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Mr. Idol’s fan art creates a stir

Before the premiere of the movie, Mr. Idol on November 3, Fan Arts are creating a stir online.

On Mr. Idol’s official homepage, Twitter, and Facebook, netizens are wishing them good luck in various ways.

Netizens are cheering for the movie with fan arts, parodies, web toons, and other contents.

Mr. Idol captivated many movie professionals as well as the public with their press report conference, which was held on the 25th.


Randy Kim of the Electro Boyz to debut through movie, “Mr. Idol”

It’s been reported that Randy Kim of the upcoming hip hop group, Electro Boyz will be making his individual debut through his role in the upcoming movie, “Mr. Idol”.


‘Mr. Idol’ premiere date set for October 27th

It’s been revealed that the premiere date for the much-anticipated upcoming movie ‘Mr. Idol‘ has been set for October 27th!

Now that the countdown to the release date has begun, fans anticipation for the film is undoubtedly escalating by the day.

‘Mr. Idol’ will share a realistic portrayal of the show business world and and birth of idols. Not only will the film dive into the world of Korea’s music industry, but will also feature many talented stars including Park Ye Jin, Jay Park, Ji Hyun Woo, and Im Won Hee.

It’s said that Director Ra Hee Chan has brought together many unique and dramatic characters to portray the behind-the-scenes stories of Korea’s music industry, and that this will be a music film like never seen before.


Source + Photo: Hankyung via Naver

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Jay Park says, “I had to hold my laugh while shooting Mr. Idol”

Singer Jay Park reveals that the most challenging thing while shooting the movie Mr. Idol was “laugh.”

On the 28th, Park appeared at the movie production conference which was held in Seoul and said, “I passed the audition at once.”

He continued, “I shot a film last year, but I experienced greater things while shooting this one. I don’t appear much in the film, but I think movie director did a great job on this.”

“I learned how to read the lines lively and act them out. The most challenging thing was to hold a laugh while shooting comic scenes. Actor Lim Won Hee was the funniest.”


“Mister Children” from the movie Mr. Idol is like Big Bang?

To promote the movie, Mr. Idol, starring Ji Hyun Woo and Jay Park, a survey was recently conducted asking netizens: “Which idol group should be nervous if ‘Mister Children’ (the fictional idol group in the movie) debuts in real life?”

In the survey, BIGBANG ranked first. According to the voters, BIGBANG is very much like “Mister Children” because members of both groups write their own lyrics and music and can perform songs in various genres. Mister Children’s leader, Eu Jin (played by Ji Hyun Woo) is also being compared to Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon.

Aside from Eu Jin, dancer Zio (played by Jay Park), vocal Hyun Ee (played by Jang Su Won) and rapper Rickey are attracting attention as well.

“Mr. Idol” will hit theaters in October!