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GD&TOP, SNSD, and Miss A to have Collaboration Stages with “Kpop Star” Top 3

A dream-like stage will be put on for SBS‘ “K-Pop Star,” which is now at the top 3, Park Jimin, Baek Ahyeon, and Lee Hayi. Top Korean stars G-Dragon and TOP, Girl’s Generation, and Miss A will be collaborating with the three contestants.
On the 18th, a representative revealed to Star News that G-Dragon and TOP will be performing on the K-Pop Star episode to be aired on the 22nd for a collaborative stage.

Girl’s Generation, who is talked about every day even though they are not currently promoting, will also be collaborating with one contestant.

Miss A, who released title song “Touch” with their new mini album in February, is also planned to perform that day.

People are interested because GD&TOP, Girl’s Generation, and Miss A are not only featured on the show, but are actually performing on this audition program. This show is continuously pleasing k-pop fans, as the top 3, Park Jimin, Baek Ahyeon, and Lee Hayi are rising to fame.


GD&TOP’s “Knock Out” nominated at the 9th Korean Music Awards

The list of the nominees for the 9th Korean Music Awards is out and GD&TOP’s “Knock Out” (Ppeokigayo) is nominated for Best Rap/Hip-Hop. (more…)

GD&TOP’s Japanese single “Oh Yeah” to be sold in limited edition only

GD&TOP have announced that their first Japanese single album will only be sold as a limited edition.


GD&TOP expected to make a strong comeback despite G-Dragon’s marijuana scandal

Big Bang sub-unit, GD&TOP, are preparing for their new promotions in Japan.

The duo recently released their official trailer for the Japanese “OH YEAH“ MV via their official Youtube & Facebook pages, which featured some footage of the MV in the making.

The original version of “Oh Yeah” from GD&TOP’s first album was released last December, and a Japanese version of the song was recorded as the boys began preparing for their debut in Japan. The trailer also features writing that reads, ‘YG Family Concert Celebrating Single Release’.

Fans expressed their explosive interest in the boys, as the video received well over 150,000 views on their official Youtube channel in addition to leaving 1,000+ comments on their Facebook page.


GD&TOP mentioned in Pitchfork article about K-Pop




“Rapper G-Dragon is apparently fluent in multiple languages, and the sticky English hooks he sometimes tosses into his verses offer tantalizing hints at a full-scale crossover. In this outlandishly cool, Missy Elliott-style video, he’s paired with frequent collaborator and fellow Big Bang member TOP. See also: “Tonight” by Big Bang and “High High” by GD&TOP.”

Read full article here

*Pitchfork is well-known for their music reviews and commentary, and their annual Pitchfork Music Festivals.


GD&TOP and Seungri on MTV Asia’s Seoul Sunday (111016) [VIDEOS]

Playlist Link

In between the interviews, they played the following videos:

– Lalala
– Lies
– Haru Haru
– Sunset Glow
– My Heaven
– Koe Wo Kikasete (Let Me Hear Your Voice)
– High High
– Tonight

Sources: Honeypinkpie, t105, @shiawasekim

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YG Entertainment reveals postponement of GD&TOP’s Japanese album was voluntary

YG Entertainment has revealed that the postponement of GD&TOP‘s Japanese album was a voluntary decision made by both their officials and avex Entertainment.

Through OSEN, representatives stated, “We’d like to apologize for concerning our fans with such an issue. We’ve decided that it would not be proper to continue with our Japanese promotions in such a situation and made a request to avex Entertainment to postpone GD&TOP’s Japanese album release.”

They continued, “Although some seem to think that Big Bang‘s Japanese activities will be greatly affected by this controversy, they are merely assumptions made by people who don’t know the entire situation. avex Entertainment did not inform YG that the album will be canceled – it was a decision made by the cooperation of both parties. The notification put up on avex’s homepage was, of course, discussed by both parties before its release.”

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver, via allkpop

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