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SNSD’s Sooyoung reveals she’s jealous of Yuri’s body

Named as having the best athletic body in SNSD, member Sooyoung recently revealed that she was actually jealous of Yuri‘s body.

On the upcoming episode of SBS‘s ‘Victory‘, the girls each evaluated their bodies and exposed their individual insecurities.

Sooyoung confessed, I’m so thin that it’s worrisome. I’m jealous of Yuri’s healthy body. Knowing that all girls are highly sensitive about their body image, panelist Sean Lee smoothly stated, Sooyoung’s body looks natural, while Yuri’s body looks like she put a lot of work and effort into making it.

Later, Seohyun named the member who best embodied her ideal body type after much hesitation. Even though Sunny‘s height is short, her ratio is good,” she said.