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Pledis CEO divulges his plans to debut two new groups in 2012 during recent interview

Pledis Entertainment is well-known for being host to superstar artists Son Dambi, After School, and Orange Caramel. The CEO of this distinguished company, Han Sungsoo, recently took part in an interview. Han Sungsoo spoke about his background in entertainment, the motivation behind the concepts of Pledis, and his plans for the next groups that are to debut under the company in the upcoming year.

Han Sungsoo’s experience in the art of dance may be a part of the reason why After School has taken on such unique dance concepts throughout their career. From a drum line setup in 2010 to their most recent tap dance routine, After School has received much praise for their distinctive dance numbers.

In the interview, Han Sungsoo mentioned, “In fact, I am a former dancer. In college I majored in dance, and was a part of the National Dance Company of South Korea.” He has also worked for SM Entertainment in the past. Revealing his formula for success, Han Sungsoo declared that good music and dance routines stem from “expressiveness, power, and being equally sexy.”

After the debut of Orange Caramel came the debut of AS Red and AS Blue. All three are subgroups of After School, created to help “individually display each member’s jewel-like charm,” in the words of Pledis’s CEO Han Sungsoo.