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Boy group MYNAME celebrates their 100-day anniversary

Rookie boy group MYNAME shared a new photo with their fans to celebrate 100 days in the music industry.

On February 3rd, the boys posted the above photo via their official Twitter page and wrote, Hey everyone, it has finally been 100 days since MYNAME started out on ‘M Countdown’! I think it was right about this time, too. We promise never to lose focus and work harder to show you better efforts for our next album. We love you.”

MYNAME is a boy group produced by singer Hwanhee, and consists of members Seyong, Insoo, JoonQ, Chae Jin & Gunwoo. Although still rookies, they are new rising stars in the K-pop world, and have received interest from overseas as well.

Their fans congratulated them saying, Congratulations on 100 days, MYNAME“, “I hope you succeed in 2012“, “Today is MYNAME Day“, “Daebak in 2012, and more.


Co-ed’s Yoosung trained together with X-5’s Taefung and MYNAME’s Gunwoo before debut

Earlier this week, Co-ed‘s Yoosung revealed an interesting fact through his Twitter account, saying he previously trained with X-5‘s Taefung and MYNAME‘s Gunwoo as a group.


MYNAME lands their own MTV reality show, ‘Ta-Dah It’s MY NAME’

Hwanhee‘s new rookie boy group, MYNAME, has already landed their own reality program before they’ve even debuted. The boys will be showing off their individual charms through a MTV program titled, ‘Ta-Dah It’s MY NAME‘.

MYNAME will be kicking off MTV’s new collaboration with SBS Media Group. They’ve been kept under wraps so far, with nothing but teaser images to get a feel for what they’ll be all about, so fans are looking forward to seeing their personalities.

‘Ta-dah’ will be focusing on the members’ hidden sides as well as stories behind their casting by Hwanhee and their company.

The program will kick off with a special pilot on October 25th and begin airing on November 5th.


Source + Photos: Joy News 24

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MYNAME’s Insoo gave lessons to rhythm gymnasts Shin Suji and Son Yeonjae during University

Though the group hasn’t officially debuted yet, its members are popping up in the news everywhere because of their many connection to other stars and achievements.

MYNAME to officially debut on October 27th

Upcoming boy group MYNAME recently revealed their debut day through their official fancafe. The boys will be appearing on M! Countdown on Thurday, and will be continuing their promotions with debut stages on the other music shows in that same week.