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Jisook revealed who her ex-boyfriend was- MBLAQ’s Mir? Big Bang’s Seungri or CNBLUE’s Jonghyun?

Jisook has revealed the identity of her ex- boyfriend.

Jisook, a member of Rainbow has revealed who her ex-boyfriend was when she was filmming ‘Strong Heart‘ for SBS TV.

She said, ‘when I was a trainee,I met my ex- boyfriend who is now a famous member of an idol group. When we were trainees, this boyfriend gave me a lot of help and even for now, we are still good friends.’

The MC Lee Seung Gi asked ,‘ is he from a 5-member group? ‘ She answered ambiguously, ‘ 5- member groups or groups have less than 5 people but the 5-member groups are included.’


MBLAQ’s Thunder wants his sister, Dara, to marry late

MBLAQ‘s Thunder has revealed that he’s very protective of his older sister, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park.


MBLAQ members know the identity of Lee Joon’s former girlfriend?

MBLAQ member Lee Joon confessed that his fellow members know the identity of his ex-girlfriend.

When MC Kim Gura asked about his dating history on JTBC‘s ‘Idols Premiere‘, Lee Joon answered his questions honestly.

Lee Joon looked as though he had nothing to hide, and confessed that he had dated a girl in the past and that his members know everything about her. He seemed to be telling the truth, as none of the other MBLAQ members looked surprised upon hearing the news.

But different from Lee Joon, ‘farmer idol’ Mir and fellow member Thunder who are known for their innocent appeals admitted that they had never been in a relationship.


Chun Dung of Mblaq looks totally different with his new hair

On the 29th, Chun Dung uploaded a picture and tweeted, “I changed my hair.”

In the picture, Chun Dung hair looked as if it is waving in the wind. Dyeing his hair black from the bright toned hair, Chun Dung exposed his forehead and created a mysterious atmosphere.

Netizens commented: “You look mysterious with your new hair.” “You look great in any hair.” “Changing your hair changed your image 100%.”

Chun Dung’s Mblaq created a stir by taking first place on the music charts of various European countries including Germany and Bulgaria.

Source: TV Report

By : ilnungcha @ korea.com

MBLAQ’s Thunder invites Big Bang’s Seungri out for salmon

On September 27th, MBLAQ‘s Thunder revealed a fatigued-looking selca of himself along with a special message to Big Bang‘s Seungri.

Through his Twitter, Thunder wrote, “Revealing my dark circles!  Seungri-ya~ let’s go eat salmon.”

Seungri is known for his panda-like dark circles, hence the mention in the tweet.  Some also believe that eating salmon will help lighten up your dark circles, but it seems Thunder needs sleep more than anything.  His dark circles especially stand out against his pale white skin and bleached hair.

Fans commented, I heard that broccoli is better than salmon”, “Go catch some salmon with Seungri oppa one day”, and “You must be really tired lately.”



Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

by VITALSIGN @ allkpop

Thunder Mengungkapkan 2 Lagu yang dibuat Sendiri di Konser MBLAQ

Thunder mengungkapkan bahwa ia akan meluncurkan dua lagu yang dibuat sendiri, di konser MBLAQ mendatang bulan ini.

Menurut wakil, Thunder akan menyediakan hadiah khusus bagi para penggemarnya pada tanggal 20 Agustus. Kejutan sebelumnya diisyaratkan oleh Mir melalui pesan di Twitter yang berbunyi, “Sebuah lagu baru akan terungkap beberapa untuk pertama kalinya di konser …

Thunder telah bekerja secara rahasia untuk kejutan khusus. Dia berkata, “Aku menyiapkan total dua lagu untuk para penggemarku. Satu adalah dance track, jadi aku berharap semua orang berharap untuk itu. Aku akan dapat memeriksa rincian lebih lanjut di konser. ”

Thunder sebelumnya memamerkan keterampilan menulis pada MBLAQ’s ‘BLAQ Style – 3D Edition‘ pada lagu ke-4, “You“. MBLAQ secara konsisten membuat lagu sendiri, dalam album edisi khusus mereka, tapi jarang ditampilkan di panggung, membuat konser ini lebih istimewa.

MBLAQ juga mengungkapkan bahwa mereka akan mengungkapkan spoiler menyenangkan seperti ini sampai hari konser pada tanggal 20.


Source + Photos: Newsen

by VITALSIGN @ allkpop

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