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MBLAQ concludes 4th mini album promotions with a video message to fans

The boys of MBLAQ recently concluded promotions for their fourth mini-album.


MBLAQ reveals album jacket for 4th mini album ‘BLAQ%Ver.’

On March 21st, MBLAQ will be will be releasing their 4th mini album ‘BLAQ%Ver.‘, which is a special repackaged version of ‘100% Ver.’


Jisook revealed who her ex-boyfriend was- MBLAQ’s Mir? Big Bang’s Seungri or CNBLUE’s Jonghyun?

Jisook has revealed the identity of her ex- boyfriend.

Jisook, a member of Rainbow has revealed who her ex-boyfriend was when she was filmming ‘Strong Heart‘ for SBS TV.

She said, ‘when I was a trainee,I met my ex- boyfriend who is now a famous member of an idol group. When we were trainees, this boyfriend gave me a lot of help and even for now, we are still good friends.’

The MC Lee Seung Gi asked ,‘ is he from a 5-member group? ‘ She answered ambiguously, ‘ 5- member groups or groups have less than 5 people but the 5-member groups are included.’


MBLAQ’s Thunder wants his sister, Dara, to marry late

MBLAQ‘s Thunder has revealed that he’s very protective of his older sister, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park.


MBLAQ members fight over A-Pink’s Eunji

The MBLAQ members have their eyes on girl group A-Pink.

The boys who are actively promoting their song “This Is War” recently guest-featured to film the February 11th episode of MBC Everyone‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘.

When MC Jung Hyung Don asked if there were any girl groups that have caught their attention as of late, MBLAQ leader Seungho and fellow member G.O. agreed that A-Pink is one of their favorites groups.

They’re really nice girls, very respectful and polite,” they said.


MBLAQ reveals an event poster for ‘Hello Baby’ Season 5

A few days ago it was revealed that MBLAQ would become new dads for KBS joy’s ‘Hello Baby‘ Season 5.


MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and After School’s Lizzy to Form “Lee-Li Couple” on “Exciting Shake”

Following Hyorin and Sung Min, it looks like the second couple on MBC’s “Exciting Shake” is MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and After School’s Lizzy.

On January 5, local media reported the two as the second couple, quoting the training coach who appeared on the show with them. The trainer said, “Today, After School’s Lizzy and MBLAQ’s Lee Joon completed the intense filming session,” affirming their appearance on the show.

So far, the only other couple we’re aware of is Hyorin and Sung Min. Other female casts on the show include Kara’s Han Seung Yeon and Secret’s Han Sun Hwa. The rest of the male counterparts are unknown at this point.

MBC “Exciting Shake” is supposed to be a spin-off of the highly popular reality show, “We Got Married.” The couples will compete in different contests and performances, and eventually build a dating relationship.


MBLAQ members know the identity of Lee Joon’s former girlfriend?

MBLAQ member Lee Joon confessed that his fellow members know the identity of his ex-girlfriend.

When MC Kim Gura asked about his dating history on JTBC‘s ‘Idols Premiere‘, Lee Joon answered his questions honestly.

Lee Joon looked as though he had nothing to hide, and confessed that he had dated a girl in the past and that his members know everything about her. He seemed to be telling the truth, as none of the other MBLAQ members looked surprised upon hearing the news.

But different from Lee Joon, ‘farmer idol’ Mir and fellow member Thunder who are known for their innocent appeals admitted that they had never been in a relationship.


MBLAQ confirmed for season five of ‘Hello Baby’

MBLAQ has been confirmed as the new stars of the fifth season of KBS Joy‘s ‘Hello Baby‘!


Which Boy Band Is the Most Good-Looking?

Photos titled “Male Idol’s Overall Appearance” have surfaced various online communities, and they have created quite a buzz among Korean netizens.  An enthusiastic fan cleverly overlapped the images of the members in each boy band to create one representative photo for each group. A total of ten photos – representing Super Junior, JYJ, Big Bang, 2PM, SHINee, BEAST, MBLAQ, Infinite, UKISS, and FT Island – have been humoring netizens and fans alike.

