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Taeyang’s Tweets (111013-14)

(Old GDYB pic with Han Hyunsoo)

October 13

Conversation with his friend, Hyunsoo, and Minzy

Hyunsoo: 디자이너에겐 좋은 디자인을 보거나, 좋은 디자인을 하는것이 가장 이로운 일이다.
To a designer it is most beneficial when after you see a good design, to make a good design.

Taeyang: @lyrical_drawing 갑자기 왠 당연한소리를 당연하게 하니
Why are you saying something obvious, so obviously (matter of fact.)

Hyunsoo: @Realtaeyang 그랫구나 내가 당연한 소리를 당연하게 했구나 그랬던 거였구나 이제야 알겠다.
I did. I said something obvious, so obviously. Now I know.

Minzy: @lyrical_drawing @Realtaeyang 무한도전…아 현수오빠두 무한도전봤구나..그랬구나 이제야 알겠다..
Infinity Challenge…Hyunsoo- oppa you must have watched Infinity Challenge…Now I understand.

Hyunsoo : @mingkki21 이제야 알겠다 내가 무한도전 볼걸 이제야 알았구나 그랬구나 이제야 알겠다. 머리아파서 주변사람들 얼굴을 다 그리고 있구나 아 ~ 영배랑 밍끼도 그려야겠다아 yfrog.com/nw20725379j
Now I know I should have watched Infinity Challenge, I see now. I know now. I am drawing the faces of those around me because my head hurts ~ I need to draw Youngbae and Minki.


Introducing! Baby Taeyang!

Big Bang’s Taeyang reveals a photo of himself as a baby.

Taeyang tweeted on the 11th, “OK! The thing that I found today is (Look! What I found today)” and attached the photo above. The cute baby in the photo is of course the one and only Taeyang.

The charismatic and sexy Taeyang was once a baby just like you and everyone else, granted a really cute little baby. His reddish cheek makes him look even cuter and his eyes are so clear you could probably see yourself in it.

After seeing Taeyang’s baby photo the fans commented, “Really cute”, “He doesn’t look anything like today”, “Cute from birth”, “His reddish cheek is so adorable”, “I could see his face in that photo”, and many others expressed to have enjoyed the photo.


By JJ @ kpopfever.com

Taeyang’s Twitter Updates + Replies (111003) [MISC]

Taeyang wants to tweet Lydia saying, “Eat lots and lots of bread!” but ends up tweeting that to himself.

Credits: swaggalevel-1000

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Han Hyun Soo tweets a sneaky photo of Taeyang [MISC]

Han Hyun Soo is a former YG trainee and a close friend of Taeyang and G-Dragon. He now works as a designer in London (but is probably in Korea right now).
Source: @Lyrical_Drawing

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Taeyang’s cryptic tweet has the fans and even Se7en baffled

Fans are both curious and concerned for Big Bang’s Taeyang‘s cryptic message on Twitter.

Taeyang tweeted on the 1st, “You think I don’t know but I know everything. You think I’m being deceived but I’m only pretending to not know” and he didn’t leave any clues to whom he was sending the message to or why.

Taeyang’s senior colleague at YG, Seven replied to the tweet, “What’s wrong Youngbae (Taeyang’s real name) hey~ You and I should meet… let’s meet up next week!! ^^” and it seemed like he was trying to calm Taeyang down.

To add fuel to the fire Minji later retweeted with a simple message, “Ditto.”

Fans are making all sorts of speculations of what’s really going on in the conversation Taeyang and Seven had on twitter. Some have said, “Maybe the members of Big Bang are not getting along”, “Is it the season of autumn that’s causing him to be this way”, “Maybe it has something to do with the management company”, and all sorts of ifs and maybes were said.


Source: Nate
Translation by JJ @ kpopfever.com

Taeyang Twitter Update (111001)


Translation: You think I don’t know that but I know all. It may seem like I’m being deceived but I’m just keeping my eyes closed.

Translation from @huisuyoon

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Taeyang & Jay Park Twitter Updates (110929)

JAYBUMOAM: Am I an idol right now?~ Ke I want to be just Park JaeBum though~ 
(retweeted by Taeyang)
JAYBUMOAM: @Realtaeyang appreciate the retweet!!~ You’re great~ ke RESPECT~
Realtaeyang: @JAYBUMOAM yo hyung! I respect you a lot!!:) kk I didn’t retweet you by mistake~! Being in jaypark!! Awsome!
JAYBUMAOM: @realtaeyang that’s wassup that means a lot~ I hear you’re doing some good work right now, I’ll look forward to it!! Ke keep doin ur thang ~

Credits: @Realtaeyang, @JaybumAOM
Translation: Sara @ bigbangupdates | fuckyeahbigbangstuff

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Taeyang’s brother,Dong Hyun Bae makes his debut in a drama

Dong Hyun Bae (Taeyang‘s brother) has taken part in a drama of TvN, ‘Flower Boys, Casting oh! Boy‘ .

The drama will be shown on TvN in the first half of the next year. The story is about what happens to a band of a high school which tries to cast new members for their team.

Dong Hyun Bae does not only look as charming as his brother does but he is also an intelligent and talented performer. Having pursued a degree of acting, Dong Hyun Bae has shown his potential as ac actor in the film,’Transformation Story’ and he shows that he is advancing to be a successful actor step by step.

