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Super Junior’s Siwon and actress Kim Yoon Seo deny dating rumors

Rumors have surfaced online about how Super Junior’s Choi Siwon is in a relationship with actress Kim Yoon Seo.

On December 9th, a source revealed to Star N Financial News, “Super Junior member Choi Siwon and actress Kim Yoon Seo are in a relationship”.

The two met back in September through their KBS drama, ‘Poseidon’. According to the source, they got close during the course of the shoot, and began dating 2 months ago.

In response, representatives of both Siwon and Kim Yoon Seo’s agencies have denied the rumors.


Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk to release duet, “Oppa Has Arrived”

Super Junior‘s Donghae and Eunhyuk have announced that they’ll be releasing a special duet.


Big Bang and Super Junior triumph over Britney Spears in 2011

Boy groups Big Bang and Super Junior garnered a lot of international interest in 2011, having beat out international pop icon Britney Spears to achieve their titles as world stars.

First, Big Bang attended the 2011 MTV EMA‘s which were held in Belfast, Northern Ireland back in November.

The boys were nominated under the “World Wide Act Asia Pacific Nominees” category for the EMAs and won, advancing to the “Worldwide Act Nominees” category alongside famous international artists such as Abdelfattah Grini(Africa/India/Middle East), Lena (Europe), Restart (Latin America), and Britney Spears (North America)

Big Bang stunned the world, and themselves, by winning the award. They became the first Korean artist to ever achieve such a title, and Big Bang made their mark in K-pop history.


Super Junior’s Eunhyuk puckers up for rookie group FIX’s new MV

Super Junior member Eunhyuk has taken up the role of the male lead in rookie group FIX‘s new Music Video.

FIX’s agency The Groove Entertainment remarked, “Super Junior’s Eunhyuk agreed to help new rookie group FIX film their new MV, taking on the role of the main male lead.”

Eunhyuk is reportedly good friends with the FIX members and he displayed his loyalty to them by making time out of his hectic schedule to film the video. The female lead was played by SBS Deep Rooted Tree‘s Jang Ji Eun.

In the photos which were released through a press release, Eunhyuk looks extremely nervous and stiff as Jang Ji Eun aggressively works toward him to lean in for a kiss. The photo further heightened expectations for the full-length MV.


Super Junior’s Hangeng shows off his derriere in new selcas

Super Junior‘s Hangeng recently updated his Weibo (a Chinese social networking service equivalent to Twitter and Facebook) with two hilarious photos that left fans giggling.

On November 29th, one of Hangeng’s friends posted a picture with a caption that read, Super big butt! They continued to write a second comment, which read, You like this body?.

In the two photos, Hangeng can be seen posing with a blanket wrapped around his waist while making exaggerated ‘sexy’ expressions. The other photo reveals a closeup of a handprint near his bum.

Netizens responded, It seems you gained a couple pounds,” “Your butt looks huge,” and I’d like to pat you on the butt.


Super Junior’s Yesung and Donghae look adorable in pigtails

Defying the belief that pigtails are only for little girls, Super Junior‘s Yesung and Donghae decided to give the look a try.

On November 22nd, Yesung revealed the photo above and tweeted, “at the concert video shooting, with Dong Hae. We are the cutiest brothers in the world!”.

After seeing the picture netizens complimented them on their new look. “Oown , I toootally agree! soo cuute >< perfect . I love you guys”, “luv it.. both of u looks like kindergarden boys haha”, “hahahaha nice ^^ My hair does not look to this beautiful”.


Source + Image: Yesung’s Twitter

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Super Junior’s Sungmin a strong influence on student volunteers

When it comes to young students and volunteering, Super Junior‘s Sungmin has been revealed to be a formidable figure of influence. He’s been working with the Vocational Training Center for People with Special Needs for the past four years, and it’s inspired his fans to follow in his footsteps.

An insider reported, When Sungmin first debuted, he had a lot of younger fans who were only in elementary and junior high school. With his influence, these students have stepped in to volunteer just as he had, and now as adults, these students are continuing to offer their time with the disabled.”

Additionally, Sungmin has donated ramen and rice to the Special Needs Training Center every year, in addition to donating to the Senior Welfare Center.

