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Simon D reveals thoughts on variety shows & his new solo album

Supreme Team‘s Simon D recently came out with his new album, ‘Simon Dominic Presents SNL LEAGUE BEGINS‘. But rather than being known as the talented rapper he is, Simon D is famous for his rising popularity for appearing on various variety shows, showcasing his delicate flavor of his Busan dialect.

However, he decided to return to his original path as a musician ‘Simon D’ veering away from the grounds of variety shows. The passionate rapper dropped all the shows that he was involved in and went in to the studio so that he can focus on his upcoming album.

Simon D admitted,

“I stopped all the programs so that I can work on my album. I realized that when I was involved in variety shows, I didn’t have enough time to work on my music. I was planning on debuting solo and was contemplating on when I should release it, but even before that, I knew that I had to stop all variety shows. I was always writing lyrics, but I saw no progress. So I just decided to stop all variety shows and went in to the studio to start recording”.


Supreme Team’s Simon D reveals his solo goals for the year

On September 26th, Supreme Team‘s Simon D dropped some information regarding his upcoming solo comeback.

Through his Twitter, the rapper wrote, “When my new album is released, I hope to perform at events more than being on TV.  Even if it isn’t anything impressive or spectacular, my dream this year is to go on a simple, small nationwide tour.”

Simon D released “Hero” ahead of his full album’s release on September 5th as well as “Stay Cool” on the 20th.  Both tracks provided fans with his distinctive style as well as inspirational messages.

Netizens commented, “I’m really looking forward to his first solo album”, “I still miss him on variety shows”, “I hope that he achieves his dream of a nationwide tour”, and “Whether on TV or on stage, I’m always anticipating his work.”