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Leeteuk, Park Shin Hye and Doojoon to host ’2011 Melon Music Awards’

The ‘2011 Melon Music Awards‘ have announced that they’ve enlisted Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, actress Park Shin Hye, and B2ST‘s Doojoon to be the hosts for this year’s ceremony.

The three were chosen because of their influence in spreading the Hallyu wave. Super Junior has been receiving a lot of love in Europe and Asia, while B2ST will be starting their concert tour in Southeast Asia in December. Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye was recently cast for a Taiwanese drama called ‘Whirlwind District Office 1‘.

A representative from the ’2011 Melon Music Awards’ stated, “More so than previous years, 2011′s Melon Music Awards will focus on being a music show and a professional awards show. We plan on showing a lot of impressive stages and performances. We’re looking forward to the awards attracting a global audience, as the hosts themselves attracted a global interest through the Hallyu wave.”

Previous ‘Melon Music Awards’ hosts included Jang Geun Suk for the first ceremony and Song Joong Ki for the second.


B2ST’s Kikwang and Doojoon remind Junsu of the JYJ members?

JYJ‘s Junsu recently revealed his close friendship with B2ST members Kikwang and Doojoon, on Twitter.

On September 30th, Junsu tweeted Doojoon stating, “Doojoon-ah~ While I was looking at you and Kikwang today, laughter came out for some reason.” To which Doojoon replied, “Father’s laughter?” Kikwang, seeing the exchange between the two, chimed in, “Why laughter? How come I’m the only one who doesn’t understand?” Junsu then replied, “You two just… how should I say this… remind me of my members?”

Seeing the friendly Twitter exchange between the three, Netizens commented, B2ST and JYJ seem good together. But, who is Jaejoong and who is Yoochun?,” “Junsu always had a cute image, so it’s a little awkward to hear his laughter referred to as ‘father’s laughter’,” and “It’s nice to see such a warm sunbae-hoobae relationship.

Junsu, Doojoon, and Kikwang are currently members of the same celebrity soccer team, FC MEN.


Source + Photo: Newsen via Nate
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Netizens pick B2ST’s Doojoon as the perfect autumn date

B2ST‘s Yoon Doojoon was chosen as the star netizens most wanted to spend an autumn night with.

Music specialist site Monkey 3 held a poll from September 22nd to the 28th with the question, “What star would you like to be with on a sleepless autumn night?“. Doojoon won 1st, followed by Ji Sung and Gong Yoo, respectively.

Yoon Doojoon placed 1st with 131 votes, 29% of the overall votes. The reasoning behind his popularity was found in the netizens’ reactions, which varied from, “Of course, because he’s the boyfriend idol” to “I want to be link our arms together affectionately~ He’s the perfect date for an autumn stroll.

Ji Sung, who stars in SBS‘s ‘Protect the Boss‘, won 2nd with 18% of the votes, while Gong Yoo, who’s gaining much popularity with his movie ‘Crucible‘, won 3rd with 15% of the votes.


Members of B2ST are compared to various animals, Du Jun-Lion and Gi Kwang-Puppy

Mnet’s Boom The K-POP analyzed just how popular B2ST is in Japan. Japanese fans seemed to love Korean beastly idols rather than cute Japanese idols.

A survey titled, “What animal resembles the members of B2ST?” was held in Shin-Okubo, the center of Korean Wave in Japan.

Fans compared wild Du Jun with a lion, cool and handsome Joon Hyung with a wolf, childish Gi Kwang with a puppy, and cute Yo Seop with a chick.

However, the members of the B2ST compared Yo Seop with a sparrow and Hyun Seung with a sloth.



Source: TvReport

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