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BANA prepares a special advertisement for B1A4′s first anniversary

Group B1A4‘s special gift that they received from their fans BANA has been drawing attention.

BANA prepared a special advertisement that was shown on a large electronic display in downtown Seoul for the group’s first anniversary.

To congratulate them on their one year anniversary, a 20-second advertisement was shown until midnight of April 24th in 5-minute intervals on the electronic display located at the intersection between a movie theater and a mall in Kangnam.

B1A4 expressed their gratitude to their fans by writing a message on their official fan cafe saying, We are so happy that we have created countless memories with our fans this past year. Thank you for always supporting us and giving us so much love that we don’t deserve.


B1A4 to debut in Japan with “Beautiful Target” in June

Five member boy group B1A4 will be making their Japanese debut with the release of their first single in June.


B1A4 talks about their new album and goals for 2012 in recent interview

We can’t believe it’s already been a year… We didn’t even have a chance to go see our families after our debut.” – B1A4

Rookie idol group B1A4 (Jinyoung, Baro, Sandeul, Shinwoo, Gongchan) didn’t realize how fast the time was passing them by. They’ve been extremely busy the past year, but despite the hectic schedule they’re all happy. They fulfilled their dream of becoming an artist last April, and since then have released two mini-albums in ‘Let’s Fly‘ as well as ‘It B1A4‘. The boys were even awarded the ‘Best Rookie Award‘ at the year-end music awards.

In an industry where new rookie idols are emerging each day, the B1A4 members have impressed the public by remaining remarkably active. They’ve appealed to their fans with a ‘boy next door’ image and garnered much popularity with their trendy music, enjoying a very fulfilling year.

Their goal for this year is to receive the ‘Bonsang‘ award at the year-end award ceremony, which seems attainable for the group who have recently made a comeback with a new more grown-up look. Their first full-length album ‘IGNITION‘ is a way for them to show their fans that they have developed as musicians.


B1A4 members become romantic spring gentlemen for ‘Hats On’

B1A4 tried on some colorful Spring hats for their newest photo shoot.


Big Bang backstage with B1A4

On the March 23 broadcast of B1A4’s Sesame Seed Player in Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News, the members of B1A4 tried their hand at becoming literal ‘sweet guys’.


CNU’s charms bring in the nuna fans for B1A4

B1A4‘s CNU is on the rise to becoming the #1 romantic fantasy of nuna fans everywhere!

B1A4 has always been known for their strong teen fanbase, but with the release of their latest comeback album, “Ignition“, his masculinity has kicked up a notch, bringing in a whole wave of fans from an older base. His masculine looks combined with his sweet smile are enough to captivate the hearts of fans of any age!

His tall height, wide shoulders, and flowery looks are quickly earning the support of new fans, especially with the addition of his romantic role in his daily KBS sitcom, “I Need a Fairy“.

Netizens have compared him to other sweeties like Ji Hyun Woo, Shin Dong Wook, and Lee Sang Woo, commenting, “So charming the more you look at him”, and He’s like the pearl of B1A4.”


Will B1A4 be a survivor in the tough music world, ‘war of the stars’?

B1A4 is expected to take over the music scene by a storm.

Despite recent comebacks of K-pop super stars such as Big Bang, 2AM, miss A, and planned comebacks of SHINee, CNBLUE, and Shinhwa, B1A4 will be promoting their new album in the music battle field.

Since its release on the 14th, B1A4′s title song, “Baby I’m Sorry“, from their new album ‘IGNITION‘ has been rapidly climbing various music charts. The song received special attention because B1A4′s very own member, Jinyoung, wrote and produced it.

It hasn’t even been a year since their debut and B1A4′s fan cafe has already exceeded 70,000 members.


B1A4′s Jinyoung’s composing skills praised as being ‘Monster-like’

B1A4′s leader Jinyoung has been receiving the praise of fellow composers for his ‘monster-like’ work with B1A4′s comeback title track, “Baby I’m Sorry“.


B1A4 releases MV for “Baby I’m Sorry”

B1A4 has just released their music video for “Baby I’m Sorry“!

Since it’s release earlier today, “Baby I’m Sorry” has already made it into the top ten on music charts. Besides the title track, the rest of their 9 songs from their new album, ‘THE B1A4 [IGNITION]‘, has been topping the charts also.

