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Big Bang’s cover contest gathers heat with celebrity contestants

A lot of groups are out to try their hands at becoming Big Bang.

Big Bang’s official survival cover contest is gathering a great variety of contestants – including even celebrities.

The three-week preliminaries for the Fantastic Baby cover contest held on Nate Pann drew in a total of 213 teams, with 1100 people. The views for all the videos added up to 6.4 million, proving the great attention the contest was gathering.

What’s notable in the contest is that it managed to draw in some interesting participants with interesting backgrounds.

Teen Top covers Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” for Big Bang Cover Contest?

Big Bang‘s Global Cover Contest is well underway, and it looks like the boys of TEEN TOP took the time to also participate in the event!

A video of some of the TEEN TOP members covering Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” has been surfacing all over the internet.

Niel, Ricky, and Changjo put on a fierce dance performance that was so spot-on, VIP‘s couldn’t help but applause their efforts.

They did the Big Bang members proud.


Shinhwa Picks BIGBANG, Girls’ Generation, Teen Top, and Stellar as Favorite Groups

On March 5, Shinhwa held their first comeback press conference with all six members in attendance. They answered a lot of questions regarding their comeback in nearly four years, but the answer that attracted the most attention was about their favorite idol groups.

When asked if they had any idol groups they’re keeping their eyes on, Eric answered, “In the past we really liked BIGBANG. But these days, we like Teen Top a lot. They remind us a lot about ourselves.” He said the awkward and naive looks of Teen Top, even after winning the #1 spot, made him think of Shinhwa’s earlier days.

Jun Jin, however, mentioned more girl groups, as he said, “I liked Girls’ Generation since we were under SM Entertainment. They were all elementary school students back then, but to see them work so hard now, it almost feels like we’re their older cousin, or real oppa, and we’d like to thank them for growing up so well.”

The group’s daner, Minwoo, in particular, showed his support for Hyoyeon, as he said, “I thought she was the second BoA, and it’s nice to see her be recognized as the main dancer even after debuting as part of Girls’ Generation.”


TEEN TOP hilariously parodies ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’

TEEN TOP, who recently made headlines for their childhood photos, are gaining attention once again for their reenactment of Korea’s favorite drama ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun.’

While filming for Mnet‘s ‘The Secret Island‘, TEEN TOP was given a mission to transform into comedic characters and act out a parody of ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun.’ Snapshots of the boys carrying out their mission have found their way online and have become a hot topic.

In the first photo, Ricky, who is dressed as Lee Hwon, seems to be giving it his all into his acting, while L.Joe shyly portrays Yeon Woo with his head bowed and face covered.

The other boys were more comedic in their reenactments, as in the second photo Changjo is seen with a pink plastic toy hammer in his hand, which seems to be at odds with his demure court lady costume; Niel portrays his version of Lee Hwon with a pig mask.


Teen Top “We Don’t Have Crazy/Extreme Fans”

Some idol groups are having problems because of extreme and crazy fans but Teen Top states that they don’t have such problems. In an interview with Sports Dong A, Teen Top stated, “We believe that we don’t have extreme fans. We don’t have fans that chase us when we are in cabs. I think our fans know that it makes us uncomfortable and they protect our privacy.”


TEEN TOP to feature on Mnet’s ‘The Secret Island’

Idol group TEEN TOP will be going on an overnight trip, and their experience will be filmed for all their fans to see.

The boys will be showing a more approachable and down-to-earth side to themselves through Mnet‘s ‘The Secret Island‘.

This will serve as a nice break for TEEN TOP, who have been busy promoting their hit song “Going Crazy” on major music programs and TV shows. The show also gives them a chance to create some good memories.

Through games and special missions, the boys will also reveal their honest feelings, their competitive natures, and their sense of unity within the group.


TEEN TOP proves to be a favorite idol group amongst today’s hottest female Hallyu stars

Boy group TEEN TOP seems to be the favorite idol group amongst today’s hottest female Hallyu stars.

It all started last year when singer Lee Hyori completed a photo shoot with TEEN TOP last year, and selected the boys as the idol group she would like as a younger partner.

Wonder Girls member Sohee sang praises for the boys saying, I am most interested in seeing the stage performances of TEEN TOP, while the members of miss A admitted that they were also fans, even suggesting a possible joint performance.

T-ara‘s Hyomin went as far as to admit that she thought member Niel was cute, stirring interest from fans and netizens everywhere.