While no one specific member comes to mind in most photos, Seungri’s face jumps out in Big Bang’s representation, while Wooyoung and Lee Hong Ki’s features are dominant in 2PM and FT Island’s photos respectively.

Those who’ve seen the photos commented, “JYJ is really handsome,” “This is why they are idols…Even their  appearances blended-in look amazing,” “It must have been labor-intensive photoshopping all thirteen faces for the Super Junior photo.”

What do you think? Which boy band has the most good-looking overall face out of the photos below?


Source : Soompi

MBLAQ to release new track ‘Scribble’ next week, ahead of 4th mini album

Some exciting news for MBLAQ fans as it’s been revealed that MBLAQ will release a track titled ‘Scribble‘ ahead of their 4th mini album release.

Earlier today, J. Tune Camp’s official twitter account tweeted, The track ‘Scribble’ from MBLAQ’s 4th Mini Album will be released for the first time on various online music sites at 12:00AM (midnight), January 3rd, 2012. We ask for your love and support. Please RT!!

MBLAQ’s official Daum Fan cafe also stated that the track would also be released through MBLAQ’s official homepage and J. Tune Camp’s official YouTube channel.


Source(s): J. Tune Camp Twitter + MBLAQ’s Fan Cafe
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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon to cameo in ‘Salaryman Cho Han Ji’

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon will be making a cameo appearance on SBS‘s new drama, ‘Salaryman Cho Han Ji‘!

Lee Joon already filmed his scene on December 11th, playing the role of the idol boyfriend of Jung Ryeowon‘s character, ‘Yeochi’. Though the scene was of a lover’s spat, Lee Joon and Jung Ryeowon were able to quickly close the gap of their first meeting and comfortably deliver their roles. Lee Joon even took sel-cas with Ryeowon like a real boyfriend when she was off practicing her script.

Staff recount that when Lee Joon was asked to sound arrogant and greasy by the director, the idol immediately launched into a parody of actor Choi Min Soo‘s voice, calling out, “Yeochi-ya~~~~”.

The scene also required that Jung Ryeowon spray water on his face. Clearly showing hesitation in the act, the director asked her to go all out with the scene, asking her to slap his face with the water if she had to. Lee Joon went with the flow and made no mistakes or NGs, even throwing down his personal luxury sunglasses when asked.


MBLAQ’s Mir takes a photo with INFINITE’s Woohyun for the first time

MBLAQ‘s maknae Mir revealed to his fans that he hangs out with INFINITE‘s Woohyun through a special photo.

On December 17th, Mir updated his Twitter with a selca and a caption that read, This is the first time, I’m taking a photo with Woo Hyun…

With both idols born in 1991 and in related fields, it seems like they managed to forge a friendly relationship.

Fangirls ogled over the photo as they commented, Wah, so cute!“, “You two are so adorable, especially Mir’s friend“, and Please take a photo with Shinee Taemin next *O*


Source + Photos: MBLAQ Mir’s Twitter

Tip: infiniteeffects

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Teaser image for MBLAQ’s Christmas digital single “White Forever” revealed

Back on November 24th, reported that MBLAQ would be releasing a Christmas digital single for the first time, and more information has been confirmed.

The above teaser image featuring the boys of MBLAQ, as well as their signatures, was revealed through MBLAQ’s official Daum fan cafe on December 1st. J.Tune Camp also left a message for all A+ regarding the soon-to-be released Christmas carol.

The message asked for the support of their fans and revealed that the single will be released through online music portals on Friday December 9th at midnight KST.


Source + Image: MBLAQ’s Fan Cafe + absolutemblaq
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‘M-ST’ (B2ST and MBLAQ) snap a photo together in Vegas

Fans are going wild over B2ST and MBLAQ‘s group photo from Las Vegas.

On November 27th, B2ST’s Doojoon tweeted, “M-ST got together and took a photo!” The two idol groups showed off their close friendship in the photo, and even introduced a nickname for themselves, ‘M-ST’ (MBLAQ + B2ST).