His fans stated, His mother has been volunteering with the less fortunate for the last 20 years. It explains why he takes such an interest in doing the same.”


Source & Image: JoyNews24

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Super Junior, 2NE1, and HyunA receive awards at ’2011 YouTube Kpop Awards’

Super Junior, 2NE1, and HyunA have been making headlines all year with their YouTube view counts. On November 22nd, these three teams received awards at the ’2011 YouTube Kpop Awards’ at Google Korea in Seoul.

HyunA stated, “I was surprised at the large amount of YouTube viewcounts. I saw a lot of people upload videos with my song, and there were many who were better than me; I gained strength [from seeing all the videos].”

2NE1, who had three videos in the Top 10, commented, “We will continue to upload a lot of cool videos in the future. Please show them lots of love. We put a lot of effort into showing you a lot of things in ‘I Am The Best’ music video, so I think that is probably why a lot of people watched the video.”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk stated, “This award is especially more valuable because fans all over the world were the ones who made this award possible. We will continue to spread the Korea’s culture throughout the world… I also clicked on our music video 10 times. Whenever we’d go perform overseas, the clip would be uploaded onto YouTube right away. Seeing this, I felt how strong media’s power had become.”


Super Junior reveals the dates for the “Super Show 4” stops in Taiwan

Shortly after the completion of the “Super Show 4” stops in Seoul, it was revealed that the tour will move to Taipei for three consecutive days beginning on February 3rd, 2012. This is the third stop confirmed, after Seoul and Japan. Fans have been impatiently waiting for the news of the Taiwanese dates ever since the announcement of the tour and also wondered whether Leeteuk would participate as he is expected to enlist in the military next year. Sources revealed that SM Entertainment promises that he will enlist in the military after the stops in Taiwan. However, the exact date of his enlistment remains unknown.

Leeteuk proposes to Kang Sora with a ring during the Super Show 4

Leeteuk and Kang Sora, currently appearing on MBC TV’s We Got Married Season 3,expressed their love to each other.

On November 20 at 4 pm, before the Super Junior World Tour-Super Show 4, which took place in the Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park, Kang met Leeteuk and supported her virtual husband with a packed lunch she prepared for him.

Leeteuk was surprised by Kang’s visit and said thank you. Kang asked him to have a nice lunch.

At the concert started from 4:30 pm, Leeteuk gave Kang a ring and a rose, which he prepared to make a special memory for her.


Super Junior’s Sungmin Is Active in Volunteering

Super Junior’s member Sungmin is making his loyal contributions to the society by his kind volunteering acts together with his fans. In fact, this year will be his fifth year in being actively involved in several volunteering activities. He and his fans are especially active in the Seoul Dongjak Center for the Disabled.

One of his representatives explained, “Sungmin was still in high school when he debuted with Super Junior, thus he had a lot of young fans. These fans were so loyal that they decided to help Sungmin with his volunteering activities. Years have flown by and Sungmin, as well as his fans, are all adults now and even now they are as active and dedicated as they were in the beginning.”

The representative continued, “Every year, around the holidays, Sungmin is donating food like ramen and rice to the Center.”

One of his fans said that Sungmin is greatly inspired by the kind volunteering acts of his parents, who have been helping their fellow people for the last twenty years.


Source : Soompi

Super Junior to kick off global “Super Show 4″ tour this weekend

Back in October, we reported that Super Junior would embark on a worldwide concert tour called “Super Show 4“. Additional details about their upcoming tour were revealed today through K-media press releases regarding their next stops and song list.

The boys will kick off their tour in Seoul on November 19th and 20th at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul. Afterwards, they will move onto Japan for performances at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka for December 10th and 11th. Super Junior will then ravel to other Asian cities before reaching major American and European cities.

“Super Show 4″ will include all of Super Junior’s latest songs from their 5th studio album, incorporating their usual glamourous stages, gags and high quality performances to touch their fans’ hearts.

More details regarding concert dates in other cities will be revealed at a later date.


Source: TV Daily via Nate, SMTOWN Facebook

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Super Junior’s Yesung and Donghae look sleek in suits

Super Junior‘s Yesung and Donghaemade fans melt with their latest photo.

On November 11th, Yesung tweeted, Leaving good memories with little buddy. Everyone, good night?

