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G-Dragon currently living in a 1.7 million dollar apartment

G-Dragon placed 3rd in “real estate tycoon in the entertainment industry”.

On the TV show ‘eNews – Lists Revealed‘ on the cable channel tvN (broadcasted on the 7th), they looked at the homes, price, living conditions, interior and the neighbors of celebrities.

It was said that G-Dragon currently lives in an apartment in Hajoong-Dong, Mapo-gu, which he bought it for 1.7 million dollars.

Not only is his apartment equipped with the latest technology and design and has an anonymous postal service, it also has one of the best views; being able to see Seogang bridge, Mapo-bridge, Kangbyeon road, and Yeoyi-do just outside the window of the apartment.


‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ to air in 9 different countries

tvN’s new drama ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ is being aired in nine different Asian countries!


‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ releases second teaser featuring INFINITE’s L

Back in December, we reported that INFINITE‘s L would be starring in a new tvN mini-series called ‘Shut up Flower Boy Band‘. tvN has already released a first trailer, and now they’ve followed up with a longer video.

The trailer begins with the thought, John Lennon once said, ‘The Beatles are more famous than Jesus.’ We’re neither special nor famous — we just do want we want to do.

The video then kicks into high gear with scenes of loud rock performances at indie houses, hoodlum shenanigans, and other vignettes into a young boy’s carefree lifestyle.

Check out the trailer below!


‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ releases character cuts of INFINITE’s L

INFINITE‘s L has been cast in tvN‘s new flower boy-themed drama, ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band‘, and character cuts of his new image were released today!

L’s always been known for his chic look, so pulling off his character (who has the nickname ‘ice prince’) was no problem at all. Dressed in black and white, he’s seen posing confidently with a guitar, giving the aura of a successful band leader.

Netizens commented, L, he is the leader of band fashion,” and “Can’t wait to see him act!”

L stated, “Every moment I’m on set with the hyungs is really fun. I’ve been practicing the guitar diligently since being cast for the role so I hope that our fans can look forward to the drama.”


Upcoming Drama “Flower Boy Band” Reveals Cast through First Teaser

tvN’s follow-up “Flower Boy” series has unveiled its first teaser that introduces its cast of characters. As reported earlier, “Shut Up: Flower Boy Band” is the second in the “Flower Boy” series that tvN is producing, after the successful “Flower Boys of the Ramen Shop.”


tvN announces they’re bringing ‘Saturday Night Live Korea’

NBC‘s ‘Saturday Night Live‘ will be making a huge jump over the Pacific, as tvN has announced plans to create a spin-off of the famed show for the Korean audience.

Simply titled ‘Saturday Night Live Korea’, the comedy program will employ a similar format to its American brethen, with a weekly guest creating a show composed of several skits around his or her character.

This will be the first time that Korean broadcast networks will attempt a live comedy show. The SNLK crew will consist of 16 individuals talented in acting and comedy, including Lee Hae Young, Lee Han Wi, and many others.

“There are about 10 corners in SNL, and it will be broadcast live. Since it is a live production, everything from beginning to end must be scripted,” said Jang Jin, the director slated to helm the project. “Everything that might go wrong must be planned for as well. This is the most nervous I’ve felt waiting for a project to start.”


Jay Park talks about the influence his mom had on his career

Jay Park revealed that he’s the star he is today because of his supportive family.
On November 10th’s episode of tvN‘s ‘Talk Show Taxi’, Jay Park revealed his honest thoughts on a variety of topics ranging from his journey to Korea to become a trainee, his time as the leader of 2PM, and his current solo career.
Jay revealed that although he had liked to dance and rap, he previously had no intention of becoming a singer. Seeing his talent, his mom had been the one who encouraged him to audition. He stated, “It’s all thanks to my mom that I’m currently active as a singer.”

He continued, “My family was the driving force behind my ability to withstand those harsh trainee days. I thought that if I just gave up and went back to the U.S., I’d be embarrassed in front of my mom and myself.”

Although he possesses the looks and the body that many are jealous of, Jay revealed that his height was one of his complexes. “I’m jealous of those who are tall,” he said.

Source + Photo: Star News
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