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B1A4′s Sandeul looks like Song Joong Ki’s doppelganger?

B1A4‘s Sandeul was recently named by netizens as Song Joong Ki‘s ‘doppelganger’.

In a recent online community board, a netizen had posted a topic comparing Sandeul’s features to Song Joong Ki’s. The pictures they attached drew a similarity between their smiles, their lip shape, their dimples, and even their eyes.

The comparison drew many comments about how the two stars looked like brothers. One’s the spitting image of the other“, “Wow… Sandeul will grow up to look like Song Joong Ki? Daebak~”, they wrote.

Song Joong Ki is currently starring in SBS‘s ‘Deep-Rooted Tree‘, while Sandeul is promoting with his group on music programs.


Sandeul…. Baro…. Annyeong


Source : itsallaboutb1a4.tumblr.com