Meanwhile, the video showing his starring in the drama will be broadcasted at midnight of 3rd of October.

Source: etoday
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates

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Taeyang Twitter Update (110927)

SOLAR CONCERT 1주년:) 그때의 감동은 아직도 제 가슴에 남아있습니다.. 더 늦기전에 다시 만나요 Thank you..!

Translation: SOLAR CONCERT 1 year anniversary 🙂 The feeling then of being deeply moved still remains in my heart.. Let’s meet up again soon Thank you..!
NOTE: Cake in picture says “Awesome! Taeyang”

Translation: Sara @ bigbangupdates | fuckyeahbigbangstuff

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Taeyang’s Twitter Update (110921)


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Taeyang shares an inspirational message with fans (110919)


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Taeyang’s “manners hand” grabs attention

Taeyang’s photo, taken with a fan in Jeju Island, was uploaded on a Korean portal site with the caption, “Taeyang with a Chinese fan in Jejudo”.

In the photo, Taeyang, who was wearing a scuba diving outfit, posed with a Chinese fan smiling shyly with his left hand covering an embarrassing part.

Netizens who saw the photo commented:
“I can now feel the heat of the sun (Taeyang in Korean means sun).”
“His left hand is called the manners hand
“Skin scuba outfit is now full of Taeyang’s force.”

Source: Arts News
Translated by: Rice @ bigbangupdates.com

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Yang Hyun Suk wanted a G-Dragon, Taeyang and Jay Park unit?

Yang Hyun Suk revealed that there were once plans for a Big Bang + Jay Park unit.

On SBS‘s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ that aired on the 7th, two of the judges from SBS’s ‘KPOP STAR’, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk and JYP Entertainment’s J.Y. Park, came together as guests on the show.

Yang Hyun Suk astounded the viewers by saying, “This is the first time I’ve revealed this secret, but during the beginning stages of Big Bang, we were thinking about having a separate G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Jay Park unit“. He further explained, “But in the end, separate teams were formed due to their busy schedules, and they weren’t combined“.

J.Y. Park also talked about what it was like to engage with Yang Hyun Suk on a program stating, “In addition to liking him as a person, I think that he is a producer who has a good sense for things and is better than me in certain areas, so collaborating with hyung is quite enjoyable for me“.

JYP wants to work with Taeyang (110907)

J.Y. Park and Yang Hyun Suk recently participated in a fun game that had them name artists they’d scout from each others’ companies.

On September 7th, J.Y. Park and Yang Hyun Suk guested on SBS‘s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, during which the MC asked, “Which singers from the other agency would you like to scout?”

J.Y. Park answered, “There is one person who I would like the most,” and named 1TYM‘s Teddy. He explained, “I don’t just want him as a celebrity — I’m thinking that he would produce songs for other singers, too.”

J.Y. Park picked Big Bang‘s Taeyang as his second choice, stating, “He’s so good at dancing and singing, so I think it’d be fun to record together.”

Taeyang’s Twitter Updates + Replies (110907)


His reply to @RaganFerguson was for this tweet:
#WhyImSingle because @Realtaeyang hasn’t met me yet(:

Both @RaganFerguson and @moonlightgo are fans. Lucky fans!


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Taeyang replies to fans on Twitter (110904)


“Idol Charts Show” Ranks G-Dragon and Taeyang Among Top ‘Child Idol Growth’ (110831)

G-Dragon at #2:


Weekly Idol Ranks Taeyang as #1 “Lord of the Dance”



Source: YBManiaOfficial2@youtube.com

Cre : bigbangupdates.com

Taeyang on GQ Magazine (September Issue)

GQ Editor Jang Woo Chul caught Taeyang on the way out and asked him :

Q: What would you do if you’re cast for [the show] “I Am A Singer”?
A: I’m already a singer. Actually I’m into Cho Yongpil’s songs these days. I’ve not heard domestic music that much, so I never thought I’d like them. But while listening to Cho Yongpil’s songs and watching his performances, I found out what I had felt I’m lacking in. Instead of appearing, I’d like to make an effort to be a better singer. Just on the assumption that they ask me to appear.

(From GQ September 2011, “40 Questions for 40 People”)


Youngbae: “Seungri Suka Meniru Jiyong”

YB: GD adalah… Miss G?
Seungri: Ini bukan bahwa dia seperti seorang gadis tapi dia terkenal karena modis. Dia kurus dan aku melihatnya membeli pakaian wanita sebelumnya dengan mataku sendiri.
YB: Dia cukup kurus untuk memakai pakaian perempuan?
Seungri: Yup … dia kadang-kadang memakainya juga dan tidak terlihat girly padanya, tapi sangat cute.
YB: Kamu ingin mencobanya juga, kan? Dia benar-benar suka untuk meniru Jiyong. Apakah kau mencoba pakaiannya?
Seungri: Ini tidak cocok untukku.
YB: Itu berarti kau mencobanya… apa kau benar-benar mencobanya?
Seungri: (mengabaikan YB) Aku tidak pernah memakai pakaian wanita sebelumnya.


Source: 2008 2FM Yoon Do Hyun Music Show
Translation: jwalkervip.tumblr.com

Cre : jwalkervip.tumblr.com

TransBahasa : bontheblog바보