Yesung and Donghae are seen wearing suits, but their personal styles resulted in two very different looks. Donghae dressed down in a modern blazer with a white trim, while Yesung opted for a more traditional cut.

Netizens replied, My heart… and These are men who are impeccable in singing, dancing, and looks.


2011 MAMA: 2NE1, SNSD, TVXQ and Super Junior battle it out

All eyes and ears are focused on the ‘2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)’ that is scheduled to take place at the Indoor Stadium in Singapore on the 29th.

More than 2,240,000 votes came in this year through MAMA’s official homepage (www.2011mama.com), which is more than 10 times the number of votes that came in last year.

19% of the votes were from Korean fans, 11.2% of voters were Thai, 10.8% were Chinese, 8.6% were Japanese, and 2.4% of the votes came from Singapore. In total, more than 80% of all the votes were from oversea fans, which is 13% more compared to last year.

The competition is fierce for best male group dance performance, with Super Junior seizing 35.1% of all votes with “Mr. Simple“, and TVXQ earning 34.9% of all votes with “Why“.


Leeteuk, Park Shin Hye and Doojoon to host ’2011 Melon Music Awards’

The ‘2011 Melon Music Awards‘ have announced that they’ve enlisted Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, actress Park Shin Hye, and B2ST‘s Doojoon to be the hosts for this year’s ceremony.

The three were chosen because of their influence in spreading the Hallyu wave. Super Junior has been receiving a lot of love in Europe and Asia, while B2ST will be starting their concert tour in Southeast Asia in December. Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye was recently cast for a Taiwanese drama called ‘Whirlwind District Office 1‘.

A representative from the ’2011 Melon Music Awards’ stated, “More so than previous years, 2011′s Melon Music Awards will focus on being a music show and a professional awards show. We plan on showing a lot of impressive stages and performances. We’re looking forward to the awards attracting a global audience, as the hosts themselves attracted a global interest through the Hallyu wave.”

Previous ‘Melon Music Awards’ hosts included Jang Geun Suk for the first ceremony and Song Joong Ki for the second.


Super Junior, Big Bang, TVXQ, and more on Hanteo’s ’2011 Singer Awards’ chart

Hanteo, one of the top album sales monitoring charts in Korea, has released their ’2011 Singer Award’ rankings.

Super Junior clinched 1st place with an overwhelming lead over all the other groups this year (~322,000 copies sold). Second place went to Big Bang (~217,000), while TVXQ has seized the 3rd spot (~201,000). They were followed by Kim Hyun Joong (~200,000) and JYJ (~158,000) for 4th and 5th places, respectively.

As expected, idols dominated album sales this year due to their large, dedicated fan bases. In addition, the top 5 are all male idols, with Kim Hyun Joong being the only male solo artist out of the five.

This chart is scheduled to be updated until the end of this year. However, with less than two months left in the year, it’s not likely that the rankings will change (with the exception of TVXQ and Kim Hyun Joong who are currently neck-and-neck).


Source + Photo: Osen, Naver, Hanteo

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Are Super Junior & the Brown Eyed Girls too old to be called ‘idols’?

On November 5th, Y-STAR‘s ’Curious Things‘ conducted a street survey in which they asked ordinary people about the criteria of being an idol.

According to the survey results, the average age of  idols came out to be 25 – indicating that people did not really see stars over the age of 25, as idols. Taking this into account, Y-STAR calculated the average age of various groups.

Groups such as SNSD, T-ara, and 2PM were found to have an average age of less than 25, while groups like Super Junior and Brown Eyed Girls had a higher average age.

With these results, it was concluded that Brown Eyed Girls and Super Junior should be not recognized as just ‘idols’, but rather as ‘adult idols’.


Super Junior celebrates their 6th Anniversary


On November 6th, Super Junior member, Ryeowook uploaded 2 photos in light of their 6th anniversary via Twitter.

Along with the photos, the idol wrote, It’s been 6 years since our debut.  Through the love of so many people, I think we were able to create 6 years of memories~Thank you so much~I’m really thankful to each and every one of our members >< I really really love you guys~ ❤ Ryeowook“.

Fans congratulated the members for their hard work and rejoiced over the affectionate pictures uploaded by the idol.  The white and black photo contains ten members posing together like true friends, while the bottom image shows 13 members from their early times.