And most recently, legendary singer Uhm Jung Hwa admitted on SBS Power FMChoi Hwa Jung’s Power Time‘ on February 9th, I like TEEN TOP. I think they are really cute these days.”

Source & Image: MyDaily | allkpop

Idol group TEEN TOP makes Shinhwa’s Andy cry

The boys of TEEN TOP caused Shinhwa‘s Andy to shed some emotional tears.

Andy who produced TEEN TOP apparently showed some tears after the boys won their first #1 K-Chart win on SBSInkigayo‘ back on February 5th. This was shortly after their previous #1 on KBSMusic Bank‘ on the 3rd.

With a recent interview with OSEN, TEEN TOP remarked, It was our first #1 win since we debuted a year and a half ago. At our company dinner, Andy hyung told us that ‘this is just the beginning.’ We didn’t hear this until later, but he apparently shed tears while watching the broadcast.”

Neil added, We were really excited as well, as we worked hard to achieve this win. It didn’t really sink in when we actually won, but to be honest, we knew that we may win a K-Chart win because “Going Crazy” was such a good song.”


TEEN TOP wants to become ‘World Idols’ and shed their ‘cute little brother’ image in 2012

6-member boy group TEEN TOP has some new dreams for 2012. The group stole the hearts of their noona fans with their cute image has decided to shed the ‘little brother’ concept and are trying prove to their fans that they have grown into men. Their new performances prove just how much they’ve transformed.

Niel remarked, I guess it’s because all of us debuted when we were really young, but everyone still sees us that way. Even when we show powerful, fierce performances on stage, people still say that we are cute. We have tried our best to change, and feel a little disappointed when people don’t seem to notice our efforts. There are three of us that are in our 20′s now!”, he playfully yelled.

We think that our new title song “Going Crazy” suits us better than any other song before it, and we are more confident than ever before. I think we are just glad that we are finally able to show the image we want to show you on stage,” he continued. “We rehearsed that much more so that we would be show that side of us to the fans.”

Leader CAP also mentioned that the boys learned to enjoy themselves on stage. At first we were so concerned with being synchronized, but now we can do that while adding our own unique gestures and facial expressions for the camera. We are a little less concerned with the dance, and are focusing a little more on expressing ourselves.”


4minute’s Sohyun wants to be coupled with TEEN TOP’s L. Joe on ‘We Got Married’

4minute‘s Kwon Sohyun expressed her desire to be featured on the popular MBC variety program, ‘We Got Married‘.

At the ‘4th annual Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships‘ that aired on January 24th, Sohyun held a brief interview with MC Leeteuk before her 50m dash.

I heard you wanted to be on ‘We Got Married‘,” Leeteuk said to her. “Yeah, I really want to but they said I couldn’t because I was a minor,” she explained.

Leeteuk followed up by asking, Is there anyone here at the Championships that you would like to be coupled with?”


Transformation Into Perfect Men! “Pure 100%” TEEN TOP at a Glance

After being rated as the nation’s younger boys with “No More Perfume On You’, 4 months later they have attempted a transformation filled with masculine charms with their 2nd mini album [It’s]. We met up with TEEN TOP who have showed their own “pure 100%” color through their title track “Crazy”

Brave Brothers produced the 2nd mini album. We’ve heard that he’s extremely scary when working so how was it working with him?

Although we had a scary first impression of him but he’s benevolent. He’s only scary when we enter the recording studio (C.A.P) Then who’s the member who got scolded the most? L.Joe! (TEEN TOP) The point of ‘Crazy’ is the rap. So he got scolded a lot (Niel) Every time when we’re recording I was really nervous (L.Joe)

Looking at the mini album this time round the skills of the rappers L.Joe and C.A.P has really improved a lot. And Niel tried to rap in “Where’s ma girl”?

10 Varieties of TEEN TOP “Crazy” Quirky Choreography Topic “What a Hit!”

10 varieties of Teen Top’s title song ‘Crazy’ choreography became a topic amongst netizen.

Recently a variety of communities published topic titles like ‘10 varieties of Teen Top’s Crazy choreography set’ on bulletin boards.

Revealed in bulletin boards were Communicating With Aliens Through Putting On Headsets-like Dance, Pelvic Dance: capturing noona’s hearts with their splendid turning of hips movement, from taking selca-like moves came Sexy Selca Dance, Putting-On-&-Taking-Off-Hood Magic Show Dance, from Changjo’s solo dance came the Piano Dance, Coming-Out-From-Behind Dance, Ambiguous Dance, Feet-Kicking Dance etc.. and other quick-witted and eye-catching dance names .

