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SNSD’s Taeyeon chosen as the #1 female idol to date during winter’s first snowfall

A recent poll concluded that SNSD‘s leader Taeyeon was the #1 celebrity that people wanted to have a date with during winter’s first snowfall.

From November 10th to the 30th, a Seoul cosmetics surgery site conducted the survey, which drew 1,102 netizen votes. Results show that 41.1% (453 votes) went to SNSD’s Taeyeon, making her the most desired female idol to go on a date with during winter’s first snowfall.

Second and third places went to 2NE1‘s Sandara Park and Wonder Girls’ Sohee, who each received 26.4% and 21.4% of the votes, respectively. Fourth place went to T-ara‘s Eunjung with 11.1% of the votes.

A representative of the clinic stated, Taeyeon’s lovable and cute appearance is the typical ideal woman for men. We believe it was Taeyeon’s ideal image and cute personality that made the male voters choose Taeyeon as the female idol to date on a day as special as the winter’s first snow fall.”


Source: Star News via Naver

by VITALWARNING @ allkpop

A hidden picture of Taeyeon in INFINITE’s accommodation

INFINITE’s love for Taeyeon was proved.

INFINITE’s accommodation was aired on Saturday Freedom – Family Ties on November 19.

A comedian, Shin Bong Sun, attacked INFINITE’s accommodation and showed their life in accommodation.

A picture attracted Netizens’ attention. a double-deck bed was showed behind Shin Bong Sun and there was a picture of SNSD’s Taeyeon between a bed and a mat.


SNSD’s Jessica addresses dating rumors with Taecyeon

SNSD‘s Jessica honestly opened up about the dating rumors between herself and 2PM‘s Taecyeon.

The November 9th episode of MBCGolden Fishery Radio Star‘ was a ‘Musical Star’ special, and stars like Park Hyemi, Lim Tae Kyung, and SNSD‘s Jessica, Taeyeon, and Tiffany guest-starred on the episode.

The MCs questioned Jessica about her relationship with 2PM’s Taecyeon, as they have been frequently spotted together throughout the city.

In regards to the paparazzi photos she said, We’re just friends. He’s a very close oppa of mine.”