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Winners from the SBS 2011 Drama Awards

SBS’s “2011 Drama Awards” ended the year by awarding actor Han Suk Gyu with the Daesang.

Han Suk Gyu was recognized for his outstanding portrayal of King Sejong in the historical series, ‘Tree With Deep Roots‘. After accepting the trophy, the actor said, First, I would like to thank my parents. I thank my parents who have given me everything from my voice to inner spirituality.

He continued, As an actor, there are a few things that are very important. One is the script, I feel thankful towards the scriptwriters. Next is the stage. I thank all the officials who created the set. Last is the audience. There are actors because there are people who watch. I sincerely thank the audience who steadfastly gave their support and love. Personally, if I were to add one more, it would be [to thank] my colleagues whom I worked alongside with.”

He added, After working year after year, you begin to learn how precious your colleagues are. I think I received this big award on behalf of all my colleagues who participated in ‘Tree with Deep Roots’. I thank you“.