They also received a variety of netizen responses like ‘Now when I’m watching broadcast I will be guessing and matching their choreography names.’, ‘It’ll be good if they made a heck Dance.’ etc..

Teen Top’s Agency Flooded with Calls from Parents

The “Crazy” group Teen Top’s agency is being flooded with calls from parents. After the group released their song “Crazy” on January 5, the agency has been getting calls from parents asking questions.

The reason for all these calls seem to be because of younger fans having to go early in the morning to watch music shows where Teen Top performs.

Parents are telling the agency, In order to be a part of the music show, my children have to wake up early in the morning but because there is no public transportation available we have to give them a ride,” “They don’t even know the way to the broadcasting stations and they are leaving early in the morning, please delay your check time,” “I don’t know why they have to leave so early when the broadcasting is actually later in the day.”

One female fan’s mother said, “Now that Teen Top has comeback I am using my vacation days to go to a broadcasting company with my daughter on the weekend, 7am in the morning.”


TEEN TOP members clear up the controversy surrounding the lyrics for “Going Crazy”

Boy group TEEN TOP has made a successful comeback with their new song “Going Crazy“, but the lyrics to the song have recently been swept up in controversy.

L.Joe‘s rap lyrics are facing controversy because a few words when spoken quickly can be mistaken for profanity. L.Joe personally tried to relieve the misunderstanding by writing on his me2day and Twitter pages, I think there were a lot of people that were rather shocked after hearing our rap. But, we are not cursing in the song so don’t worry. I too will make sure to enunciate each syllable properly. And even if you are having a bad day and decide to sing our song “Going Crazy” to relieve some stress, make sure you don’t slur the words by accident!”

Fellow member Changjo also wrote, I’ll be very carefully watching L.Joe hyung who does the rapping and our fans who cheer us on!! Okay now, shall we say each syllable to the words properly as we listen to “Going Crazy”? Keke. Ji! Oak! Got! Ah!

The lyrics to “Going Crazy” ‘Ji Oak Got Ah‘ (Feels like hell) when slurred or repeated quickly sound like Korean profanity, and the song was quickly thrown into controversy.


Boy groups predicted to dominate the K-pop music scene in 2012

It would not be an overstatement to say that 2011 was all about the girl groups. Girls’ Generation, T-ara, Brown Eyed Girls, KARA, Wonder Girls, as well as other female idols topped the charts and had a strong grip on the K-pop music scene.

But now, 2012 is shaping up to be all about the boys. CHAOS, F.I.X, TEEN TOP, as well as other rookie boy groups have began their new promotions to kick off 2012, and their powerful stage performances as well as their confident vocals are raising fans’ expectations for their 2012 activities.

Five-member boy group CHAOS released their first single “She is Coming” on January 6th. “She is Coming” is a cross between funky rhythm and Rock & Roll, and the MV for the song was met with an explosive response upon release.

CHAOS, which made its debut through SBS Inkigayo on January 8th put on an impressive dance performance dressed in pink and grey stage ensembles and showcased their vocals live for the very first time. Norazo‘s Lee Hyuk was also revealed to be their vocal coach, further raising fans’ expectations for the group as a whole.


TEEN TOP Return as More Matured Man

On the 2th, at a practice studio in Seoul Kangnam, TEEN TOP was raining sweat as they prepare for their comeback to their fans with their new song “Crazy” on the 5th

Last year with “Supa Luv” and “No More Perfume On You” TEEN TOP has been gaining popularity and 1 year and 6 months since their debut, they have risen to be one of the representative male idol groups in the music industry. With their powerful performances, the unique looks of the members, their vocals that pull off live performances perfectly, the fans and the people in the music industry have rated them: “They have the making to be top stars”
The new song “Crazy” is a prepared song with the ambition to make 2012 the year of TEEN TOP. In particular, the hit maker behind Son Dambi, Sistar, Brown Eyed Girls and other female singers, Brave Brothers, have produced the songs for TEEN TOP, thus it had become a hot topic.
The members showed their perfectly synced dance in the midst of the club like atmosphere with the exciting dance track at the practice studio. Their overwhelming manly charms and perfect waves stood out the most. There was no error for the choreography that they perform together.

TEEN TOP releases a concept photo of Ricky and Chunji

TEEN TOP has been promoting their “Driving Me Crazy” comeback with a myriad of photo teasers. This time, they’ve released concept photos of members Ricky and Chunji!

Updated through their official homepage on January 2nd, the picture features the same rebellious concept from their previous teasers. The ominous blue filtering makes the boys look like they’re up to no good, a definite change from their previous image.

