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After School Uee Made NU’EST Member Baekho’s Name

After School’s Uee revealed that she made NU’EST’s member Baekho’s name!

Currently NU’EST is preparing for their debut, and Uee revealed that she made member Baekho’s name. Baekho means “White Tiger” in Korean. Uee also revealed a picture of her and Baekho together.

NU’EST has the meaning of “fitting new styles with music to create.” (New, Established, Style, and Tempo) NU’EST will debut in March.

NU’EST is also holding a Valentine’s Day “Movie Date Event” for fans. Here are more details from their Facebook page here or their official fan café here. For the event, you basically take a photo of yourself holding a NU’EST “L Folder” and upload the picture.


Pledis Boys’ Baekho asks fans for their love & support

Pledis Boys member Baekho posted a picture while backstage at Mnet‘s M! Countdown asking fans to pour out their love and support for Happy Pledis.

On December 22nd, Baekho wrote through his me2day, “Did you watch the M! Countdown broadcast today~~? Please give lots of love to the Pledis family members and please give me, Baekho, lots of love, too!! hehehehe ^^”

As a member of the Happy Pledis family, After School‘s UEE also left a comment on her me2day account in response to Baekho, stating, “Baekho is next to me on me2day, so I thought I would come see!!!! Our Pledis family! Baekho fighting!!”

In the picture that Baekho uploaded, he is seen smiling cheerfully towards the camera while pointing to the M! Countdown sign for the Pledis room. Fans were particularly drawn to Baekho’s cute charms in the picture.


After School’s UEE was featured in Shinhwa’s “Once In A Lifetime” MV 5 years ago

Past photos of After School‘s UEE have surfaced on the internet, gaining the attention of netizens.

On December 12th, the above photo was shared via an online community site with the title, “After School’s UEE, featured in Shinhwa‘s MV when she was just a trainee.”

The photo is a screenshot of UEE who was featured in Shinhwa’s “Once In A Lifetime” MV around 5 years ago. A much younger UEE is playing the drums, wearing a green sleeveless t-shirt.

UEE had some more meat on her bones and her image in the MV is quite different from her mature and charismatic stage persona today.


Uee talks about Seungri on TVN’s Taxi

Source: Ocananasubs

UEE was talking about the time when she and Seungri participated in the King of Idols Special last January. Watch the full subbed show here.


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