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SNSD’s Jessica wants to get in contact with which male celebrity?

On the continuation of the 100th episode of ‘Strong Heart‘, SNSD‘s Jessica was asked which celebrity she wanted to receive a call from.

Jessica truthfully responded she wanted to meet none other than actor Daniel Henney. She added that she has never meet him in person but that SNSD had received an invitation for a movie premiere before.

She also sadly replied that she didn’t know his contact information and even though some of the SNSD members are close with Daniel Hanney’s manager they won’t connect them.

Maybe Daniel Henney will watch this episode of ‘Strong Heart’ and make Jessica’s dreams come true by contacting her.


Super Junior’s Leeteuk admits that he had a crush on labelmate Dana

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk revealed on the November 1st episode of Strong Heart that he once had a crush on label-mate Dana.

He shared, She was so thoughtful and considerate. I honestly, really liked her. She was the first person I liked after joining SM Entertainment.”

He further explained, So, being a man, I told her exactly how I felt and told her that I wanted to date her. I thought because I had confessed my feelings for her, we were now an official couple. At least, thats what I thought… The next day I get to the office and people kept telling me that Dana had a boyfriend. I remember thinking to myself, ‘but I’m her boyfriend’… The management staff heard about what had happened, and they told me not to come to the office anymore. I had just started, and Dana was already preparing for her debut. I had to write five pages explaining my actions to the agency, promising to channel that drive and passion towards practicing to become the best.”

After he was done sharing his story, Dana surprised by his remarks, commented, I didn’t know they told him to leave or that he had to write a five page letter of apology.”


Source & Image : Newsen via Nate, ETO