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Winners from the 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards

On December 30th, stars from all over Korea gathered for the 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards, which honored the best and brightest of SBS’s programs this year.


SBS to finalize MCs for year-end awards show

Rumors have surfaced stating that Kim Yong Man, Kim Won Hee, and Shin Bong Sun will MC the 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards.

However, December 12th, a representative of the SBS Entertainment Awards revealed, The MCs for the Entertainment Awards have not yet been confirmed as Kim Yong Man, Kim Won Hee, and Shin Bong Sun. Since they each have their own schedules, adjustments are needed. We are thinking positively with regards to having new MCs. If the schedules can be adjusted, I will willingly accept.

The 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards will be held on December 30th at 8:40 p.m. at the SBS Deungchon-dong Open Hall. The nominees for the awards ceremony will be revealed next week.


Source: OSEN via Naver

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