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Popular Youtuber, The Fine Bros, releases “Kids React!” video on K-pop

Earlier today, popular Youtube Series “Kids React!” posted a video on K-Pop, in particular they review “Bonamana” by Super Junior, GEE by Girls’ Generation, and 2NE1‘s “I am the Best“. As expected, K-pop fans have flocked to the video in droves.

The Kids React! series is the brainchild of filmakers Benny & Rafi Fine. The duo produce, direct, and MC the videos. Their channel has over 1.3 million subscribers.

The children themselves range from age 7 to 13. They are from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds, but all seem to be raised/living-in America. Every week, the kids are presented with a topic and their reactions and commentary are recorded.

In the episode on K-pop, one young girl confuses Girls’ Generation with the Wonder Girls, while one of the boys equates the genre to “Asian Rebecca Black“. Most of the children seemed impressed with the production quality and creativity of the music videos, things many kpop fans enjoy as well.


JYJ opens their official YouTube channel

JYJ has finally opened their official YouTube page!

On January 8th, the boys welcomed fans to their long-awaited channel, which now holds their music videos, past performances, and making-of films from the MV sets.

In the video, Jaejoong encourages a lot of fans to come check out their videos on the channel and help them gain high view counts. He talks about how the number of clicks reflect the number of their fans, which cause Junsu and Yoochun to crack up controllably over his mistake. Junsu then replies, “Even if we have only 1,000 fans, I’d still be happy!“, a sentiment Jaejoong echoes with the more dramatic figure of 100.

Check out their video below!


K-Pop Videos Set New Record on YouTube

K-Pop has taken the world by storm last year, and the movement was clearly evident in the total number of views K-Pop videos have generated over the past year on YouTube. It was reported today by local media JoongAng Ilbo that K-Pop videos were viewed nearly 2.3 billion times worldwide in the past year, breaking the previous year’s record of 800 million views by nearly threefold.

According to the report JoongAng Ilbo acquired from YouTube, K-Pop music videos were seen 2.28 billion times from 235 countries during the period of January 1 to December 5. The most clicks came from Japan where K-Pop videos were seen more than 423 million times, followed by the U.S. with 240 million views. Thailand came in at third with 220 million view counts, with Taiwan and Vietnam at #4 and #5 with 180 million and 170 million views, respectively.

Some of the odd countries in the top list were the U.A.E, which brought in 4.8 million views, and Kuwait with 1.7 million view counts, showing K-Pop has made its way into the Middle Eastern market as well. North Korea also saw K-Pop 188 times through YouTube, the report said.

“The year 2011 was the first year when K-Pop really established itself as a global trend, instead of a temporary fad. In 2012, K-Pop will continue to grow its influence around the world,” Google Korea said.


Youtube reports the 10 highest viewed K-pop Music Videos in Korea for 2011

The K-pop craze that’s taking the world by storm was also manifest on the largest video portal site in the world, Youtube.

On December 21st, Youtube reported the top 10 most-watched music videos by domestic citizens in Korea (not including overseas views) since January 1st, 2011.

According to the report, the #1 most-watched K-pop music video in Korea for 2011 was Wonder Girls‘ and their hit track, “Be My Baby“.

HyunA‘s solo single “Bubble Pop” came in at #2, while SNSD‘s “The Boys” came in at #3, holding a record for immediately receiving 400,000 views upon release.


YouTube to Launch Exclusive K-Pop Channel

YouTube, the video-sharing website owned by Google, will create a special section dedicated to K-pop for the first time, a move the government hopes can further promote Korean popular culture around the world.

Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, met with President Lee Myung-bak in Cheong Wa Dae on Monday. He said the company is pursuing several avenues to help spread Korean cultural content, of which a dedicated K-pop channel is one.

Schmidt said Google is also considering using YouTube’s live streaming capabilities to transmit Korean Wave concerts in real time. Another idea being mulled is the creation of a film production studio for small and mid-sized content developers in Korea.

More than 5 million K-pop videos have already been uploaded on YouTube by fans, including 400,000 featuring boy band TVXQ, 400,000 of all-girl dance group Kara, 340,000 for Girls’ Generation, 270,000 by Super Junior and 260,000 by the Wonder Girls.

MBC to partner with YouTube to offer HD content

It’s a dream come true for many international fans – no longer will they have to download Torrents and suffer through low-quality videos! MBC has announced that they’ve partnered up with worldwide video-streaming website, YouTube, to offer select content for an overseas audience.

MBC and Google Korea announced the ‘MBC-Google Content Transfer Partnership’ at an event on the 21st. MBC will offer dramas and variety shows that were broadcast prior to 2005; new content that’s yet to be broadcast will be shared on a case-by-case basis. All files will be uploaded in standard high-definition and will be divided into 10-minute clips.

Kim Jae Chul, the head of MBC, expressed his excitement over the partnership. “This year, we brought in over 200 billion dollars in content-related revenue,” he said. “That’s the power of content. I hope this will be the start of an opportunity to broaden Hallyu through YouTube, the world’s biggest media-sharing site.”

“It has been around three and a half years since YouTube set foot in Korea,” said Google Korea CEO Yeom Dong Hoon. “I’ve always thought it would be a good idea to help with spreading domestic cultural content. Until now, Hallyu has been centered around K-pop but I hope this will increase the wave through MBC content. We expect this will be the foundation of the Hallyu boom.”


Source: Newsis

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All 5 DBSK members unite to record ‘MAXIMUM’?

allkpop : We have been receiving countless ‘tips’ by our fellow allkpop readers about a recent Youtube video, which just went viral on video-sharing websites.

On October 15th, numerous uploads of a practice version of TVXQ‘s “MAXIMUM“ were posted and circulated throughout Youtube.  Upon watching and listening to the video, Cassies all over the world couldn’t believe their ears when they heard the voices of JYJ on the track.  Using an audio track featuring all five voices, TVXQ members Yunho and Changmin practiced the choreography with several background dancers.

Many Youtube and Twitter users have been speculating that the original version of ‘MAXIMUM’ was meant to be a 5-member track for the entire group.  It seems like the dance video was shot a while back, prior to the song’s release.

Cassies expressed their joy leaving numerous comments such as, OMG, I’m crying!“, “I can hear Junsu and Jae Joong’s voices so clearly!“, “This is so amazing!, and “This is an epic day for Cassiopeia!.