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Tablo reveals that he became more quiet after his hiatus

Rapper Tablo has opened up about the change in his mentality during his time away from the industry.

On November 25th, Tablo made his first radio appearance since his comeback through MBC FM4U‘s ‘Bae Chul Soo’s Music Camp‘, and updated listeners about his life.

During his forced hiatus, Tablo revealed that he couldn’t leave the house. “At first, I had many thoughts that I shouldn’t have. Bad thoughts, thoughts that did not help anyone,” he said.

He continued, “However, by listening to my album, you can hear that the tone of the songs change. They are a little more on the positive side. While reflecting, I realized that I had so many people and things around me to be thankful for; this made me start thinking more positively.”


Tablo: “These past two years felt like 20 years to me”

After scoring big with his first solo album, ‘Fever’s End‘, Tablo‘s triumphant success story has been the talk of the town. The rapper sat down for an interview with fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, where he opened up about his current mindset.

Tablo began, “I’m happy right now. The past two years felt like 20 years to me. For me, this is the time where I have to have a fresh start. It’s fun to think that I get the opportunity to remake myself in a new company and a new environment while making new music.”

During the interview, Tablo also revealed the motivation and process behind his preparations for the album. He also explained the meanings behind each song, and the feelings he went through during his period of hardship.

For the past two years, Tablo became the victim of a malicious rumor created by netizens, who claimed that Tablo’s degree from Stanford University was falsified. These claims were found to be empty, but nevertheless, Tablo was swept into a whirlwind of negative criticisms and he was forced to endure much difficulties. Since then, Tablo has switched agencies to YG Entertainment and has been successfully promoting his solo album.


Source: Star Today via Nate

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Tablo on YG Entertainment: “They’re like my family”

On November 15th, rapper Tablo expressed his thoughts on the welcoming atmosphere of his new agency, YG Entertainment.

Tablo guested on a special episode of KBS Joy’s “Lee Sora’s Second Project” this week, where he revealed, My wife Kang Hye Jung is signed under YG. In a sense, they’re like my real family. There is a huge difference between the surface image of YG and what it’s really like on the inside.”

He continued, From the outside, there was a sense of coldness because all the artists have so much charisma. I thought it’d be hard to approach them, but they’re all actually very warm and fun. I’m the maknae right now, but YG has been so good to me that I’m adjusting well.”

During the show, Tablo also performed numerous tracks including “Tomorrow” alongside Big Bang‘s Taeyang.


Tablo explains the thought process for each song on his new album

Singer Tablo who has recently topped the iTunes Charts with his new solo album recently shared a commentary film via his Twitter page. He wrote, I want to share the stories behind the songs in my first album ‘Fever’s End‘… Thank you


Taeyang talks about working with Tablo on “Tomorrow”

From Mnet:

Q: How did you end up featuring in Part 2’s title song “Tomorrow”?
TY: This song was recorded the first day Tablo-hyung came to YG. He let me listen to the song and suggested that it would be great if I featured on it. And I liked the song so much that we began recording immediately that day.

Q: Have you always been acquainted with Tablo?
TY: This was the first time working on music together, but I was aware that he had talked about me on broadcasts now and then when he was with Epik High. And I really like Epik High, too. I’m really happy that we’re in the same company now.

Q: Can you briefly introduce the meaning of the song ‘Tomorrow”?
TY: “Tomorrow” is about mourning the break up with a lover, saying “there is no tomorrow” until she returns. Being unable to move on from that moment and space, waiting for her to return.


Music Video of Tomorrow by Tablo feat. Taeyang out November 1


Tablo reveals he will not be guesting on any variety shows

With news that Tablo will be making his return to the stage for the first time in a year and six months, many began to buzz with question of whether he’ll be making any appearances on variety shows.

Before his controversy erupted, he was known for witty commentary and four dimensional quirkiness on various shows. Fans have been wondering whether he’ll be expressing any of his feelings or thoughts through variety shows now that he’s ready to return to music programs.

Unfortunately, it seems it’s still too early for this move, as representatives revealed that he will not appearing on variety programs. According to several industry officials, Tablo did not even produce this album with the thought of performing it live on music programs.  Prior to its release, he felt that he had not yet healed from the controversy.

However, in response to the huge attention and love Part 1 of his comeback album, “Fever’s End“, has been receiving from music fans, he decided to return to the stage to pay back their interest.


Tablo to hold his first comeback performance on SBS’s “Inkigayo”

Rapper Tablo will finally return to the stage through next week’s episode of SBS’s “Inkigayo“!

Tablo’s first comeback stage in one year and six months will be held on September 30th, where he will perform songs from his recently released album, “Fever’s End – Part 1“. It’s not yet known how many stages Tablo will get to show, but fans are guessing that he’ll be performing his title track, “It’s Bad” featuring Jinsil as well as “Airbag” featuring Naul.

The last time Tablo appeared on a public music program was in March of 2010 during Epik High’s promotions for “Run“. Meanwhile, Tablo will be releasing Part 2 of “Fever’s End” come November 1st.

Check out the teaser video clip from this week’s broadcast down below!


Tablo dedicates “From the Bottom” to his wife, Kang Hye Jung

Tablo‘s ”From the Bottom” from his solo album, ”Fever’s End“, expresses the feelings of pain and regret for his family because of everything he was put through over the last couple of years.

Representatives of YG Entertainment stated, “‘From the Bottom’ is a song that Tablo dedicated to his wife, Kang Hye Jung, who stuck by him through all of the controversies he was embroiled in. The song is especially emotional in that it includes the voice of his child calling Tablo ‘father’ for the very first time.”

His album itself has been doing exceptionally well on the charts with his title track topping several digital charts on top of the rest of his tracks entering the top 10.

Viewers praised, I cried while listening to the songs”, “The lyrics break my heart”, and “It was really nice to be able to appreciate the lyrics of the songs I’m listening to”.


Epik High getting along fine despite rumors of turmoil

With Epik High‘s Tablo recent signing with YG Entertainment and releasing a solo album, inevitable rumors of discord between the Epik High members have been popping up.

Tablo’s first solo album that was scheduled to drop on November 1st was divided into two parts, and the five tracks on the first half was released on October 21st, 10 days earlier than it was originally scheduled.

The artists making features on his new album include Naul, Taeyang, and Epik High‘s very own DJ Tukutz.

YG Entertainment recently stated, DJ Tukutz featuring in Tablo’s new album should dismiss any rumors of any discord or disbandment.


Tablo Opens Official Facebook Page

Epik High’s Tablo has begun promotions for his upcoming album, “Fever’s End,” by opening his official Facebook page.


Tablo’s new solo album to be released earlier + tracklist revealed!

Epik High‘s Tablo has decided to push up the release of his first solo album.

On October 20th, Tablo’s new agency, YG Entertainment, revealed that although Tablo’s solo album was initially scheduled to be released on November 1st, it’s been pushed up 10 days earlier and will be released on October 21st instead.

The album has now been divided into two parts. ‘Part 1′ will be released on October 21st, while ‘Part 2′ will be released on the original release date of November 1st. This was done as a special service for his loyal fans, who’ve been waiting quite a while for his return.

YG Entertainment stated, “As this is his first solo album, Tablo has decided to reveal his album through this unconventional method. The album will also feature many talented vocalists.”