Tweeters commented, Happy 6th Anniversary!, This is making me cry T_T, and I wish all 13 were back together again.


Source + Photos: Ryeowook’s twitter

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Leeteuk plays an extra in Kang So Ra’s drama

Super Junior’s Leeteuk appears on wife Kang So Ra‘s drama as an extra.

Leeteuk visited the set of wife Kang So Ra’s drama on the episode of MBC ‘We Got Married’ aired on the 5th.

Leeteuk brought beverages for the filming crews on the set, he put couple sticker photos on each bottle before distributing them to the crews. He even helped out the filming a little by appearing as a passerby in one of the scenes. It was an Oscar worthy performance, joke.

It wasn’t all happy and jolly though. Leeteuk seemed quite jealous of the actor Choi Min, starring opposite Kang So Ra in the drama and the tension was felt strongly when the two men shook hands for the first time. Leeteuk gave Choi Min their wedding invitation card to make him jealous and it was a very cute scene to watch.


Image: MBC ‘We Got Married’
Source: Money Today via Nate

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Super Junior topping poll for 2011 Melon Awards

The preliminary round of votes for the 2011 Melon Music Awards is currently taking place online, and idol group Super Junior is currently enjoying the view from the top spot.

The voting began on October 27th, and Super Junior seized 18% of all votes and is currently at #1, followed by B2ST who seized 17% of the votes, and TVXQ who seized 13% of all votes.

The boys of INFINITE are impressively in the fourth place position, earning 10% of all votes, beating out the boys of 2PM who came in at fifth place with 6% of all votes. Also rounding out the top ten were f(x), Big Bang, IU, CNBLUE, and 4Men in that order.

The preliminary round of the online votes continues on for another two days, and therefore the results are subject to change and the end results may look completely different from the current situation.


Super Junior’s Leeteuk admits that he had a crush on labelmate Dana

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk revealed on the November 1st episode of Strong Heart that he once had a crush on label-mate Dana.

He shared, She was so thoughtful and considerate. I honestly, really liked her. She was the first person I liked after joining SM Entertainment.”

He further explained, So, being a man, I told her exactly how I felt and told her that I wanted to date her. I thought because I had confessed my feelings for her, we were now an official couple. At least, thats what I thought… The next day I get to the office and people kept telling me that Dana had a boyfriend. I remember thinking to myself, ‘but I’m her boyfriend’… The management staff heard about what had happened, and they told me not to come to the office anymore. I had just started, and Dana was already preparing for her debut. I had to write five pages explaining my actions to the agency, promising to channel that drive and passion towards practicing to become the best.”

After he was done sharing his story, Dana surprised by his remarks, commented, I didn’t know they told him to leave or that he had to write a five page letter of apology.”


Source & Image : Newsen via Nate, ETO

Super Junior’s Yesung looks like a prince in his latest selca

On October 29th, Super Junior‘s Yesung shared a princely selca that showed off his handsome looks.

He tweeted, When I’m bored, I stare off into space in a daze.”

With his eye makeup and high-collared jacket, Yesung looks like he’s modelling for a fashion shoot, rather than staring off into space. Fans are raving over how he looks like a pretty boy that’s jumped straight out of a comic book.

Netizens commented, “Is he filming something? His black jacket matches him so well”, “His beauty… no words”, and “Please continue to share pictures on your whereabouts!”



Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver

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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun admits to plastic surgery

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun unintentionally admitted to having undergone double-eyelid plastic surgery.


MTV Taiwan names Super Junior’s Heechul as the idol with the sexiest lips

Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul doesn’t need to be in the spotlight to grab headlines anymore — although he’s currently serving his mandatory military term, the singer was chosen by MTV Taiwan as the “idol with the sexiest lips”.

Having amassed over 929 votes in a poll, MTV Taiwan gave Heechul the following compliment: “It’s not a surprise that Heechul took first place. He really has sexy lips, especially when he dresses up as a woman.” Heechul is known for his costumed parodies of Lady Gaga at Super Junior concerts, and the lady herself even complimented Heechul for “looking amazing”.

Heechul also took top spots in a poll by Mnet‘s ‘Gossip House‘ titled, “Male idols with the best legs.”


Source & Photo: Sports Chosun via Naver

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