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Secret’s Hyosung and Zelo on B.A.P. music video set

Secret‘s leader Hyosung recently snapped a friendly photo with B.A.P‘s maknae, Zelo, on the set of B.A.P.’s music video.


B.A.P. releases comeback image teaser featuring Jongup and Zelo

Following the teaser release of Himchan and Bang Yong Guk yesterday, B.A.P. has returned today with another image of maknaes Jongup and Zelo!


B.A.P’s Zelo praised by fans for his ‘LTE Rap’ in “Warrior”

Even though they’re still fresh to the music scene, rookie group B.A.P has drawn a significant number of fans, and now the youngest member Zelo is receiving attention once again for his “LTE rap.”


B.A.P releases jacket photos of Zelo & Jong Up

Following yesterday’s jacket photo releases for Bang Young Gook and Dae Hyun, B.A.P has just revealed new concept photos of members Zelo and Jong Up!


B.A.P’s Zelo shares a selca of the boys heading to Malaysia

On January 12th, B.A.P‘s youngest member Zelo shared his first selca to celebrate his upcoming showcase in Malaysia with Bang Yong Guk.

ZELO wrote, “Going to Malaysia~ Go Go! I’m so nervous. We’ll come back safely. See you soon in KL!”

A representative from TS Entertainment added, “It’s Bang Yong Guk and ZELO’s first time working overseas, so they are really, really nervous.”

Fans from all over the world have been leaving messages on Zelo’s Twitter, pleading for the boys to come perform at their respective countries as well.


Netizens do a double take over Zelo and his doppelganger

TS Entertainment‘s rookie Zelo made his debut last week with Bang Yong Guk, and he’s already becoming a hot topic thanks to his talent and looks.

Those very looks made netizens do a double take on December 8th after a photo from Bang & Zelo‘s “Never Give Up” MV set was released through their official fan cafe.

Netizens pointed out Zelo’s uncanny resemblance to ‘The Little Prince’ or ‘Le Petit Prince’, a popular fictional character created by French author Antoine de Saint Exupéry. With his blonde wavy hair, milky white skin, and similar outfit, Zelo immediately earned the nickname, ‘Zelo Prince’.

Fans commented, “It’s the Little Prince’s doppelganger”, “Can it be that the 15 year old Zelo is the reincarnation of the Little Prince?”, “His name should be Zelo Prince”.


Bang & Zelo reveals a picture of new member Zelo

A few days ago, we revealed that power rookie Bang Yong Guk will be debuting in a unit group comprised of himself and fellow labelmate Zelo in a group simply titled, Bang & Zelo.

15-year-old Zelo’s looks have been hidden behind a curtain thus far, but his face has been finally revealed. In the released picture, his large eyes and cute expression come into focus while displaying a fashionably chic ensemble.

Bang & Zelo will make their debut on December 2nd with their first title track, “Never Give Up“.


by MountainMadman @ allkpop

TS Entertainment introduces Zelo, Bang Yong Guk’s sub-unit partner

TS Entertainment has just unveiled a picture of ZeloBang Yong Guk‘s partner in his new sub-unit.

Although he’s young (born in 1996), Zelo stands at 182 cm (~ 6 ft) tall and possesses a low voice. His specialty is rap, and he’s said to possess good looks that will definitely snatch hearts.

In the photo revealed today, Zelo covered half his face with a big mask, which allowed him to give the camera an enigmatic, if not intense look. There’s an aura of mystery surrounding Zelo, and expectations are rising high for his debut.

TS Entertainment stated, “Zelo is the youngest out of the members who are scheduled to debut, but he is a talented individual who possesses great potential, as he can rap in addition to performing acrobatics and dance. Zelo comes from ‘Zelos’, the god of rivalry in Greek mythology. He was named so because we saw how hard he tried amongst all the hyungs.”