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SHINee’s Key snaps a picture with Woohyun after attending INFINITE’s concert

Earlier, we reported that INFINITE held their very first solo concert, ‘Second Invasion‘, at the Seoul Olympic Park stadium on February 11th. It’s just been revealed that SHINee‘s Key was there at the event to show some support for his close friend, Woohyun.


INFINITE’s Woohyun celebrates his 21st birthday

INFINITE‘s Woohyun has shared a picture from his 21st birthday.

On February 7th, Woohyun uploaded the above picture onto his personal twitter and wrote, I got caught.

Much like how fellow member Dongwoo was surprised for his birthday, Woohyun seems to have gotten a sneak cake attack from his members in celebration.

Netizens responded to his picture saying, Happy birthday I love you! and Uh oh you got caught hehehe happy birthday!


INFINITE’s promotional concert posters are a hit

INFINITE recently sold out all 8,000 tickets to their first solo concert, ‘Second Invasion‘, within 5 minutes of tickets going on sale.

To thank fans for their support, the boys released individual posters to put up on the streets in promotion of the concert. Hilariously enough, fans ended up taking them all home, turning the promotional posters into ‘personal posters’.

Production company CJ E&M representatives expressed, “We’ll be releasing posters of two more members this weekend following Dongwoo and Woohyun. We’re sure that they’ll disappear just as quickly as well, as they’ve been garnering quite the response.”

Representatives of Woollim added, “The posters were produced to promote the concert and thank fans for their support in selling out the tickets. We’re both proud and grateful that they’re receiving a great response.”


INFINITE’s Sungkyu & Woohyun to debut in a musical with Seo In Guk

Members Sungkyu and Woohyun of idol group INFINITE along with Mnet Super Star K winner Seo In Guk will be making their respective debut as musical stars.

The boys will be playing roles in the new musical, ’Kwangha Gate Sonata‘ that will be playing at the LG Arts Center in Seoul on February 7th to March 11th.

‘Gwangha Gate Sonata’ is a juke box musical that features hit songs by the late composer, Lee Young Hoon, including “Past Love” and “When Love Passes You By“. The musical first aired at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts last year.

Sungkyu and Woohyun will be playing the role of the female lead Yeoju’s son, Jiyong (Note: Both members will play the same character for different shows). Jiyong comes to visit Sanghoon in the present and drags him back into the memories, and he is a character that was first played by B2ST‘s Yeoseob when the musical first opened.


MBLAQ’s Mir takes a photo with INFINITE’s Woohyun for the first time

MBLAQ‘s maknae Mir revealed to his fans that he hangs out with INFINITE‘s Woohyun through a special photo.

On December 17th, Mir updated his Twitter with a selca and a caption that read, This is the first time, I’m taking a photo with Woo Hyun…

With both idols born in 1991 and in related fields, it seems like they managed to forge a friendly relationship.

Fangirls ogled over the photo as they commented, Wah, so cute!“, “You two are so adorable, especially Mir’s friend“, and Please take a photo with Shinee Taemin next *O*


Source + Photos: MBLAQ Mir’s Twitter

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INFINITE’s Woohyun asks his loves to wait for him

INFINITE member Woohyun shared an adorable selca photo with his fans.

On the 17th, Woohyun wrote via his official Twitter , I’ll be back in one piece. It’s really cold these days. Please make sure you guys don’t catch a cold. Fighting. My loves, you’re going to wait for me, right?

In the shared photo, Woohyun is wearing a hunter green winter jacket and smiling gently for the camera. Next to him is fellow member Sungyeol who charmed his fans wearing a red sweater and an adorable wool hat.

Netizens who saw the photo remarked, They have such milky skin“, “I guess Infinite went to Japan. I’ll wait for you“, and I’ll look forward to your Japanese promotions.