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After School & the Pledis Boys deliver briquettes to heat homes

On December 27th, After School and the Pledis Boys met up with fans to combine their volunteer efforts and deliver briquettes to heat homes.

Pledis Entertainment expressed, “In the cold weather, the Pledis artists worked with their many fans to help ensure that low-income families in Guryong town will have a warm winter this year.”

After School has dozens of year-end events lined up, but they took the time off to sweat a little right alongside their fans for a meaningful event. Despite being smudged with charcoal, everyone was all smiles throughout the effort, warming the hearts of those watching.

The company is already donating proceeds from their “Happy Pledis” album. Last year, they donated to the ‘Save the Children‘ foundation. This year, they’re helping young children once again through ‘UNICEF‘ and the ‘Sibling Doll Project‘.


Pledis Boys’ Baekho asks fans for their love & support

Pledis Boys member Baekho posted a picture while backstage at Mnet‘s M! Countdown asking fans to pour out their love and support for Happy Pledis.

On December 22nd, Baekho wrote through his me2day, “Did you watch the M! Countdown broadcast today~~? Please give lots of love to the Pledis family members and please give me, Baekho, lots of love, too!! hehehehe ^^”

As a member of the Happy Pledis family, After School‘s UEE also left a comment on her me2day account in response to Baekho, stating, “Baekho is next to me on me2day, so I thought I would come see!!!! Our Pledis family! Baekho fighting!!”

In the picture that Baekho uploaded, he is seen smiling cheerfully towards the camera while pointing to the M! Countdown sign for the Pledis room. Fans were particularly drawn to Baekho’s cute charms in the picture.


Pledis Boys reveals more pictures ahead of their debut

As the clock ticks down towards the unveiling of Pledis Boys, the rookie group has finally revealed their faces ahead of their official debut next year.

The pictures were released as a way to express their thanks towards their first fan cafe, which had just opened online. “They’re pictures taken at their music video shooting,” said Pledis Entertainment. “The boys released the pictures as a way to show their gratitude towards their first fan cafe prior to their debut.”

The never-before-seen pictures showcase the various members of the upcoming boy group as they take a break between the rigorous shooting of their music video.

The ‘Pledis Boys’ will participate in this year’s holiday album, “Happy Pledis“, before a full-fledged debut early next year.


Netizens anticipate the debut of rookie boy group, ‘Pledis Boys’

Although they have yet to debut, netizens are becoming increasingly interested in rookie boy group ‘Pledis Boys‘, and fan cafes for the boys are quickly emerging on the internet.


Pledis reveals a closer look at the Pledis Boys

Pledis Entertainment has finally removed the veil from thee male version of After School.

Pledis Boys, formerly known as After School Boys, have been a hot issue even though they have yet to debut. The public got a chance to get a closer look at the 7 Pledis Boys on November 21st.

On this day, Pledis Entertainment unveiled the Pledis Boys through their agency family album titled, “2011 Happy Pledis“. In the picture, the 7 members (with one unidentified young girl trainee) are flaunting their clean cut look as they smile to make their first greeting to music fans.

Particular interest has gone to the fact that there were a couple familiar faces in the group. One of which was MBC‘s “Birth of a Great Star“‘s Jang Do Yoon, who was also called the 2nd Jung Yong Hwa. The other familiar face was Jong Hyun who made a 3-second appearance on KBS‘s “Hello” and became a topic of interest on the internet for about 3 days.


Son Dambi, After School, Pledis Boys to bring out family album, ’2011 Happy Pledis’

Recently, a picture revealed by Pledis Entertainment has been catching the eyes of netizens.

In the picture, the Pledis artists can been seen gathered around block letters that spell out ‘HAPPY PLEDIS’. Son Dambi, After School, the 7 members of the Pledis Boys (who have yet to debut), and one more girl whose face has been revealed for the first time, left netizens buzzing over the growing musical family.

Pledis announced, This is a picture from the photoshoot for the ’2011 Happy Pledis’ album jacket, which is a follow up of the ’2010 Happy Pledis Love Love Love’ album with After School. This is a family album that features not only Son Dambi and After School, but all Pledis artists, including the group that has been under a shroud of mystery, Pledis Boys. Please anticipate it.”

A portion of the ‘Happy Pledis’ earnings will be donated to UNICEF to help look after those in need during the cold Winter, and the album is also a gift to the fans who have shown the artists so much love and interest.