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Pledis Entertainment to debut a 17 member boy group this year

Pledis Entertainment has announced that they will be debuting a grand 17-member male idol group by the end of the year!

Tentatively named ‘Seventeen‘, the group is made up of  17 members averaging 17 year old, who have been trained not only for the domestic market, but specifically for the international market as well. Although they’re being touted as the largest K-Pop group to date, A-Peace holds the title with 21 total members.

Pledis has revealed that they will not be going the standard route of debuting the group in Korea before advancing overseas, but rather debut a group that is ready to promote in Korea, China, and Japan right from the get-go.

After their debut as a group, the boys will be split into units to promote separately in Korea, China, and Japan with promotional tactics tailored to each country.


Pledis Entertainment to Debut Another Girl Group, Hello Venus

Pledis Entertainment revealed a picture of their latest girl group, Hello Venus, on April 17 through their official website. Hello Venus is After School’s sister band, and one of Pledis Entertainment’s next generation idol groups, alongside their new boy band, NU’EST.


NU’EST to have their own reality program

Fans will now have a chance to get to know hot rookie group NU’EST better as the boys will become the stars of a new reality program, ‘Making of a Star NU’EST: Landing Operation‘, on MBC Music.

On their new reality program, the boys will be visitng various parts of the country to capture the hearts of fans, as well as carrying out various missions together with their fans.

‘Making Of a Star NU’EST: Landing Operation’ is scheduled to air its first episode on March 21st at 7pm KST.

Meanwhile, NU’EST has received explosive amount of interest after the release of their debut track ‘FACE‘ on March 15th and has been the #1 most searched on various portal sites.


NU’EST Reveals Full MV for Debut Track “Face”

Pledis Entertainment’s new boy band, NU’EST, finally unleashed their full music video for debut single, “Face.” The song is composed by Swedish songwriter Daniel Bergman, applying the technique called dubstep, which is one of the most popular musical styles in today’s pop music industry.


NU’EST is pressured by their title as the Male version of After School?

It’s the idol generation. There are so many idols currently on the scene and many more planning to dive in. Amongst them, there are five boys who stand out. They are the New Established Style Tempo or NU’EST.

A representative from TVDaily met the five members of NU’EST whose smiles made the chilly day immediately warmer. The leader, JR, Minhyun, Baekho, Len, and Aaron‘s eyes were bright and filled with passion.

NU’EST is getting noticed for their talented musical skills and stunning visuals even before their official debut. Their first song, “Face” relays a message of being the spokesperson for the teens.

In “Face” we incorporated dubstep which is very popular in Europe these days. It’s a combination of our message and trendy music. Although it’s our debut song, we’ve put in a lot of our own opinions into this single. It’s especially meaningful because Aaron and JR wrote the lyrics to the album’s intro song. It will be different from other songs.


NU’EST to hold a fan signing before official debut

Pledis Entertainment‘s first boy group NU’EST will be meeting up with fans even before they make their official broadcast debut.


NU’EST releases album jacket for single, “Face”

The much anticipated rookie group, NU’EST has released their album jacket for their debut single, “Face”.


NU’EST releases ‘Pledis Boys Magazine’ ahead of their March debut

The highly anticipated boy band from Pledis Entertainment, NU’EST, has released a magazine titled, ‘Pledis Boys Magazine’ ahead of their March debut.


After School Uee Made NU’EST Member Baekho’s Name

After School’s Uee revealed that she made NU’EST’s member Baekho’s name!

Currently NU’EST is preparing for their debut, and Uee revealed that she made member Baekho’s name. Baekho means “White Tiger” in Korean. Uee also revealed a picture of her and Baekho together.

NU’EST has the meaning of “fitting new styles with music to create.” (New, Established, Style, and Tempo) NU’EST will debut in March.

NU’EST is also holding a Valentine’s Day “Movie Date Event” for fans. Here are more details from their Facebook page here or their official fan café here. For the event, you basically take a photo of yourself holding a NU’EST “L Folder” and upload the picture.


NU’EST announces their special Valentine’s Day event through a video message

As we reported earlier, rookie boy group NU’EST is planning a Valentine’s date with their fans!

Although they have yet to make their official debut, Pledis Entertainment‘s first boy group has been receiving much love and interest after they revealed their official name and profile pictures.

The boys want to return that love by setting up a special date with their fans for the very first time, and they personally explained how fans can participate in the special event.

Check out the video and translations below, and make sure to sign up for the event by visiting their Facebook page!


NU’EST introduces their official Facebook page

Pledis Entertainment‘s first boy group, NU’EST, have finally opened an official Facebook page!


NU’EST plans a special Valentine’s Day event for their fans

Rookie boy group NU’EST is planning a Valentine’s date with their fans!

Although they have yet to make their official debut, Pledis Entertainment‘s first boy group has been receiving much love and interest after they revealed their official name and profile pictures.

The boys want to return that love by setting up a special date with their fans for the very first time.

Fans will get the chance to go see a movie with the NU’EST members. More information can be found on their official fan cafe as well as their Facebook page.


New and Upcoming Idols That Will Make 2012 Shine

2011 saw a wave of new groups debuting and making their move in the industry, and it seems like 2012 will be the same as well. Here is an overview of some of the most anticipated artists of 2012.

1. SM Entertainment’s EXO-K and EXO-M

SM Entertainment, home to some of K-Pop’s most iconic idols, will debut EXO, a boy group that will be split into two units to promote in both South Korea and China simultaneously. The two groups will debut on the same day, same time, and with the same song in both countries.

SM Entertainment has released several teasers showcasing some of the members’ talents starting from December 23, 2011. Currently only 7 out of the 12 members have been unveiled, starting from Kai, Lu Han, Tao, Chen, Se Hun, Lay and most recently, Xiou Min.