Both B2ST and MBLAQ were considered to be rivals since they debuted at the same time. But this photo only goes to show that the rivalry is more public speculation than anything, and that the two groups are good friends.

Netizens wrote, “It’s nice to see easygoing people together”, “Haha. I like M-ST. When is the first album coming out?”, “All of you oppas are getting more handsome as time goes by.”


Source: Star News

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MBLAQ to release a Christmas single

MBLAQ is preparing to spread some Christmas cheer with their very first Christmas single!

On November 25th, a representative from J.Tune Camp revealed, “It’s the first time in three years since their debut that they will release a Christmas single. Initially, we wanted to release a new album at the end of this month, but due to their overseas activities, it has been pushed to early next year. With that being said, the members directly asked if they could record a Christmas carol”.

They continued, “MBLAQ wanted to share a gift with their fans, who have been waiting for their comeback. Their carol will be a playful song that will reflect the winter season with its warm and sweet lyrics”.

The song will be released in early December.


Source + Image: Osen

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MBLAQ’s Mir talks about his volunteering efforts in Peru

MBLAQ member Mir recently participated in ‘Dream of Koika‘, a new volunteer project that was launched by MBC.

Mir was at the press conference that was held at the MBC headquarters on November 16th, and he remarked, I didn’t really understand what people meant when they said giving and sharing will bring you more joy, but I understand now after having participated in this event.”

My family owns a lot of land, and we’ve never had to worry about any money problems. I thought I was genuinely happy but when I went to Peru, I realized that I wasn’t. I was sharing the chocolate bars with the Peruvian children and when I saw that they were saving some to take back to their family members, there was so much that went through my mind. I honestly feel like they have helped me more than I have helped them, and there’s a lot of different things I felt and realized during my time there. If there is ever another opportunity like this, I will make sure to go again. I want to see and learn so much more,” he said.

Mir traveled to Peru to volunteer along with fellow member G.O., as well as Kim Hojin, Park Boyoung, Park Jungah, and DJ Koo. The group traveled to Peru on September 14th where they volunteered and offered their services for two weeks. They help build clean bathrooms, aided medical care to the citizens, and promoted Korean culture with events like Tae Kwon Do performances.


MBLAQ’s Mir and Seungho become golden ‘Saiyan brothers’

MBLAQ‘s Seungho and Mir are drawing interesting responses to their latest selca.

On November 14th, Seungho tweeted, Rapper brothers before attaching the photo above.

Both Seungho and Mir are seen dressed in simple shirts and accessories, which highlight their masculine style. But what drew the most interest was their spiky, gold-toned hairstyles, causing many netizens to exclaim that they looked like ‘Saiyans’ from ‘Dragon Ball Z’.

It’s the Saiyan hairstyle!, and You two look like twins! So hot +.+”, netizens laughed.


MBLAQ and A Pink will bring awareness to endangered animals through variety show

MBLAQ and A-Pink have been chosen for an upcoming KBS variety show. This show will highlight various endangered species by having the idols take care of endangered animals for about a month.

The program will help raise public consciousness towards the often dire situations of these endangered animals, which in turn will raise awareness for environmental causes. Lesser-known animals will be given a chance to shine; baby alligators are candidates for the featured species.

Although the show is to be situated in the competitive time slot of Saturday evenings, KBS hopes to attract viewers through the show’s unique concept.

This new environmentally focused show has a tentative debut date of November 12th.


Source: Star In and AbsoluteMBLAQ

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MBLAQ’s Mir sends a message to his fans + explains why he will temporarily stop Twitter

MBLAQ‘s Mir sparked worry from his fans a while ago after he revealed that he will temporarily stop updating his Twitter account, along with other internet monitoring.

Earlier today, Mir posted a Twitter update saying, “Shortly, we will stop everything, good luck.”, confusing the fans on what it meant. However, to clear things out, Mir updated his official homepage with a long message dedicated to his fans.

