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Secret and B.A.P Beach Picture in Singapore

TS Entertainment revealed a picture of Secret and B.A.P together on March 26 through Facebook and Twitter. The two groups are on a sunny beach with big smiles. Everyone is wearing clothes that fit in perfectly with the beach. The picture was taken at the Sentosa island resort in Singapore. (The island resort is renowned for Universal Studios, and Wave House)


B.A.P.’s pre-debut SBS-MTV reality show to air in eight countries

Earlier, B.A.P. revealed that they would be starring in SBS MTV’s reality program, ‘Ta-Dah, It’s B.A.P.’.

The group has just shared some additional great news — ‘Ta-Dah, It’s B.A.P.’ will be broadcast through local MTV channels in China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore!

The level of anticipation is high for their reality show, since Big Bang set the precedent for such programs with ‘Big Bang the Beginning’. It’s rare for a rookie group to be given such love prior to their debut, and it’s only likely to increase as the days narrow down to B.A.P.’s debut later on this month.

As previously revealed, the reality program will take on a different format, as the boys will play the role of aliens from another planet who are working to become stars and take over the world. SECRET‘s Hyosung will be making a surprise appearance as the deliverer of missions.


G-Dragon gets named in Singapore’s Top 10 ‘Men of Style’ list

G-Dragon‘s fashion sense has achieved iconic status in Korea, and it’s finally starting to make waves in international fashion communities.

Recently, Singapore’s largest daily newspaper ‘The Straits Times‘ published an article listing the top 10 ‘Men of Style‘. The author explained that G-Dragon is …a fashion chameleon who has experimented with looks from Goth to Preppy. He is also a trendsetter in his own right: When he dyed his hair platinum blonde for his album in 2009, newspaper reports claimed that the style became one of the most sought-after looks in South Korea that year.

They continued, His fashion clout has turned him into an endorsement magnet in his home country. He currently has 10 deals with brands such as apparel label Bean Pole and outdoor equipment brand The North Face.”

The magazine then went on to describe his style as, Roguish chic. But no matter what he dons, he pulls it all off effortlessly.”


[VIDEO] Block B Singapore Showcase 2011

[ENGLISH SUBS] Block B Singapore Showcase 2011


Source : bontheblock

How to Catch MAMA 2011 in Singapore, Revealed!

2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards  (2011 MAMA) is releasing a limited number of tickets for visitors who will be attending this star-studded, unforgettable ceremony.

As this is an Asian awards ceremony, other than Korean artists, the organizers will be inviting top Singaporean and other renowned international artists to the event.

In addition to the spectacular 4-hour awards ceremony,  there will be a 2-hour grand red carpet event, where fans can catch these stars in their full glamour and also get up close and personal with their idols.

Ticket sales for this long-awaited awards show will start on October 25, 2011. As this is Korea’s most high-profile event, the 2011 MAMAorganisers aim to allow more fans to participate in it. 5,000 seated tickets have been made available for sale. As this is no ordinary concert or awards ceremony, the organizers are sparing no effort, from the set-up of a magnificent stage to careful planning of camera and filming locations, to ensure a successful event.


Ticketing Info for Girls’ Generation 2011 Tour In Singapore

By now, most of us know that Girls’ Generation (SNSD) will be having their first concert 8p.m. Friday December 9, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Now, Running Into The Sun (RITS), the company in charge of ticketing sales, has released ticketing information, floor planning and general information regarding the Girls’ Generation concert.

The details are as follows:


2PM ‘Hands Up’ Asia Tour in Singapore

K-pop wave will be rising to the hottest frenzy as widely popular Korean boy band 2PM is set to debut its Asia Tour in the region, with Singapore as one of its performing stop!

The band’s first-ever full solo concert “2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR in SINGAPORE 2011” will be held on 19 November, 7pm at the Singapore Indoor Stadium!

Extremely popular for its powerful stage presence, sizzling dance moves, and energetic dance tracks, the hottie dance pop super group announces this concert surprise after recently releasing its sophomore album “Hands Up” which music video coincidently featured iconic locations against the Singapore backdrop.

The six member band consisting of Junsu, Junho, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, and Chansung rose to scorching fame since breaking into the scene with the releases of hit songs “Only You”, “Hottest Time of the Day,” and “Again & Again” which quickly became 2PM’s first No. 1 hit single.