“Baby I’m Sorry” was written and produced by B1A4′s member Jinyoung. It’s an attractive song with a twist and an addictive melody.

Check out the music video below!


B1A4 releases 1st formal album ‘IGNITION’

After releasing teaser images over the past week, the boys of B1A4 have official returned with their 1st formal album ‘IGNITION‘.


B1A4 to make comeback on the 14th + full tracklist revealed!

It has been revealed that B1A4 will finally be making their comeback this month!

On March 2nd, fans were thrilled after WM Entertainment announced the boys’ comeback through their official homepage.

B1A4 will be releasing their first full album on March 14, a representative of the agency stated. Ahead of the release, the boys will be releasing their new single, “This Time is Over” on March 5th.

In addition, the track list for their first full album has already been revealed by WM Entertainment. Check out the track list below.


miss A’s Min spotted recording for B1A4′s upcoming album

A  few recent snapshots from the set of B1A4‘s recording set has been gaining attention.


B1A4 stands for “Be the One All for One”

B1A4 clarified the meaning of their group name.

In the episode of SBS TV’s Challenge! 1000 Songs that aired on February 24, B1A4 made a guest appearance and gave a short interview.

Host Lee Hui Jae asked if B1A4 had a meaning, and B1A4 said, “It stands for ‘Be the One All for One.’ It means we’ll try our best as everyone wishes.”

B1A4 also said they had recently been selected as the most promising K-pop star of 2012 by 270,000 people from all over the world. Lee asked Gongchan, “Gongchan seems like he’s never heard of this,” and Gongchan said, “Yes, I didn’t know about that.”


B1A4′s CNU gets cast in KBS’s “I Need a Fairy”

B1A4‘s CNU (real name: Shin Dong Woo) will be stepping into the acting scene through KBS 2TV‘s new sitcom!


B1A4 aims for 2,000,000 followers on Twitter

Idol group B1A4 have set a goal to reach 2,000,000 Twitter followers!

The boys are currently starring in Mnet’s ‘Sesame Player 3’, where for 12 weeks, they’ll embark on various missions to increase their Twitter followers.

The goal is actually part of a contract B1A4 made with ‘Sesame Player 3′. According to this contract, B1A4 will not hide things about their personal lives on the show”, “B1A4 will work hard in making impersonations and utilizing other talents to bring laughter to their fans”, and “Absence without leave and refusal to film will not be acceptable.

The contract will end when all the members’ Twitter followers combined will be a minimum of 2,000,000, or if a member reaches 500,000 followers.


Did B1A4’s Shin Woo confess his feelings to f(x)’s Krystal?

B1A4’s Shin Woo confesses that f(x)’s Krytal is his ideal type and he loves her.

On January 14, MBC’s Weekly Idol-“Idol Of The Week” airs a special feature for the Lunar New Year. B1A4 appears in the episode, and Shin Woo, in particular, reveals that he is a big fan of f(x)’s Krytal and leaves a message to her on the broadcast.

He says boldly, “I’d like to have a meal with you someday. I’m a big fan of yours. I love you.” To his expectant, but bold confession, other members seem to be shocked.

But soon, they become encouraged by his bold confession and reveal their ideal type, SNSD’s Yoona, Taeyeon, and Miss A’s Suzy, appealing with their rookie image.


Dal Shabet & B1A4′s agencies ask fans to stop spreading false rumors

Despite the efforts of police officials who’ve stepped in to douse the heated fanwar between Dal Shabet‘s ‘Darlings’ and B1A4 ‘Banas’, the groups’ zealous fans have showed no signs of stopping. As such, the agencies of both artists have decided to release official statements to finally put the matter to rest once and for all.


Fans of B1A4 are sexually and physically assaulted by fans of Dal Shabet?: “The police says it’s a rumor”

A conflicts between fans of girl group Dal Shabet and boy group B1A4 are exacerbating. It was once serious online and is now even making rumors.

The conflict between the fans of two groups started from the day SBS Music Festival was held last year. There was a joint performance of Dal Shabet and B1A4, and fans of two groups criticized each other for touches involved in the choreography of the performance.

Especially a groundless rumor about Dal Shabet’s Serri annoys many people. The rumor is that Serri ignored a member of B1A4 who offered his hand. There’s also a rumor that some of B1A4′s fans were beaten by Dal Shabet’s fan club members.

