to various animals, Du Jun-Lion and Gi Kwang-Puppy

Mnet’s Boom The K-POP analyzed just how popular B2ST is in Japan. Japanese fans seemed to love Korean beastly idols rather than cute Japanese idols.

A survey titled, “What animal resembles the members of B2ST?” was held in Shin-Okubo, the center of Korean Wave in Japan.

Fans compared wild Du Jun with a lion, cool and handsome Joon Hyung with a wolf, childish Gi Kwang with a puppy, and cute Yo Seop with a chick.

However, the members of the B2ST compared Yo Seop with a sparrow and Hyun Seung with a sloth.



Source: TvReport

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