At the beginning of his update, Mir apologized to everyone for worrying his fans when he mentioned that he will stop everything via Twitter today. He went on to reveal that, “I become weak to myself endlessly, I don’t know why but the world go well except me, and I feel I’m left alone.”

He also explained that when he was training to become an idol, he had a thought that if he became a singer, he wouldn’t have the hard work and agony. However, Rain told him that he would be happier during their training and this made him realize that Rain was right. Mir also went on to state that, “After your debut, it would really be so hard and need to think a lot because of one thing and another. So, you must learn how to overcome those things for yourself.”

JYJ and T-ara, the most beautiful idols

The combined photos of idol groups is fast becoming a big hit on the internet. (From top to bottom: Female- f(x), SNSD, T-ara. Male- SHINee, MBLAQ, JYJ)

The photos above were posted on an online community board under the title, “Idols average looks.”

On the board, there were photos of JYJ, SHINee, 2pm, and MBLAQ and among female idol groups there were T-ara, f(x), and SNSD.

The poster stated, “Most them are good looking people, so naturally most photos came out nicely, but there are some groups that look quite unique.”


MBLAQ’s Lee Joon dives into the world of acting once again with a role in “Fly Again”

Lee Joon, member of power group MBLAQ, is taking his acting career a step further with his recently acquired role in SBS‘s new drama, “Fly Again.” Fans will not have to wait long, as the drama is set to air in the very first month of 2012.

Lee Joon will be evoking the role of a member of Incheon Airport’s air traffic control unit. His character is named named Kang Dongsoo, a man with a warm heart but strict demeanor. Goo Hyesun, of “Boys Over Flowers” fame, will be portraying the lead actress role of a co-pilot striving to become a full-fledged pilot.

Lee Joon’s role in “Fly Again” will serve to add to his growing list of acting experiences. He previously appeared in the Hollywood movie “Ninja Assassin,” playing a younger version of superstar Rain’s character. Following “Ninja Assassin”, Lee Joon’s acting resume was further enhanced by appearances in dramas, namely MBC’s “Stay-At-Home Mom Kim KwangJa’s Third Gathering” and KBS‘s “Jungle Fish 2.”

Although a leading man for “Fly Again” has yet to be cast, a company representative has ensured, “We will complete the basic outline in two weeks.” The drama is set to air on Wednesdays and Thursdays after the series “A Deep-Rooted Tree.” KBS will reveal the pilot episode on January 4th.


Sources: TVReport, AbsoluteMBLAQ, Soompi, and Starin

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SNSD, B2ST, MBLAQ, T-ara and more to judge 2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival final round

After a massive effort involving 64 countries and over 1,700 teams, the ‘2011 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival‘ has finally narrowed the short list of competitors down to 66!

The final round will take place in Gyeongju, South Korea on October 3rd, and will feature top idols as judges, including SNSD, B2ST, MBLAQ, T-ara, and others.

All participants in the final round will be treated to an eight-day tour of the country, including opportunities to meet their favorite Hallyu stars and enjoy cultural activities.

Also, whoever comes out on top will be awarded the eye-popping opportunity to stand alongside their idols at the Hallyu Dream Concert later this year!


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Mir of MBLAQ changes his hairstyle to that of a Brazilian soccer player on K-POP Cover Dance

On the episode of MBC TV’s Cover Dance Festival K-POP Roadshow 40120, MBLAQ members visited Brazil, the country of Samba.

In this episode, MBLAQ visited fan Luana’s house, and Luana shed tears and said, “K Pop has been a great comfort to me during my gloomy childhood after the divorce of my parents.”

Especially, Luana, who works as a hairdresser, cut Mir’s hair on the spot. Mir’s new hair looked like that of Brazilian soccer player Neymar and gave a good laugh.

Other members responded: “You look like Beckham.” “You look like a sea horse.” Mir gave a bracelet as a gift and created a friendly atmosphere.

Source: TV Report

By : ilnungcha @ korea.com