Moreover, there were even some comments that some of B1A4′s fans were sexually and physically assaulted by Dal Shabet’s fan club members at the place where Idol Track & Field Championship took place. They say some of Dal Shabet’s fans were arrested for sexually and physically assaulting some B1A4 fans and some of B1A4′s fans are even missing. These types of rumors have spread online in a flash and are also making other rumors.


SHINee and B1A4 win artist and rookie of the year on Japan’s Tower Records

SHINee and B1A4 have been honored the ‘Artist of the Year’ as well as the ‘Rookie of the Year’ on Japan’s Tower Records!

On December 28th, Tower Records reported the results for the ‘K-Pop Lovers! Awards 2011‘, which combines netizen votes and album sales. In the artist of the year category was SHINee, who was followed by KARA in second and Super Junior in third.

The ‘Rookie of the Year’ category was topped by B1A4, who sold over 20,000 mini-albums as well as gaining the most netizen votes, followed by Boyfriend in second and Block B in third.

B1A4′s Japanese label, Pony Canyon, commented, “It’s a meaningful award in that it’s a combination of votes by consumers of Tower Records.”


Source + Photos: YNA via Naver

by VITALSIGN @ allkpop

B1A4 Wants to Win Best Rookie Award in Japan

On December 9, rookie idol group B1A4 kicked off two days of their debut Japanese showcase at the Shinagawa Stellar Ball.

Over 1,500 fans gathered for the event and Japanese media outlet Sankei Sports reported on December 10. “Korea’s five member rookie idol group B1A4, who debuted back in April, performed a total of nine tracks, including their debut track, ‘OK,’ and ‘Beautiful Target.'”

At the press conference held prior to the showcase, leader Jinyoung said, “We want to do our best to show a cool image of us in Japan.” Maknae Gongchan expressed the group’s goal by adding, “We’re going to work hard to win a rookie award in Japan.”

B1A4 recently signed on with record label Pony Canyon, who will be managing their Japanese activities from here on out. Their official Japanese debut is slated for next summer, but they’ll be releasing a license album on January 25 including songs from their two Korean mini-albums, “Let’s Fly” and “it B1A4.


B1A4′s Sandeul looks like Song Joong Ki’s doppelganger?

B1A4‘s Sandeul was recently named by netizens as Song Joong Ki‘s ‘doppelganger’.

In a recent online community board, a netizen had posted a topic comparing Sandeul’s features to Song Joong Ki’s. The pictures they attached drew a similarity between their smiles, their lip shape, their dimples, and even their eyes.

The comparison drew many comments about how the two stars looked like brothers. One’s the spitting image of the other“, “Wow… Sandeul will grow up to look like Song Joong Ki? Daebak~”, they wrote.

Song Joong Ki is currently starring in SBS‘s ‘Deep-Rooted Tree‘, while Sandeul is promoting with his group on music programs.


B1A4 to release a Japanese album in January 2012

The five member group B1A4 will release their first Japanese album in January of 2012. Their agency, WM Entertainment, said they will unveil a licensed version on January 25, 2012. This album will include “OK” and “Beautiful Target” in Korean as well as their Japanese songs.


[VIDEO] 111025 Match Up Block B + B1A4 Interview

[ENGLISH SUBS] 111025 Match Up Block B + B1A4 Interview


Source : bontheblock

B1A4 Joins Jang Geun Suk’s Agency in Japan

Rookie group B1A4 signed a contract with Jang Geun Suk’s Japanese agency, making their venture into Japan official.

“B1A4 signed a contract with Pony Canyon, one of the largest Japanese agencies, and will hold its debut showcase on Dec. 9 in Japan,” B1A4 and Pony Canyon said in a statement.

Pony Canyon is a subsidiary of Japan’s giant media company, Fuji Sankei Communication Group, and has some of the best Japanese celebrities including w-inds, Aiko, Ueto Aya, and Jang Geun Suk under its wings.

“The decision to sign B1A4 was unprecedented in that they are a rookie group. However, despite being a rookie group, their high-quality music, polished choreography, and sophisticated fashion style make them one of the most promising Hallyu stars, so we decided to sign them. Jang Geun Suk too talked very highly of them,” Pony Canyon said in a statement.