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Shinhwa Picks BIGBANG, Girls’ Generation, Teen Top, and Stellar as Favorite Groups

On March 5, Shinhwa held their first comeback press conference with all six members in attendance. They answered a lot of questions regarding their comeback in nearly four years, but the answer that attracted the most attention was about their favorite idol groups.

When asked if they had any idol groups they’re keeping their eyes on, Eric answered, “In the past we really liked BIGBANG. But these days, we like Teen Top a lot. They remind us a lot about ourselves.” He said the awkward and naive looks of Teen Top, even after winning the #1 spot, made him think of Shinhwa’s earlier days.

Jun Jin, however, mentioned more girl groups, as he said, “I liked Girls’ Generation since we were under SM Entertainment. They were all elementary school students back then, but to see them work so hard now, it almost feels like we’re their older cousin, or real oppa, and we’d like to thank them for growing up so well.”

The group’s daner, Minwoo, in particular, showed his support for Hyoyeon, as he said, “I thought she was the second BoA, and it’s nice to see her be recognized as the main dancer even after debuting as part of Girls’ Generation.”


Idol group TEEN TOP makes Shinhwa’s Andy cry

The boys of TEEN TOP caused Shinhwa‘s Andy to shed some emotional tears.

Andy who produced TEEN TOP apparently showed some tears after the boys won their first #1 K-Chart win on SBSInkigayo‘ back on February 5th. This was shortly after their previous #1 on KBSMusic Bank‘ on the 3rd.

With a recent interview with OSEN, TEEN TOP remarked, It was our first #1 win since we debuted a year and a half ago. At our company dinner, Andy hyung told us that ‘this is just the beginning.’ We didn’t hear this until later, but he apparently shed tears while watching the broadcast.”

Neil added, We were really excited as well, as we worked hard to achieve this win. It didn’t really sink in when we actually won, but to be honest, we knew that we may win a K-Chart win because “Going Crazy” was such a good song.”


Big Bang and Shinhwa to Battle it Out in March

K-Pop is expected to see more rosy days this year, as long-awaited boy groups are planning to make their comebacks come spring.

Two of the most anticipated boy groups, Big Bang and Shinhwa, will be coming back in March with new albums.

To Big Bang, this comeback means more than any of its others. Last year, member Daesung was involved in a car crash with staggering consequences, while G-Dragon was put on probation after being charged for smoking marijuana, rendering the group unable to stand in front of the public for some time.

Big Bang′s successful career in Korea and the world, which had been strong since even before the group made its debut in 2006, was hit hard by these incidents.


After School’s UEE was featured in Shinhwa’s “Once In A Lifetime” MV 5 years ago

Past photos of After School‘s UEE have surfaced on the internet, gaining the attention of netizens.

On December 12th, the above photo was shared via an online community site with the title, “After School’s UEE, featured in Shinhwa‘s MV when she was just a trainee.”

The photo is a screenshot of UEE who was featured in Shinhwa’s “Once In A Lifetime” MV around 5 years ago. A much younger UEE is playing the drums, wearing a green sleeveless t-shirt.

UEE had some more meat on her bones and her image in the MV is quite different from her mature and charismatic stage persona today.


Shin Hye Sung confirms comeback date for Shinhwa

On October 16th, Shin Hye Sung held his Japanese concert, ‘Shin Hye Sung 2011 Japan Tour – The Road Not Taken Act III‘, and confirmed an official comeback date for legendary group, Shinhwa!

Shin Hye Sung revealed, “On March 24th of next year, the six members of Shinhwa are planning to get together to put out another album and perform. We’re currently meeting up frequently to share our opinions and ideas.”

He continued, “I’m also planning to release my own album in Korea this winter. It will be one filled with songs of my musical color. Please give much love for both my album and Shinhwa’s upcoming release.”

Shin Hye Sung kicked off his concert with “Awaken” and went on to perform songs like “Tick Tock“, “Think About It“, and “Don’t Love Somebody Else“. He also captivated his 5,000 member audience by performing songs off of his original Japanese album, “Find Voice in Song“.