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ZE:A’s Siwan confirmed for ‘Standby’ sitcom

ZE:A‘s Siwan has been confirmed as a cast member of MBC‘s new daily sitcom, ‘Standby‘!

‘Standby’ is just the tentative title for the drama, and the full line-up of actors and actresses have just completed their first script reading together. The drama itself is about a fictional broadcast network called ‘TV11‘, and follows the lives of its staff and employees. Viewers will be able to experience the lives of entertainment industry professionals such as producers, writers, and announcers as they go through love and hardships in a realistic, but comedic light.

Im Siwan’s specific role is a high school student by the same name, who not only has perfect grades, but also handsome looks and talent to boot. Having virtually everything at his will, he acts rather indifferently to everyone around him.

Siwan has been in previous drama endeavors such as MBC’s ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun‘ and ‘The Equator Man‘. He’s certainly broadening his range of experience from historical to comedy, so the spotlight is certainly on him to see how he’ll fare.


ZE:A to watch a movie with 2,000 fans as a special event

On October 31st, ZE:A will be inviting 2,000 fans to a special event at the CGV in Apgujung. The boys knew that fans felt disappointed by the conclusion of their “Exciting” promotions, so they came up with something fun.

Fans will be able to sit down with ZE:A to watch a movie called “The Kick“, whose OST they took part in. To ensure that the event will be a success, ZE:A went ahead and rented out a part of the theater to themselves.

Star Empire stated, “ZE:A is currently busy preparing for their new album on top of promoting overseas. Despite their busy schedule, they’ve always made requests to be able to meet their fans as much as possible. This movie event is one such event, and the members are hoping that it will make their fans happy.”

In related news, ZE:A will be releasing their new Japnese single, “Daily Daily“, on October 22nd.


Source + Photos: BNT News via Nate

by VITALSIGN @ allkpop

ZE:A to release “Daily Daily” & “All Day Long” remake in Japan!

Via tokyohive:

It’s been announced that nine-member boy group ZE:A will be releasing another single in Japan titled “Daily Daily“ next month!

The single is confirmed to include four tracks: in addition to the title track, this release will include a Japanese remake of their Korean hit, “All Day Long”, as well as instrumentals for both songs.

The single is scheduled to drop on November 22nd in three different versions: a regular version with the four track CD, and two limited edition packages. Limited edition A will also include a DVD with the music video and behind-the-scenes filming footage, and limited edition B will include the music video and behind-the-scenes footage from the album jacket photoshoot.

With the release in a little over a month, we have much to anticipate. Stay tuned for more information on this release!



Source: ZE:A Japan

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ZE:A’s Hee Chul stuns fan girls with his side profile

On September 29th, ZE:A posted a stunning picture of member Hee Chul on their me2day page and wrote, Featuring ZE:A’s member with the best facial structure!  It’s none other than Hee Chul!  Showing off his side profile.”

Upon uploading the photo, hundreds of fans flocked to comment beneath the post.  They were hooked by the idol’s pretty boy looks as the idol effortlessly took a selca with his eyes closed.  The shot looks like it has been ripped straight from a magazine cover due to it’s high quality.

Netizens expressed their amazement as they left, Your side profile is so beautiful T_T,” “Very handsome! and, Wow! your face is perfect like a statue!


Source + Photos: Star Empire’s me2day

by MrTuxedo @ allkpop