NU’EST reveals their final two members

After months of anticipation, upcoming boy group NU’EST has finally introduced their entire group by revealing the identity of their final two members, Baekho and Len!


NU’EST reveals additional member photos

Over the past few days, Pledis Entertainment has been busy introducing the five members of their new boy group, ‘NU’EST‘ (formerly known as the Pledis Boys).


NU’EST reveals the faces of two new members, Minhyun & Aaron

Recently, rookie group NU’EST (formerly known as the ‘Pledis Boys‘) revealed the face of their leader, JR. Following up, the group has now unveiled two more members: Minhyun (18) and Aaron (19).

On January 19th, NU’EST’s agency Pledis Entertainment introduced Minhyun as a member with outstanding visuals.

Because of his good looks and tall height, he is more than capable of taking on some modelling work. We will be sure to show the fans everything he is capable of, from singing to modelling and more, remarked a Pledis representative.

Fans were also drawn to member Aaron, whose was cast immediately at the ‘PLEDIS USA Personal Auditions‘ after captivating judges with his unique vocals.


Rookie boy group NU’EST reveals the face of their leader, JR

On January 18th, new rookie group NU’EST (formerly known as the ‘Pledis Boys‘) revealed the face of their leader, JR!


‘Pledis Boys’ reveal their official name: NU’EST!

Pledis Entertainment has finally revealed the name of their newest boy group!


After School & the Pledis Boys deliver briquettes to heat homes

On December 27th, After School and the Pledis Boys met up with fans to combine their volunteer efforts and deliver briquettes to heat homes.

Pledis Entertainment expressed, “In the cold weather, the Pledis artists worked with their many fans to help ensure that low-income families in Guryong town will have a warm winter this year.”

After School has dozens of year-end events lined up, but they took the time off to sweat a little right alongside their fans for a meaningful event. Despite being smudged with charcoal, everyone was all smiles throughout the effort, warming the hearts of those watching.

The company is already donating proceeds from their “Happy Pledis” album. Last year, they donated to the ‘Save the Children‘ foundation. This year, they’re helping young children once again through ‘UNICEF‘ and the ‘Sibling Doll Project‘.


Pledis Entertainment and Mnet resolve their differences

For the first time in two years, After School will be performing on Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘!

On December 22nd, the girls will be teaming up with members of Pledis Boys to participate in the show’s Christmas special with their winter single, “Love Letter“.

This is good news for fans, as Pledis Entertainment had announced a boycott on Mnet ever since the ‘2009 MAMA‘, citing unfair standards as their reason. Mnet responded to the claims by failing to invite Pledis artists to their music show and award ceremonies.

With Orange Caramel, however, the prospect of a reconciliation opened up. Orange Caramel performed “Shanghai Romance” on their shows twice during their promotion cycle while the two companies continued to work to resolve their differences.


2012 rumored to debut boy groups from SM, YG, JYP, TS, Cube, Pledis & more

According to a press release from TS Entertainment, an online post titled, ‘Boy Idol Groups Planned for Debut in 2012′ has been drawing widespread attention lately, revealing members of various boy groups that are scheduled to debut next year.


Pledis reveals a closer look at the Pledis Boys

Pledis Entertainment has finally removed the veil from thee male version of After School.

Pledis Boys, formerly known as After School Boys, have been a hot issue even though they have yet to debut. The public got a chance to get a closer look at the 7 Pledis Boys on November 21st.

On this day, Pledis Entertainment unveiled the Pledis Boys through their agency family album titled, “2011 Happy Pledis“. In the picture, the 7 members (with one unidentified young girl trainee) are flaunting their clean cut look as they smile to make their first greeting to music fans.

Particular interest has gone to the fact that there were a couple familiar faces in the group. One of which was MBC‘s “Birth of a Great Star“‘s Jang Do Yoon, who was also called the 2nd Jung Yong Hwa. The other familiar face was Jong Hyun who made a 3-second appearance on KBS‘s “Hello” and became a topic of interest on the internet for about 3 days.


Pledis reveals jacket photo for ’2011 HAPPY PLEDIS’ album

Pledis Entertainment has revealed the jacket photo for their upcoming family album, ‘2011 HAPPY PLEDIS’!

As reported previously, the album is a collaboration project between artists from the agency, including Son Dambi and After School.

Although none of the songs have been released, the album is already gaining much buzz due to the participation of Pledis’ new 7-member boy group, the Pledis Boys.

‘HAPPY PLEDIS’ is an album that the agency hopes will warm the hearts of fans during the cold winter. A part of the sales’ profits will be donated to UNICEF.


Son Dambi, After School, Pledis Boys to bring out family album, ’2011 Happy Pledis’

Recently, a picture revealed by Pledis Entertainment has been catching the eyes of netizens.

In the picture, the Pledis artists can been seen gathered around block letters that spell out ‘HAPPY PLEDIS’. Son Dambi, After School, the 7 members of the Pledis Boys (who have yet to debut), and one more girl whose face has been revealed for the first time, left netizens buzzing over the growing musical family.

Pledis announced, This is a picture from the photoshoot for the ’2011 Happy Pledis’ album jacket, which is a follow up of the ’2010 Happy Pledis Love Love Love’ album with After School. This is a family album that features not only Son Dambi and After School, but all Pledis artists, including the group that has been under a shroud of mystery, Pledis Boys. Please anticipate it.”

A portion of the ‘Happy Pledis’ earnings will be donated to UNICEF to help look after those in need during the cold Winter, and the album is also a gift to the fans who have shown the artists so much love and interest.