Check back for the rest of the members, and be sure to check out their teaser video if you haven’t already.

The full album and music video will be released on January 5th!


TEEN TOP releases photo jacket teaser from upcoming mini-album

The boys of TEEN TOP have unveiled a teaser photo from their mini-album jacket for their upcoming second mini album. The teaser photo was posted on TEEN TOP’s official website.

Not only are fans ecstatic for their comeback, they should be more than delighted to see that the members are going with a darker, ‘bad boy’ concept this time around.

Stay tuned to allkpop for their video teaser which drops December 29th! Additionally, their second mini album will be released on January 5, 2012


Source & Image: TEEN TOP official website

by leesa86 @ allkpop

TEEN TOP gives updates on their January comeback

Earlier in the month, the boys of TEEN TOP announced that their second mini album would be released some time in January of 2012. Earlier today, they have updated their fans with more information on their January comeback through a message posted on their fan cafe.

The message stated that their second mini album will be released on January 5, 2012. Additionally, on December 29th, they will release a video teaser for the second mini album. Additional information such as appearances on the music programs and various other schedules will be announced at a later date.

Stay tuned to allkpop for more information on TEEN TOP’s comeback!


Source + Image: TEEN TOP’s fan cafe
Tip: minglive @ allkpop

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TEEN TOP to make a comeback in January

Following TEEN TOP‘s first mini album ‘Roman‘, fans were excited to hear news about their second mini album scheduled to be released in January of 2012.

On December 6th, TOP Media left a notice on their official website:


This is TOP media.

Are you ending the year well as 2011 comes to an end?

First of all, we would like to thank the fans who have always been supporting and waiting for TEEN TOP.

Many fans have been inquiring and are quite curious about TEEN TOP’s activities so we will inform you of their plans ^^

TEEN TOP will be releasing their  2nd Mini Album in the 1st week of January 2012.

Also ahead of their album release, TEEN TOP will participate and present cool performances at the end of the year music festivals, so we hope that many fans will participate along with them.

We will tell you details of their schedule and ways to participate in a later notice.

TEEN TOP has been working really hard in order to show their fans even cooler sides to themselves, so please cheer for them.

Thank you.”

TEEN TOP’s 2nd mini album will also be produced by famous hit making producer Brave Brothers, so Angel fans are even more anxious to ring in the new year.


Source + Image: Teen Top’s official website

by *Miso* @ allkpop

Teen Top celebrates L. Joe’s birthday

The TEEN TOP boys recently celebrated member L.Joe‘s birthday (November 23rd, 1993) and snapped a photo during the festivities to share with their fans. L.Joe recently wrote via TEEN TOP’s official Twitter page, Thank you to all you Angels who wished me a Happy Birthday ♥ Today was a really good day ♥

In the photo, the members were dressed warm in down jackets and scarves. They donned serious expressions to juxtapose their hilarious hats, and L.Joe wearing his own comical hat held his birthday cake for the photo.

Netizens responded to L.Joe’s tweet with comments such as, Byunghun oppa is wearing the hat I gave him!”, and Happy birthday honey!”

Happy 18th birthday to L.Joe!


Source & Image: TEEN TOP official Twitter

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Girl’s Day and Teen Top win Rookie Award at ’18th Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Awards’

On November 19th, the ‘18th Republic of Korea Entertainment Arts Awards‘ ceremony was held at the Goyan Aram Nuri Arts Center where Teen Top and Girl’s Day won the Best Male and Female Rookie Award!


FT Island, BEAST, G.NA, Teen Top, and A Pink will perform at Good Friends Charity Premium Concert

Idol singers FT Island, BEAST, G.NA, Teen Top, and A Pink will be guest performers at the Good Friends Charity Premium Concert 2011, its organizers have confirmed. The concert will be held on November 20th at 5:30pm at the Yokohama Arena in Japan.

Good Friends Save The Children (GFSC) as well as the Japan-Korea Cultural Exchange Association (JKCA) have organized the concert with help from KBS Japan and Mnet. Proceeds from the concert will help fund education and psychological help for children affected by the earthquake in March; some children will also visit Korea to meet Koreans who supported earthquake relief. Tickets are 9,800 yen, and members or supporters of GFSC and JKCA have the opportunity to receive tickets before sales go public. Ticket information for the public is not yet available, but we will update readers when it is released.

Sources: RoyalGNA, japankorea.org, GFSC

by orchid @ koreaboo.com